5 Best Free Apps for Fake Text Generator for Android

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 09:26 am

With the onset of the pandemic and mandated stay-at-home orders along with social distancing regulations, everyone is busy with the digital sphere of their life to stay connected and to keep them entertained. At this stage, the memes and funny pranks on the internet come to our rescue. Creating fake text messages and screenshots to fool around on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp would help kill the mundane and boring things we find there. Fake text generator applications help us do just that! Here we list down 5 free apps for Fake Text Generator for Android.

Likewise, we usually forget to update the most refined things, let it be any device; everything gets outdated. The wise” death is inevitable” to keep order in the system devices are bound to be updated, or else it gets corrupted. The system gets slow, the sudden crashing of the system, and rest, we all know how intolerance behaves with impatience.


First, on the list, we have YAZZY, which undoubtedly is the best and most easy-to-use Fake Text Generator. One can create Fake conversations using themes of various platforms like Facebook, Google Search, Twitter, or WhatsApp. One can select different fake screens for commenting on Facebook, Twitter, or even. The conversation would look legit thanks to its customizable options and great user interface. In case you need a fake text generator, here’s a tiny guide on how to get it. This is an astonishing fake chat generator app for social channels. The fact that the conversation is carried out by one person would be impossible to make out because this app permits you to place sham mirror photos and emoticons on your conversations. You can alter the chats, create fake voice messages, and type statuses. It’s an easy user-friendly interface that allows you to easily make fake messages.

2. Fake Chat Conversation

It is a fake text message app that allows you to simulate everything in text messages and works with the latest form of messaging on Android. The interface is just like a conversation on Android devices. The one who receives a screenshot with the chat never notices the difference during a real conversation.

It has an inbox and option of drafts, and all sorts of relevant folders to organize your texts, allowing everything to be manageable on this app. You will make your friends think that something is wrong with their phones by believing that their messages are either arriving wrong or simply not going to your inbox.

3. Text

It is an app that lets you send and receive all types of free chat messages and at the same time create and simulate fake conversations. You can use this to send picture messages with different numbers that appear as if they are genuine conversations. With its easy user interface, one can easily understand and get a hold of its work. You can create standard text messages or multimedia messages, whether you’re receiving or sending them. the app empowers you to vary the timetable for as long as you would like so you’ll use an equivalent test layout over and once again. The app features a built-in screenshot tool that will send the pics to the person you would like to prank. It also has the option to screen-record the conversation for your perusal.

4. TXT-EM-now

This is one of the best fake text generator apps for Android with a simple layout and you will notice some available options to make your screen look as realistic as possible. There are many aspects you’ll see when trying to chat without fear about too many issues and consequences. It is a free chat messaging app that lets you send a fake text to any number without any registration of your real number. All you would like is to go to the location and learn all the guidance of the method. Along with that, it is simple and easy to use. The main goal of this app is to make the product look real and credible. Thus, every little detail in this app is often modified. You can change the color scheme of the dialogue and switch backgrounds to it. Plus, you’ll fake the chats list page by adding as many fake dialogues as you would like.

5. Fakenger

Using this app, one can play fake people by creating fake chats and jokes. It allows you to style fake chat screens. It enables you to style the app screens and you’ll take screenshots of the chat list screen and chat to prove it true ahead of others. It supports various multimedia too. Everything here is editable, from the recipient’s name to the time you receive it. Your imagination is the limit! Into the discount, the app features a share screen tool that you simply can use to share the screenshots with the people you would like to prank. You can even record screen videos therefore the whole conversation will look even more realistic. You can also automatically share the video or post it on social media.

However, remember jokes and pranks are fun and games until they are used to harm someone. With fun comes great responsibility. That being said, use these above-mentioned apps to make memes, and do pranks.

In recent times, amidst the ongoing pandemic COVID-19, we all have witnessed the increasing use of digital platforms. One of the primary backend support to this has been the advancement of technology over time.

We have seen schools/colleges and universities going digital, offices providing for work from home, most of the services being supplied and availed online, and even businessmen finding a way out for operating through online portals to survive in the economy.

During these challenging times, we all have understood the importance of exploiting the resources available to us. We all have started adopting ourselves in the digital world and have also begun using software to improve our work. It’s great that we are trying to survive this pandemic pranking our friends online and making them feel safe.

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