How Artificial Intelligence Plays a Role in SEO? Top 5 Ways to Revolutionize SEO-Friendly Content

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 09:08 am

Artificial intelligence has gained tremendous popularity since Google started using artificial intelligence in its focal algorithm named RankBrain in 2015.

This successfully powered algorithm altered the whole process that Google used to index websites grounded on the visitor’s search queries.

Google, after using artificial intelligence by itself, opened the gates for all webmasters out there to use it for the best optimization of their websites.

Artificial intelligence AI or Machine Learning has become a major trend in digital marketing nowadays. In this article, we are discussing a brief detail about artificial intelligence and how it is having a huge impact on SEO.

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What does Artificial Intelligence AI mean?

Artificial intelligence and SEO

5 Ways of Using Artificial Intelligence in SEO

  1. Analyze the website by using SEO tools
  2. Write unique content for your website
  3. Make your content plagiarism-free
  4. Content optimization to get more traffic
  5. Prioritize high-quality link building to make your content SEO-friendly

Wrapping up

What does Artificial Intelligence AI mean?

Putting in easy words, AI is simply a program/software with strong databases to train devices to think and act like the human brain.

The aim behind developing this technology was to get more chances of success and accuracy in systems.

AI has the ability to think and react on its own which makes it stand out in modern digital technology. This ability makes it pretend like humans and execute the complicated work quickly just as a human does.

Artificial intelligence and SEO

Artificial Intelligence and SEO go hand in hand as you see AI everywhere in SEO. Major SEO activities like identifying keywords stuffing in content, backlinks, plagiarism, and all kinds of spam SEO activities can be identified by using AI technology.

The accuracy and effectiveness of Google search engine queries are all because of AI. On the other hand, Machine Learning has a slightly different meaning but it works along with Artificial Intelligence to deliver the best results of any query.

It mainly assists Google in understanding the user’s search query and gives the most relevant results accordingly.

Both AI and Machine Learning have made searches on search engines much easier, better, quicker, and knowledgeable.

As AI has a huge impact on every SEO activity, it is no less important for all business owners for their websites and content writers who are creating content by using particular keywords in their content.

It was a way too tough task for Google to track all activities on every website and identify their ranks by keeping multiple factors in mind at once.

This is where Google decided to try developing technology for keeping a regular check on all websites. As a result, they come up with artificial intelligence.

The main objective behind this development is to provide users with the exact content they searched for.

Every business leader, webmaster, and content creator must understand the importance of AI in SEO. The introduction of AI in SEO has led to huge benefits as it lessens the workload on SEO specialists and eliminates the chances of fraud.

Furthermore, it has made the ranking process much more transparent meaning that it prefers to rank websites on quality of content and proper usage of keywords in the content.

5 Ways of Using Artificial Intelligence in SEO

1. Analyze the website by using SEO tools

Numerous SEO tools are available on the web that claim to offer both free and paid best SEO services. Prepostseo is one that you can trust blindly as it offers almost all SEO tools required to keep a check on the website’s activities.

The focal services you will get are DA PA checker, checking SEO-friendly URLs, analyzing backlinks and evaluating keyword density in the content of webpages, and many more.

You can use all of its tools to manage your website in a better way and to keep your website updated. Most of the tools are completely free and everyone can have access to it without spending a penny.

The SEO Tools by Prepostseo are successfully using AI-powered technology to help users with the best website analysis.

2. Write unique content for your website

You want to win the SEO game, right? The key to winning SEO is generating unique, fresh, and exceptional content and updating already existing content on your website.

Composing unique content every time on similar subject matters might be tiring and boring, you can use to get your rewritten content in a split second.

The paraphraser is one of the most reliable and accurate paraphrasing tools that is completely developed on AI technology. AI technology makes it more trustworthy.

It is a completely free AI-powered paraphrasing tool that claims to rewrite your text on the human level. However, your content always requires a proper re-check process before it gets published.

You may simply choose a text, use this paraphrasing tool, copy the paraphrased text reread it, and eliminate all writing errors before uploading on the web. Writing an exceptional piece of writing includes proper keyword usage, avoiding grammatical errors, and integrating visuals to give it an outstanding look.

3. Make your content plagiarism-free

Duplicated content is another important aspect that any website owner must not neglect. It might seem a simple term but it has a huge impact on website SEO in the long run.

Plagiarism occurs in your content because of duplicated or copied text in your articles and blogs. Plagiarized content is never welcomed for SEO rankings, therefore, make sure that you are writing unique content.

How will you be sure about the uniqueness of your content? Well, the answer is straightforward. Artificial Intelligence is taking you over here as well.

You will find several plagiarism checkers on the internet, one of the best you can use is which deeply analyzes your text and highlights all copied or duplicated content. Thus, it makes it easier for you to eliminate copied text from your content or rewrite it to avoid plagiarism penalties.

4. Content optimization to get more traffic

Content optimization is a validated strategic approach to enhance SEO-friendly blogs and blog articles for greater traffic, hence it results in more clicks or revenue.

Undoubtedly, it is extremely essential! Content optimization greatly contributes to the quality of the material of your website and outperforms comparable content generated by your rivals to increase the search engine results page rankings of your website (SERPs).

Moreover, content optimization is necessary for all websites as it helps in creating SEO-friendly and refreshing content, and is offering integrated AI-powered for optimizing your website better.

Optimizing content by using is much easier, you significantly increase the quality of your content by turning every page and blog post on your intended audience.

Visitors can not only better comprehend your material, but also search engines can grasp the content better.

This results in the SERPs rankings, which implies more sales, and your bottom line is increased by clicking on your website. So, yes, optimizing content is substantial!

5. Prioritize high-quality link building to make your content SEO-friendly

Google’s algorithms are intricate and constantly developing every day, but no matter how advanced they get, backlinks remain a crucial indicator to measure which websites must be ranked higher.

Getting links is one of the many options used to optimize search engines (SEO) because links provide Google with a signal that your website is a resource of good quality content that should be referenced. Moreover, websites with more backlinks tend to be ranked higher.

In a nutshell, building healthy backlinks in content shows search engines and visitors that the content is valuable, informative, and readable.

The thing to keep in mind while linking to outbound sources is that they must be from trusted and authentic websites so that your blog posts, articles, and pillar pages retain their quality.

Note that backlinking to content is a major weighted aspect in Google’s ranking, which dictates 20.94% of what is going to rank or what is not.

High-quality connections may increase revenues and traffic, on the other hand, fake links might harm your ranking potential as well as the content.

Wrapping up

In an era, where the internet has reached beyond the limits, artificial intelligence has become a necessity. Google’s algorithms are using AI and other machine learning technologies just to make the search easier for users.

Al technology is giving a new dimension to SEO. There are many SEO tools that are AI-powered that aim and encourage Google and the other search engines that your site offers people with the results and content they want.

AI-powered SEO solutions provide users with the capabilities to anticipate your ever-changing search engine algorithms and adapt to them.

AI-powered tools for generating SEO-friendly content have been mentioned above that carry a variety of useful SEO-friendly features. Using these tools simply is a great way to save time and money. So, if you are searching for AI-powered tools for creating SEO-friendly content, hope this article has helped you.

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