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8 Top eCommerce Web Development Trends To Boost Your Revenue Streams

Last updated on November 28th, 2023 at 01:10 pm

The democratization and prolific growth of the internet have taken eCommerce web development activities to a whole new level. Even though the world underwent a rigorous pandemic, eCommerce web development continues to grow stronger with each passing day.

According to a Statista report, eCommerce sales reached a mark of $4.9 trillion in 2021 worldwide. Fuhrer, it’s expected to grow at a 50% rate to reach nearly $7.4 trillion by 2025.

As you can see in the image above, eCommerce sales are showing no signs of slowing down. This also impacts and fuels the growth of the eCommerce web development industry. Moreover, the continuously evolving eCommerce web development trends will engulf the industry and lead businesses to boost their revenue streams.

Here we present 8 such eCommerce trends to keep an eye out for:

1. Move to PWA for an Improved Shopping Experience

The progressive web app (PWA) development is a popular trend that helps eCommerce owners move from sluggish websites to responsive ones. It’s one of the highly anticipated and utilized trends that eCommerce stores use to improve their shopping experience and level up their revenue generation.

  • A few benefits of PWAs with statistics as mentioned by Forbes include:
  • Reduced page load time up to 2.75 seconds and works even in poor network
  • Small in size and doesn’t depend on the app download stores
  • Increases conversions by 52%
  • Boost engagement from 137% to 400% for some brands.

Thus, investing in PWA for your eCommerce store website is a wise decision. Another wise decision would be to take help from web development experts to design and develop highly responsive eCommerce storefronts and PWAs that boost your revenue.

2. Innovation Led by Headless and API for eCommerce

Another innovation-led eCommerce web development trend is to use Headless commerce and APIs. Headless commerce enables developers to decouple the storefront of an eCommerce website from the backend logic.

This eCommerce trend is growing in popularity as more brands are adopting it purely for the flexibility they get. Plus, Headless Commerce adorns them with the added benefits of SEO, digital experience, and content marketing capabilities.

Also, a similar trend is to use APIs to integrate essential functionalities like payment gateways, order tracking, shipping calculation, and many others. Doing so saves a lot of time in development and provides more control over the content and customer journey.

3. Voice and mobile Commerce for Speed Commerce

Shopping through mobile and smart speakers like Alexa, Google Assistant, and others has become increasingly popular. A report published on Voicebot says 75% of households in the US will have smart speakers in 2025. Also, nearly 71% of consumers prefer to use voice search and 27% do it on mobile devices.

This staggering growth has forced eCommerce owners to take charge and integrate voice search capabilities for the easy discoverability of their products. They are leaping onto every chance to develop and optimize their content and product pages to appear on mobile and voice search-enabled devices.

Thanks to their speed of execution and time-saving capabilities, voice and mobile commerce have given birth to speed commerce.

4. Product Visualization with AR/VR Integration

Even though Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been around for quite a long time, they haven’t been utilized to their full potential. As per a Statista forecast, the number of AR and VR users is expected to reach 110 million and 66 million in 2023 in the US alone.

Further, the amalgamation of these technologies has allowed the Metaverse to flourish. To best describe Metaverse, it’s a virtual world that can be accessed over the internet and makes the future of eCommerce product marketing in Metaverse possible.

In a nutshell, this trend of increased adoption of AR and VR for product visualization will prove to be a complete game changer for eCommerce.

5. Hyper-Personalization through AI and Big Data

Marketers and business owners have grown to understand the potential Artificial Intelligence and big data hold. They are not only enablers of hyper-personalized shopping experiences but also improve customer service at each touch point.

Buyers of all sorts want personalized recommendations and better deals. Not getting the same has forced them to switch brands, says the research from Salesforce.

By utilizing the force of this eCommerce web development trend, owners and marketers can collect important data when customers shop on their platform. The accumulated behavioral data over the period becomes a key factor for offering the hyper-personalized shopping experience customers crave for.

6. Omnichannel is the New Norm in eCommerce

Another eCommerce web development trend that has created a buzz is building an omnichannel experience for online shoppers. It’s an approach to offering a seamless shopping experience regardless of the device, medium, and platform used for product discovery and purchase.

This translates to shoppers using mobile, desktop, or laptop to shop from Amazon, eBay, your website, social platforms, and marketplaces or brick-and-mortar stores. As per the study by Harvard Business Review of 46,000 customers, a majority of 73% used multiple channels during their shopping journey.

These omnichannel customers showed heavy interest and loved all the combinations and places offered by retailers. Further, the study revealed that not only did they use mobile apps for price comparison, but also avidly used “purchase online, pick-up in store” and other options. This only goes to show that omnichannel is the new norm for online shopping and eCommerce.

7. eWallet Integration for Flexible Payments

eWallet or digital wallet integration with eCommerce portals provides users with the flexibility to send and receive money without going through much hassle. Such facilitation of payments makes the purchasing process more efficient and streamlined.

In today’s digitally advanced world, eWallets are a necessity and essential for eCommerce web stores to offer frictionless payment modes for improved conversions. Not only do they make paying for a purchase effortless but also ensure refunds, reward points, and others get easily credited.

There are several eWallet providers like Apple, Google, Walmart, and others that you can integrate and allow your customers to pay instantly. Thus, it’s one of the key elements to consider when developing and integrating payment systems into your eCommerce website.

8. Chatbots & Gamification for Enhanced User Experience

Chatbots can imitate in-house sales associates to fulfill users’ needs and resolve any queries they have during their purchase journey. Digital shoppers today want to discover and make the purchase of the desired product as quickly as possible. This is where chatbots can fit perfectly and be a lifesaver for you by resolving customer questions.

They are an excellent tool for offering enhanced customer service and surely improving user experience. Another way you can improve it is by using gamification to provide an experience that’s entertaining and quirky for improving sales rates.

By leveraging this eCommerce web development trend, your brand can stand out from the rest and make your website seem innovative. The shrewd application of this trend will boost and open revenue streams for your eCommerce business.

Wrapping Up

Each trend presented here may or may not make sense for your business. For example, if your eCommerce business is based off on digital products like software or plugins, AR or VR integration may not seem a value addition. But the rest of the trends can surely aid your eCommerce business to flourish.

Similarly, you can tick mark some deserving trends and adorn your eCommerce web store to offer an enhanced experience and bolster your brand identity. Knowing and implementing the right-fit eCommerce web development trends will open new doors for your digital success and help you generate reasonable ROI and revenue.

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