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How Are Cybercriminal Tactics Evolving in 2023?

Many people believe that artificial intelligence could drastically change both cyber security methods and how cybercriminals attack businesses in 2023. In fact, the link between artificial intelligence and cyber safety is one of the most discussed technology topics at the moment, as commentators struggle to decide whether the impact will be good or bad. There […]

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How to Protect your Personal Data Online

With technological advancement, interactions between persons and businesses have become increasingly online. From the days of personal data assistants (PDAs) to 2020s super smartphones, we now have a lot of our data online. Personal data ranges from seemingly harmless information like our names to sensitive information like home addresses and account details. A breach in […]

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What are Best Practices and Tips to Increase Security in VoIP Networks?

Security in VoIP is one of the topmost concerns for businesses because multiple users and locations find a connection under the same network. And, if something goes wrong, there is a direct effect on the entire system, and everyone is affected. But, don’t worry, folks. Your worst nightmare isn’t going to be accurate, especially when […]

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