Tips and Tricks for Learning Web Development

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 04:05 pm

Nowadays, almost any company requires a presence on the Internet. All these blogs, shops, personal pages, etc. are created by Web developers.

In general, the profession of a web developer is currently trending. It should be noted that no matter how many desktop sites and their mobile versions are created, every year they need about one and a half to two times more than in the previous period.

Therefore, if you have not yet decided on your future specialty, or are planning to change your occupation, we advise you to carefully consider this type of employment.

Tip 1. Ask yourself – which is closer to you?

So, when planning your future, the first step is to determine your interests. Depending on what you enjoy doing the most in life, you must decide which category of web development to choose as your source of future income. If you are a fan of drawing on a computer, you should try yourself as a web designer.

If you are an adherent of mathematics and the exact sciences, and you hate drawing, we advise you to get acquainted with programming languages such as Python, Ruby, Lisp, etc.

Tip 2. Choosing a way to gain knowledge

Depending on the results of your previous decision, you can either: go to study at the university, where, although they give knowledge, by the time you receive your diploma, they may already be hopelessly outdated, and you will have to do self-education (according to your profile).

If you decide to refuse higher education, you will only lose the opportunity to boast to your future employer with a “Red Diploma”. In reality, the prospects of your stay in one or another IT company will be assessed based on your knowledge, readiness to improve, and good communication skills. Therefore, you can easily refuse to study at the university, replacing it with self-education.

One of the advantages of this option is that you do not have to study subjects that you can easily do without in your future work. You can successfully use your free time to study something useful. The disadvantages of the same method include the lack of a clear plan for mastering the profession. As a result, you may have so-called gaps that will not allow you to build something whole from the information “bricks” you have.

Attending offline and online courses. Since most often, these courses are taught by practicing trainers, they will teach you exactly the knowledge that you will need for your profession.

If you want to get a job in a specific company, we advise you to clarify in advance their requirements for applicants and also to find out if this company does not conduct its training for the profession.

Tip 3. Raster or Vector Graphics?

Now let’s move on to more local tips. And we’ll start with fine art. To make money on the web, in addition to drawing in notebooks and school albums, you also need to master drawing in graphic editors. It can be either the desktop version or drawing on a graphics tablet.

It should be noted that all graphics can be divided into raster and vector. Raster graphics are all kinds of images with many colors (more than 256). An example of such graphics can be an image obtained with a camera or created using programs such as PhotoShop.

As for vector images, there are programs such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW to create them. It should be noted that vector images usually contain a limited number of colors. But, they have one undeniable advantage – they scale well. Therefore, if you plan to associate your activity with the creation of fonts for sites and programs, or intend to develop logos for sites and brands, you should know that you need to master vector graphics.

Tip 4. Application or ad-hoc programming?

Applied languages include languages that are used to write programs that can function both offline and in synchronized mode. You have seen examples of such programs a huge number of times. In essence, these are all the programs you have on your phone, computer, and other household appliances.

As for the operational programs, they include programs that ensure the existence of the Internet, as well as the display of its content. By the way, these programs are directly related to the field of activity of a web developer. As for programming languages, to master the profession, you need to master not only PHP, Python, and JavaScript, but also hypertext layout, without which practically no web page exists (except Flash technologies, which are practically not used on the web).

By the way, our further advice will be devoted to easy entry into the profession, therefore, we advise you to read the article to the end.

With these tips, you can easily become a professional web developer like fintech software companies.

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