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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2022

Because of the outbreak, there has been an increase in the use of this artificial intelligence across many businesses. IDC forecasted during 2019 that investment in AI technology will reach $97.9 billion before 2023. That potential benefit of this artificial intelligence had only risen since the COVID-19 virus devastated the Earth. According to recent McKinsey […]

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Best Copywriting Tips that Will Ignite Your Sales!

Now, when it comes to copywriting, it’s essential to be aware that you’re not typically selling any product or service. You’re hacking into your visitor’s minds and changing their perception about how they think about certain things. Understanding your audience is probably the most important part of copywriting. So, it becomes pretty apparent to consider […]

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The Effects of Advertisement on Consumer Behavior

These days, anyone who wants to market their product has a broader range of potential media platforms at their disposal than ever before. However, every media platform engages prospective consumers in a completely different way. What’s more, mass digitalization has led to significant changes in customers’ spending and purchasing habits – for example, consumers are […]

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