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Top 10 Best Apps for YouTubers

As we can see the number of new YouTuber’s is increasing day by day. YouTube has really a very huge platform where creators show its talent and make it as a carrier. It is not possible to manage a YouTube channel from a laptop all the time. So, I have picked some best android apps for YouTubers by which they can easily manage their channel and create amazing content for themself.

1. Tubebuddy

If you are YouTuber and looking to grow your youtube channel faster in 2020. Tubebuddy helps you to find low competition keywords and related keywords to that main keyword to increase chances to rank higher on youtube.

The app has its own chrome extension which helps you to find low volume keywords so you can make a video on that topic. Tubebuddy is one of the best android apps for YouTubers.

Features of Tubebuddy:

  • Live subscribers count of your youtube channel
  • Tag Finder
  • Related tags
  • Channel milestones to encourage you to be productivity
  • Youtube videos SEO stats

2. YouTube Creator Studio App

YouTube has officially launched an app for all its creators. The YouTube Creator Studio app makes it easier and quicker to manage your youtube channel on the go. You can respond to comments, check out your latest stats, and get notifications whenever you want. It helps you to be connected with your audience 24*7. It is must-have apps for all YouTubers

Features of YouTube Creator Studio:

  • Observe your channel performance with easy-to-use analytics
  • Filter and respond to comments and messages
  • Get notifications when something important happens
  • Update video details and monetization settings
  • Manage playlists

3. viaOTP

As a YouTuber, we have to visit various events, conferences, and parties. viaOTP is a web-based app that lets you exchange contacts or business cards with others in a second. You only have to share 3 digit OTP to exchange contacts and 3 digits opt to receive contacts. You can create your own business card for free here. In which, you can add a link to your YouTube channel and add a profile image. It is very essential to meet new people and make a network for more opportunities. It’s a web-based app so you don’t have to install it. You only have to visit its official site. viaOTP is a perfect app for YouTubers whenever they meet new people.

Features of viaOTP:

  • Track Your Previous Exchanged Contacts
  • One Tap WhatsApp Access
  • No Permission Required
  • Use it as Business Card
  • Download Contacts in.CSV file

4. Open Camera

It’s not compulsory to have a DSLR camera to start your YouTube channel. You can use the Open Camera app to record videos like DSLR. It is a fully loaded camera by which you can record professional videos. You can also use it for making face cam videos.

You can record video in full HD and take photos while recording. Use a primary or external microphone for sound recording and has an essential feature is that uses timer option (with optional voice countdown) for video recording. If the app is useful for new YouTuber who are thinking to start a youtube channel.

Features of Open Camera:

  • Auto Stabilization
  • Resolution and white balance
  • Focus mode with face detection
  • Anti-bending
  • Scene mode

5. Phone Memo

As a YouTuber, we have to talk with various peoples like talking call of any sponsorship or randomly talking with other YouTubers for a collab. Phone Memo will help you to make notes while you call. Mainly, we forget important things which we discussed over the call. This app helps you to easily make notes during the call and check the previous notes of that specific caller. If you talking for sponsorship and you fixed a meeting with the company at 1:00 PM on 51/22, Avenue. You can easily note important notes of the call during the call. Trust me, It is a very productive app when you start using it.

Features of PhoneMemo:

  • Check the history of notes taken of incoming or outgoing phone calls
  • All notes are stored in an Evernote notebook ‘PhoneMemo’
  • Search notes against callees or callers name or number

6. Adobe Premiere Clip

This app is useful to edit the videos on the mobile phone and provides the best video editing features. It helps you to make amazing videos with cool editing features. So, this app is a must for people who prefer to edit their videos via smartphones.

Features of Adobe Premiere Clip:

  • Fast video creation + extremely good results
  • Videos are made such that they are in sync with the music
  • Works along with Lightroom and Capture CC
  • Allows sharing
  • Powerful and Professional editing features.

7. Legend: Intro Maker

A good intro is a very important factor while creating videos. Legend is an intro/outro video maker app by which you can make stunning intro/outro videos to attract your audience. The app is very easy to use, you only have to write your text, then select the animated text style and select background color. You can save your videos in MP4 formate or share it where you want. You can buy its premium packages to unlocking various features. But, You will get enough good features in its free version.

Features of Legend Intro Maker:

  • 20 animated text styles
  • Add Custom background
  • Combine Cool Emojis
  • Add text up to 100 characters
  • 6 Free Animated Text styles

8. Canva

Thumbnails play a vital role to attract audiences to watch your video. Canva is an excellent design app for YouTubers for creating Thumbnails and other various banners and posters. This app helps you to create anything from posters, wallpapers, book covers and all kinds of graphic design quickly.

Canva has simplified the graphic design process. It is very easy to add design elements and start by picking out one of the pre-designed base mark-ups. You can create various amazing Thumbnails for your videos by using the Canva’s own stock photos or from any of your own stored images. You can download your designs or share it on social platforms easily. Canva is really a perfect app for creating perfect Thumbnail of video.

Features of Canva:

  • 60,000+ templates
  • High-Quality Thumbnails, posters, and banners
  • Amazing Fonts
  • Premium designs
  • 1 million + stock photos and elements to choose from.

9. DU Screen Recorder

If you want to make videos that require the footage of your smartphone screen. DU Screen Recorder is a perfect app to record your screen footage and convert it into video content. You can manage your recordings with the floating button. Don’t worry, you can also hide the floating notification bar for frameless recordings. It is an ideal app for tech YouTubers for making various tech contents from the smartphone.

Features of DU Screen Recorder:

  • Record high-quality 1080p videos instantly.
  • No need to root your phone, unlimited recording.
  • Pause and resume support.
  • Live stream support: you can live-stream your phone screen to sites like Facebook or YouTube.
  • The floating recording button helps you to manage your recording controls.

10. Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder is the best app for YouTubers which allows a high quality and longtime sound recording. It is usually automated and provides a lot of advantages. Various voices including business meetings can be recorded in this app but it is not a call recorder app. This app can be used for voice-overs as well. You can record your own voice or sounds for making amazing voiceovers videos. It is one of the useful apps for YouTubers.

Features of Smart Voice Recorder:

  • Background Recording
  • Live audio spectrum analyzer
  • Wave/PCM encoding with adjustable sample rate (8-44 kHz)
  • Save/pause/resume/cancel recording process control

Final Note:

I hope you like this article. These are the best apps for YouTubers by which they can easily manage their channels. There is always a way if you have a will to start anything on your own, at any time. Most people think, is there any possibility of starting a YouTube channel from a Smartphone? Yes, you can start your own YouTube channel from the smartphone. You do not need any expensive gadgets to start your channel in the beginning, but if you have high enough budgets then you can invest in a professional studio setup. If this article will help you then please share this article with your YouTuber friends.

Please, Let me know your opinions and experiences below with this article. I would love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page for getting interesting articles. Have a good day!

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