7 Most effective and Useful SEO Tools that are Currently in Trend

Last updated on September 17th, 2023 at 10:15 am

From beginners to pros, SEO tools are always a convenient and effective solution to get a higher rank on Google. In this article, I will discuss the details of some most trending and popular sites. I’ll show the tools, features, pros, and cons of them so you can decide which one you will use.

Before diving into the description, here’s a short guideline on how to use the SEO tool effectively and usefully.

Effective and Useful Use of SEO Tools

First, don’t depend on tools entirely. Because tools are just your helping hand that helps you to do SEO. But they should not be your regulator. We allot search engine optimization into 3 bases-

On-page SEO (refers to optimizing your website’s title, meta description, image name and alt Tag, page URL, content, internal linking & so on. Mainly it helps in optimizing the content and the HTML source code for better ranking.)

Off-Page SEO (refers to all the activities outside of your website like link building, and backlinks that help your website to rank)

Technical SEO (refers to all the technical aspects like making the site crawlable, and improving website load speed which is effective for higher ranking)

There are plenty of tools that can assist you in covering all SEO aspects. Specifically, one tool won’t be your “all in one” solution. You need to choose tools according to their effectiveness in specific types of SEO aspects. A popular question is, “Should I use the paid tools or not?”

Well, it depends on your preference. There are plenty of free tools. They can provide you with exemplary quality service. But paid tools relinquish more accurate outcomes that you can rely on.

But the most confusing question is “Which tool should I use?” It’s important to choose an effective tool.

In this article, I’ll share information about some popular tools that are trending now among SEO experts. I hope it can guide you to choose a useful one.

Most Effective and useful SEO tools that are currently in trend

I’ve picked the most effective and trendy tools, both free and paid. Here’s the list of them with their pros and cons:

1. Yoast

This tool is the most trending one so far. Millions of WordPress-powered websites are using this one.


  • Keyword and Page optimization: Analyze text, and find a variation of keyword and keyphrase. It ensures the fast indexing of the site.
  • Mark No-follow links: It marks the no-follow and sponsored links. As a result, your site gets rid of penalizing.
  • Duplicate content issue: Creates Canonical link to avoid confusing Google.
  • Technical Stuff: Rolls out a red carpet for search engine robots so they can crawl and show the web easily
  • Redirect manager: Offers you to manage 404 pages to redirect the user. Even you can set the ‘Regex’ redirect


  • Support and multiple keywords: You won’t get the support option in the free version. And it only optimizes for only one keyword.
  • The free version is disappointing sometimes: They also don’t show the Flesch Reading Ease score in the free version. Canonical URL is also the premium version feature.

2. SEO Audit Software

This one has become popular for its accuracy and user-friendly optimization. Its exclusive features for both beginner and expert has made it popular.


  • Lead Generation tool: This tool helps in generating valuable leads directly from your website. You can embed a white label site audit widget on your site which works conveniently to gain those potential leads.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking: This tool shows the most accurate result of your keyword position for every location & also shows valuable insights about your competitors’ keyword ranking tactics.
  • SEO Reporting Tool: With this software, you will get the benefit of SEO reporting features with the most extensive & powerful data insights. You can run unlimited site audits free of cost & can generate branded SEO reports free for 14 days. After 14 days you can generate the free non-branded reports with limited features. You can customize & configure the report just the way you want it to be & can transform the report into a white label.
  • Open Source: This service is for those entrepreneurs or marketing agencies who want to have an SEO audit tool. SEO Audit software provides an open-source code of this software at a very low rate.


  • Absence of features: Like the other software, you can’t perform Keyword research & backlink analysis with this software. Although these features are coming soon, so stay tuned for that.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the ‘all in one’ SEO solution. That means it provides comprehensive service on all types of SEO aspects.


