How To Improve Employee Engagement Using Digital Signage

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 08:55 am

There is no denial of the fact that employee engagement benefits the organization economically. As engaged employees are enthusiastic and committed to their work. They are well aware of their goals and objectives and that of the organization and work tirelessly towards its fulfillment.

According to statistics released by The Bureau of National Affairs, businesses in the U.S. lose $11B annually as a result of employee turnover. Therefore, engaged employees benefit the organization in more ways than one, to name some would be; higher productivity, better employee retention, a more creative environment, and an overall better place to work for everyone.

Businesses are constantly looking out for ways in which they can keep their employees engaged and looking forward to being a part of the organization. Digital signage displays have been helping them greatly in this. To know more, make your way to the end of this blog.

Digital Signage For Employee Engagement-An Overview

The digital signage industry is growing, and businesses across industries are realizing its importance and employing it to enhance engagement, ensure a smooth flow of communication, keep the viewers better informed, and have a positive impact on their reach and brand awareness.

Using digital signage for employee engagement is a smart technique to enhance the performance of the staff by ensuring an unambiguous channel of communication and increasing their knowledge about the working of the organization and the operations undertaken.

Employees feel elated about being a part of the organization and look up to contributing towards its growth in better ways. Further to this, employee retention is made easy and the company does not have to go through rigorous rounds in the hiring process.

All this overall improves the working and standing of the organization.

How Can You Improve Employee Engagement With Digital Signage?

To know how you can enhance employee engagement with digital signage, keep reading.

1. Clear Communication

Employee bulletin boards, memos, and announcements over the public address system have been in practice for ages together to communicate to and among employees. But, they weren’t reliable enough to know if the information reached the right employees at the right time.

Many businesses associate digital communications with customer-facing communications, but employee-facing digital communications can be incredibly impactful too.

Not only can you notify people of emergencies quickly, but also pass on real-time personalized information in a manner that is efficient and entertaining.

2. Recognize Employees Using Digital Screens

Employee recognition can be a great strategy to enhance employee engagement as it will make them feel valued and appreciated while keeping them motivated to make further contributions to the betterment of the organization.

Display a brief of their achievements, the targets achieved, wish them on their birthdays and work anniversaries, etc. All this will greatly help in encouraging the employees to give their best and move closer to their targets but with great fun and excitement.

3. Consider Creating A Corporate Social Responsibility Channel

Some organizations enhance team cohesiveness even more by using digital communications to promote CSR. Consumers admire brands that have a focus on making the world a better place, and this, of course, carries over to employees’ attitudes.

For instance, using digital signage to communicate CSR initiatives and highlighting relevant accomplishments at both employee and corporate levels can help employees feel proud about being a part of the organization.

4. Showcase Important Updates

Use digital signage displays to showcase important updates about the happenings of the organizations. Talk about the projects undertaken by the organization, the accomplishments, and the targets achieved to keep the employees about the happenings on the part of the business.

Other than this, you can also talk about the fun and recreational activities planned by HR to keep up with the enthusiasm of the employees and to have them look forward to everything that the company has in store to offer.

5. Enhance Productivity

Boost the productivity of the employees by installing digital displays outside the meeting room, corridors, etc., to keep them informed and help them make the best of their time.

By placing the digital screen outside of the meeting room the employees can know the timing when it is occupied and details between whom the meeting is conducted. This will reduce the wait time of the employees. Further, navigation can help in easy wayfinding, which further reduces their launder time.

Over To You

Employee engagement is an important determinant of the success of the organization. While making numerous efforts to enhance it, businesses must consider the most powerful strategy, digital signage displays.

Now that you know how impressive a role digital screens play in boosting your efforts of employee engagement, it is time for you to leverage it too.

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