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Reasons Why you Should Hire Full Stack Developers for your Enterprise MVP App

Last updated on November 29th, 2023 at 03:43 pm

It is common practice for chefs to sample their dish before it’s ready to be served to the customer to ensure everything is in order. An app is no different, with its creators testing the product’s feasibility by creating a simple version called a Minimum Viable Product. While the concept may not seem too difficult, it requires highly skilled professionals to create MVPs that incorporate your requirements and can be scaled as needed.

When taking the MVP approach, one of the best options is to hire full-stack developers. With their backing, you get all of your app’s essential features and functions sorted out in a simple and accessible app. That will give your product the strong foundation it needs to compete in the market.

Here are a few reasons to have full-stack developers working on your MVP project and the advantages they bring.

End-To-End Technical Knowledge

An app is more than just an appealing interface that everyone is familiar with. It has an entire backend structure, supporting its functioning, especially if it is dependent on the internet and a remote server. Therefore, any MVP built to represent it must have both barebones front and backend structures. Only full-stack developers have the technical knowledge to manage both aspects of an MVP app.

This knowledge enables them to seamlessly switch between the two ends and solve issues whenever they arise. They can visualize the entire technical structure of the MVP and view the issue in that context for better solutions. In contrast, dedicated frontend and backend developers may view such problems in isolation, running into further issues down the line during the integration of the two components.

Excellent Design Structure

An app’s User experience is a crucial factor in determining its success, and its User Interface plays a key role in it. You must get the UI design of your MVP right if your app is to have a chance at cracking the target market. While UI falls under an app’s frontend aspect, it requires a viable backend design structure supporting it to make it run smoothly.

A full-stack developer can provide such a design for your company’s MVP efforts with their full breadth of technical knowledge. They can create UI designs that work with various devices and map out the backend blueprint to support it over low-quality internet connections. Their knowledge of database management enables you to customize your MVP design to suit its various purposes, as they can link the various data elements necessary to load content quickly in the app.

Cost-Effective Development

One of the main reasons to outsource any kind of development is cost. Outsourcing agencies have a well-defined structure that brings down the overall costs of MVP development regardless of the scale of the project.

By opting for an MVP app development company, you can get the cost-benefit of currency exchange values. For instance, if you hire MVP developers from developing countries, it’ll cost you less since the country’s currency has a lower value than developed countries. So, the advantage you get is significant. There is also the fact that the country has one of the lowest per-hour rates in the entire world.

Outsourcing companies also add to the advantages of economies of scale. They hire large numbers of developers, which reduces the per-head cost of every project they undertake. That cost reduction is passed on to you.

What is special about full-stack developers is that you won’t be paying separately for two developers to manage the front and back end of your MVP app. It brings down the costs of development further. This is in contrast to in-house MVP development, where you must shell out a lot to maintain the team and supporting equipment.

Quick Turnaround Times

One of the most important factors determining your app’s success in the market is how soon it gets there. It must at least be on par with the competition’s time to market as anything else will mean losing out on business opportunities. This is only possible if the MVP is developed and tested on time and all issues are solved before developing the complete version of the app.

Coordination between the front and backend components of an app needs to be glitch-free if the MVP app is to be delivered on schedule. Issues here add to delays overall. The complete knowledge of the domain possessed by full-stack developers ensures that they can avoid such coordination issues and seamlessly integrate the two ends of the app, preventing delays.

Working on both components for a long time gives full-stack developers the ability to quickly design the MVPs with all the necessary features. They are likely to have templates they can use to develop the app and bring it out for review quickly. These templates also enable them to quickly tweak the MVP’s features and performance to improve it and produce the final version. Thus, your market edge is preserved since you can have a full-fledged app that’s been thoroughly tested and delivered on time.

Better Database Management

Enterprise data management is no small feat, requiring many resources to be dedicated to it. You may also need to hire specialists for the purpose, besides having at least a small in-house team for it. The quantity and data types to be managed demand such elaborate arrangements, and developing an MVP can cause problems in this process.

MVP app developers will frequently need to access your company’s data warehouse to extract the data they need for the purpose. This includes front-end developers who may not have the best knowledge when it comes to database management. But with a full-stack developer, you won’t have such worries since they will also be aware of database management.

This is because full-stack development involves three layers: presentation, business logic, and database. The presentation deals with the front-end aspects, while the business logic layer is the backend that supports the presentation layer. Alongside the business logic layer is the database layer, where the data necessary for the functions are present.

To gain their qualification, a full-stack developer must know how to handle all three layers astutely. Thus, by hiring one for your project, you can rest assured that your database management functions won’t take a hit and cause issues for your internal and external team members.

Professional Guidance and Taking Complete Responsibility

The development, testing, and improvement of MVP apps is a technically complex task that not every business can manage, especially if it’s not related to the domain. If yours is one such business, and you’re unfamiliar with all things MVP app development, then you will need some guidance to help you determine the best course to develop one.

A full-stack developer is best poised to offer this guidance. Their vast experience working on various apps can help determine what will work best for your business. They can suggest the UI elements, data gathering process, the best steps to incorporate into the development pipeline, etc.

After this process, they can take full responsibility for the project from start to finish so that you don’t have to concern yourself with its minutiae. You can simply provide your requirements and the general outline and they will handle the rest. You can set up regular communications to keep yourself appraised of how the development is progressing too.

Use Of The Latest Techniques and Technologies

Since MVP app development is wholly dependent on technology, it helps to use the latest versions of all applicable technological tools for the best results. A full-stack developer must do this since it is how they remain competitive in their field.

Thus, when you hire them, your project will get done with the use of the latest tools available, ensuring that you’re not left behind by the competition in this regard. The developers will also use the latest techniques available for development. These keep changing as technology progresses, making it easier to add new features to MVPs while keeping their many core functions intact.

Easy Process Review and App Updates

It isn’t enough to produce an app once and leave it as it is. You need to keep updating it so it doesn’t lag in features, appeal, and other aspects. This means you should regularly create MVPs with the additional features and test them before rolling out the final updates.

A full-stack developer can do this for you easily with their knowledge and experience. They can even review the development process and make the necessary changes to make it more streamlined and efficient, bringing down delivery times and costs.


Businesses increasingly rely on their web and mobile applications to interact with their customers and provide the necessary products/services. Your enterprise app should be able to cope with the traffic and other demands that will be made on it during its use. By outsourcing its development to an MVP app development company, you get the app you need on schedule after thorough testing and creation, all at a low enough cost to not impact your budget while keeping quality high.

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