  • Site Audit: It lets you check inappropriate HTML, CSS, or social tags, content quality, and incoming and outgoing links to get an exact idea about your website’s performance.
  • Site Exploring: Its competitive research tool helps you to get an idea about the proper keyword, backlink, and paid search advertising that your competitors are using to rank.
  • Content Exploring: It finds out the top-performing article in your niche by analyzing the organic traffic, referring domains, domain rating, traffic value, and social share.
  • Rank Tracking: This shows your SEO progress with organic traffic percentage, average position, and traffic and position distribution.


  • Only one keyword: It just filters out one keyword. So you cannot find multiple keywords and keyphrases.
  • Low-quality content analysis: Its content analysis quality is not satisfying because the traffic analysis and reports are not accurate always.

4. Moz Pro

The site tracking procedure with an exclusive keyword researching system has made it popular among in-house SEO agencies.


  • Keyword search: It will suggest the target keyword with reasonable keyword volume and a difficult matrix. It will save the list of the keywords. So, you don’t have to worry about losing them.
  • Ranking tracking: Provides national and worldwide searcher’s tracking with search visibility score.
  • Crawling site: Their crawler digs out the harmful issues. Then it sends an alert to fix it.
  • Link building: It finds new links and maximizes the effects of existing links. It will show you metrics such as Page Authority and Domain Authority.


  • Manual process: It’s cost-friendly, but its manual system may repel you. The error of fixing is not automatic. Fix issues on your own.
  • Inaccurate data: Some users complain about the data they provide. The data is often inaccurate.

5. Ubersuggest

I picked this one for beginners because this is free, and the service is better than any other free tool.


  • Domain overview: It shows a brief report of competitor’s strategies. It helps you to adapt, improve, and gain an edge.
  • Keyword Suggestion: Their free keyword suggestion tool suggests hundreds of top keywords. It enables you to generate keyword lists based on effective results and searcher’s intent.
  • Content ideas: Find out top-performing keywords. So the possibility of getting backlinks and social sharing rises.
  • Backlink tracking: It allows you to track the specific content in your space that other sites are linking to. It’ll make the backlink building easier for you.


  • No mobile version: They don’t have any mobile app, use pc to get access.
  • Limited Keyword Research: It only provides keyword research for 70 countries, so it might not include your country in them.

6. SEMrush

This ‘competitor spy’ SEO tool is very user-friendly and gained popularity for its accuracy.


  • Technical SEO Audit: It has specific features for E-commerce, enterprises, and agencies. It enables us to boost online stores, fit marketing needs, and optimize lead generation.
  • Position Tracking: It will track your position compared to the competitive agencies or businesses.
  • Backlink Audit and Analytics: Their backlink audit increases web traffic and drives more sales.
  • Competitive intelligence: Its advanced intelligence tracks the competitor’s data and strategies.


  • Expensive: It might seem more expensive than other SEO tools.
  • Confusing Traffic Insight: Some users have complained that traffic insight is not accurate.

7. Majestic

This tool is in trend because of its effective backlink analysis and comprehensive website analyzing service.


  • Best Backlink Checker: They provide the largest backlink data with a fresh Index, site explorer, and bulk backlink checker.
  • Keywords generator: It enables drilling down into context and ruling keywords with their AI-based NLP algorithms.
  • Industry-leading API: It allows us to create bespoke apps. You can control your API security and optimize multiple API keys.


  • Slow loading: Chrome plugin users have complained that it runs slow sometimes. This may disgust you a bit.
  • Navigation: The navigation is not satisfying that much because of incomplete and inappropriate data.

End Note

Using the most effective and useful SEO tools that are currently in rank is a significant step to getting higher traffic. This list might help you. But remember one thing, only one SEO tool cannot give you a complete and comprehensive SEO solution.

Paid tools will provide you with more accurate and reliable data. But free tools are effective yet. Focus on the facts to ensure accurate on-page, off-page, and technical search engine optimization. Using tools will make your SEO easier and more effective. Some SEO aspects are impossible without tools. So, grab the tool you need and use it to rank higher.

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