3 Best Sharp Spring Alternatives and Competitors in 2021

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 08:29 am

Sharp Spring is a leading cloud-based marketing automation solutions provider. More than 1,200 dealers and over 6,000 businesses use Sharp Spring to expand their sales funnel, track return on investment, and optimize marketing costs. Its intuitive platform and affordable monthly pricing set it apart from its competitors. It has powerful behavior-based email marketing, native or third-party CRM integration, social management tools, blogging and landing page creation, and interoperability. Sharp Spring typically costs a third less than other platforms and offers marketers a special partner program. 

Sharp Spring also provides a library of user-selectable designs and templates. Sharp Spring can be used by large and small companies in a variety of industries, including advertising, insurance, engineering, and telecommunications. With Sharp Spring, there are no long-term contracts or high transfer charges. If you want to change providers, you need to be notified at least 30 days in advance. Like the other platforms on this list, Sharp Spring offers a comprehensive set of marketing automation features. You can track your website visitors and act on them in automated campaigns. However, like all other CRMs, there are alternatives to Sharp Spring as well. Below are the top 3 Sharpspring alternatives.

1. EngageBay

EngageBay is a complete and comprehensive marketing platform that can easily be certified as an alternative to Sharp Spring. It offers marketing automation features that help you track, engage, and convert visitors into leads and allows for email tracking and lead development. Access discussion threads, automated workflows, landing pages, live chat, forms, pop-ups, and social media tools. Engage Bay stands out from other platforms with its service center and 360-degree customer view. Engage Bay is completely web-based. Instead of a premium solution, it is offered in different versions for companies with different budgets. There is already a free plan that includes many features. The only limitation is that you can only have 1000 brand contacts and 1000 brand emails. The base plan includes 15,000 contacts with more features and 10,000 branded emails.


  • EngageBay starts at $9.99 per month. There is a free version. EngageBay offers a free trial.


  • EngageBay is one of the most affordable integrated sales and marketing software on the market, boasting a solid collection of features like marketing automation, channel management, customer management potential, and CRM.

  • Sales and marketing are complex parts of business operations, but EngageBay makes it easy and transparent. With this software, users need not be familiar with sales and marketing platforms and are technically superior.


  • EngageBay does not offer SMS service.
  • The instruction manuals need improvement.

2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is the perfect CRM solution for small businesses to improve marketing and sales automation. Carefully feed and close the truck. Also, be sure to integrate it with your customer’s contacts. Set up a welcome sequence, segment leads, personalize your messages, and automate the marketing process where no one else has time. 500 predefined automation, comprehensive email template library, and efficient contact management. ActiveCampaign helps businesses build meaningful connections through social media, email, messaging, chat, and text. This is the best bulk email sender for those who want to make their marketing campaigns more efficient by using drag-and-drop templates. 300 integrated. Prices start at just $15 per month. Attribution is tightly integrated with Active Campaign’s powerful marketing automation software. Users can leverage conversions and source insights to develop their own unique experiences for contacts and enable automation. Attribution uses standard UTM parameters that corporate marketers already use to track the source of their visitors. Making it an overall easy alternative to Sharp Spring.


There are four different pricing plans: 

  • Lite – $ 15 a month
  • Plus plan per month – $ 70 
  • Professional per month – $ 159 
  • Enterprise per month – $ 279 per month big discounts, around 20%, per month for those who pay all year round.


  • Target email-enabled 
  • Email funnel and auto-response 
  • Visual email template generator 
  • Segmentation function 
  • Dynamic content 
  • Split testing and analysis 
  • Sign up form 
  • Machine learning


  • Non-advanced analysis 
  • Limited integration options

3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is affordable, incredibly easy to use, and made by business-savvy people for business-savvy people. The scalability of the platform makes it ideal for fast-growing teams. If you want to generate leads and increase top-down sales flow, Pipedrive can be a wise investment. Pipeline management focuses on lead generation and sales, using proven methodologies. Now you and your team know what to do to increase conversions and reach your goals. Overall it can function well as an alternative to Sharp Spring. 


  • Essential plans start at just $ 15 per month. For just $ 15, this is a great place to start, so you can develop a seamless sales process quickly and easily. This plan allows you to define pipelines and operations and quickly manage your business performance. 
  • The advanced plan costs $ 29 per month. This plan is perfect if you want to supercharge your Pipedrive account with powerful email marketing features. 
  • Advanced plans include email templates, email monitoring, and email synchronization. You can also enrich your existing data by getting it from a social platform like LinkedIn.
  • The professional plan is $ 59 per month. This plan includes all advanced plans, as well as more sales features. Professional plans are ideal when your marketing team wants to completely confuse sales performance with goals.

Use of Pipedrive is best for: 

  • Businesses primarily focused on selling 
  • Businesses looking to get started right away 
  • Businesses with limited technical support staff.
  • Customer support is one of the strengths of Pipedrive. Pipedrive provides 24/7 email and chat support at all levels, as well as company-level phone support. Additionally, the online help center offers knowledge-based articles, user forums for peer support, and training courses.

Pipedrive is not recommended for: 

  • Businesses with complex reports or custom requirements 
  • Businesses that want to manage multiple aspects of their business with only one CRM. Pipedrive is easy to start and use, but this simplicity is also one of its limitations. Pipedrive offers no marketing or customer service management, not even for premium plans. This means you need to use another partner’s system, either as a standalone tool or integrated with Pipedrive.

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