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Best Instagram Theme Ideas to Delight Your Followers

Last updated on November 29th, 2023 at 04:29 pm

Instagram is a hub for impressive content for you and your audience. So, influencers and brands use the best content they can produce for their feeds. But what if your content is not up to the mark? Well, we have some methods to make it become a viral one. Themes are a type of consistency your brand should have. So, we will talk about these themes.

Why do Themes Matter on Instagram?

Having a good theme can help you have special recognition. And it is a big deal for you. This means you have a special identity that helps you manage your Instagram. So, you can get extra visibility and identity with a theme. You can use this one for your Instagram followers.

Themes For Businesses

Businesses can have a certain type of theme, which can help them develop an identity.

1. Specific Colours Themes

One of the best ideas that you can go for is to use a certain set of colors for your posts. You can define certain colors and keep posting with them to make your content more recognizable.

2. Use of Tiles Themes

This kind of style can also be effective for your content. You can use a grid layout to manage this kind of result. When you post with this theme, you should use the same color combinations and filters.

3. Same Photo Background Themes

You should pay attention to the background of your photos to ensure good quality. So, when you give a professional look to the background, you are set for better-looking photos.

The experts also believe that it can help your audience focus on products.

4. Use of one Filter theme

Using one filter for all photos can help you have better consistency. Your branding gets a good touch when you use one filter to take and edit all the pictures. With the same results for all of your products, you are set for the consistency game.

5. Use of Rainbow Theme

This one is among the top themes that look different. You can use this one for different brands. Using such a theme for a clothing brand, travel blog, and makeup brand would work.

In this one, the color changes with every post, so you can have a better result with this one too.

6. The use of Puzzle Theme

This feed is another that can help you have better success. You can use this one for your business and see the difference.

In this one, you can add one photo that has grid lines in it.

7. Black and White Theme

This theme can help you have a good white and black touch in your content. You can use it for help and improvement in your theme recognition.

With this kind of theme, you can have a timeless feeling for your audience. So, you can have a better recognition of your content.

8. Minimalist Themes

This kind of theme brings easy skimmable content. You can have a special feeling for your brand with this kind of photo. You are all set for a clear and precise feel for your audience when you make such content.

9. One or Two Colours Themes

The use of a single color or two for all photos can help you make a mark. Some influencers would even use the same color for all of their content.

With this kind of theme, you are all set to have better results for your content. It can help you have a special branding color scheme. So, you can stick with one or two colors that stay with your content forever.

10. Unique Angles Themes

You have a great chance when you use special angles to make your content and items look special. With the right way to show your products, you are set for a great theme.

So, you can use your creativity in photography to make a huge difference. It can make a clear statement about your product and make your content special.

11. Text Themes

If you are looking for a unique way to depict your talent, you can try text-only content. When you have an excellent text to show, and it shows your talent, it would work well.

You can use this kind of help for several types of brands. When you want to present a special feeling, you can use quotations for your help. You can deliver value to have great success in the social media world. So, use these for an excellent result for your branding needs.

12. Using Black and White Borders as a Theme

The use of black and white borders is an excellent choice for fashion bloggers. Such content can help you have a better feel of exclusivity and be impressive. Try using this one for the great vibe you are looking to make.

13. Line in the Middle theme

Using a line in the middle can be a great way to go. You can use this one for several kinds of content. With one type of content in the pattern of a line in the middle, you have a great feel for your audience.

14. Horizontal Set Theme

This kind of theme can help you have a great feeling about the content creator. You can have this one with a simple strategy. Using the same posts in a horizontal row and then different ones in the next would work.

You can use these to have a better result for your branding. So, you can have a better consistency and feel for your audience.

Final Thoughts

We talked about some of the top Instagram themes that you can use. With a significant number of themes available, you can make better choices for your content. So, you should know your themes and go with their vibe.

Using the right themes for a long time will always help build the awareness you need. That is why you should try them out and make your content special. The best themes are black and white, rainbow, and tiles. At the same time, you can use puzzles, text-only, one to two colors, and unique angles.

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