Top 10 Web Development Trends in 2020

Last updated on September 15th, 2023 at 03:57 pm

Did you know that more than 1.94 billion websites are active in the world right now? Well, with the recent web development trends, more than 4 billion people are spending their time on websites now. People reap the benefits of existing web technology by implementing different methodologies. The web is ever-evolving and hence the call for web technology development has become important.

If you want to make your business famous or noticeable but the audience, then you need to come up with different ideas that are out of the box and it is evitable for all the web developers to keep up with the web development trends. Apart from that, you need to understand that there is hard work involved because web development has become consumer-centric. Here are the top 10 web development trends in 2020 that you can know so that you may incorporate them into your websites.

1. Use of Python for Web Development

Massive social media like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and Uber all have web development in Python. Python usage has grown over the years and no doubt it helped all companies to be more intuitive. The developers there deploy web development in Python. It is great for other things like automation flexibility and data analysis.

2. Voice Search Optimization

Any web development company will tell you that the next big thing in web development is Voice Search Optimization. Did you know? More voice search queries have appeared from 2008 to 2016. Apart from that, more than 50% of search queries will be because of the voice than the text.

It is one of the ongoing web development trends that is breaking into all the search engines. You have Siri on iPhone, Cortana on Android, and Google Assistant from Google. You also have Alexa from Amazon which is making voice search easier. All you can do is add a voice to a search recognition API to the website. This will increase your chances of appearing on SERPs.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – The new rage

According to the top web development trends, accelerated mobile pages, or AMPs are something that is going to be used rigorously in 2020. The whole idea of this is to make sure that the user completes their section on the web page and does not leave it due to bad loading page or page performance.

It is similar to PWA but the only difference is that over here, the pages become fast due to the open-source plugin. This was developed by both Twitter and Google. When you have AMP development, that means that the recent web development trends are user-centric or user-oriented. The goal is to make every web page mobile-friendly and their content is always easy to read.

4. Minimalist Design

If you offer any web development services to a client, they will probably ask for sustainable and minimalistic design. If you end up building a confusing website with loads of complexities, it is an old trend that is exhausting. Hence, try a minimal and subtle approach to web development. One of the most favored web development trends in 2020, trying out aesthetic websites is the new trend.

5. Responsive Web Design

Another web application development trend that is seemingly popular is responsive web design. RWD is a feature that drives user interaction by offering versatile functions throughout browsers and devices. Designers need to understand that if they make use of different frameworks, then they can easily target all desktop, mobile, and tablet users.

6. Google Map Integration

The latest web design development trends technologies that are used by developers need to incorporate web design that is in sync with Google Maps. The visual style of any web page is ever-evolving and hence, the Google Maps API must offer a lot of features so that every web developer can help to create a customized map for their website.

7. Modular Design

According to the recent Java web development trends, modular design helps all web development companies to completely reuse the components to create a new web page rather than creating a web page with a restrictive template. This is one step up from any template work and developers who want to rev up their game, have to work on a modular design for their upcoming works.

8. Chatbots

Aren’t you aware of how chatbots are the recent web development trend? According to a survey, more than 57% of consumers appreciate that chatbots help them instantly. More interactions will happen in the future and hence, you can find a chatbot creation along with the website creation. It is better to use a chatbot for customer service because 48% of customers like to contact a company via live chat. Hence, chatbots and customer service is a deadly combination.

9. Progressive Web Apps or PWA

The progressive web apps are one of the recent web development trends, they can be very simple to mobile applications but in reality, they are just websites or web pages. They can provide a better user experience because they know of websites and apps. It can help the users to work offline. They are an excellent alternative to normal websites.

10. Push Notifications

Every e-commerce web development trend points to push notifications. Every app needs to reach a vast audience and leverage the benefits of online digital marketing. They are one of the most useful ways to get more visitors.


Hence, above are some of the major web development trends we can expect in 2020. There are many others like image sharing or image-related improvements, functional programming is all some of the other top web development trends.

In this article, we have covered almost all recent developments that took place in the field of web development and these are some of them to watch for. You can draw many insights from the rising trends when they are implemented across a mass scale. You can try to create an enterprise-level web solution keeping this trend in mind.

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