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How to Rank Organically on Walmart

Last updated on November 29th, 2023 at 03:19 pm

Every eCommerce marketplace uses an algorithm to choose which products appear in the search results. This is done by matching the relevancy of the user’s search term with product pages- the explanation for why you don’t get footwear when looking for hats. The logic behind such a function is to produce relevant search results and display product listings that are most probable to result in a conversion for the given search query.

The Walmart algorithm uses a similar conversion-centered methodology. Still, to get your product pages ranked at the top on Walmark search results, you must understand its search algorithm, which decides whether and when shoppers see your products or services.

This article explains the methodology for elevating your Walmart product listings to the top of organic search results. Learn valuable tips to increase your Walmart rankings organically and improve conversions.

Walmart Search Engine Optimization: The Concept

Walmart SEO involves optimizing your product pages or listings for the algorithm to improve the visual range in search results and boost organic traffic for your eStore.

With Walmart SEO, you aid the marketplace algorithm in finding your product listing/product pages and elevating it to the top of the results for pertinent key phrases, with the ultimate being the top spot. This is significant for

  • Increasing your page ranking
  • Increasing listing visibility
  • Improving incoming traffic
  • Enhancing click-through & conversion rates
  • Winning the ‘Buy Box’
  • Generating Maximum Sales

When assessing the value of your Walmart product listings or pages and where it ranks in the search results, Walmart’s algorithm uses the “triangle optimization methodology.” It considers content, efficiency, and deals. This methodology aims to provide customers with the best results by considering applicability, customer engagement, and competitive services.

Walmart Listing Optimization: 10 Tips To Rank Organically On Walmart

1. Identify The Appropriate Class, Subclass, And Attributes For Your Products

Finding the right product class, subclass, and trait is imperative to ensure your product appears in the relevant search results.

A top-level structure is maintained by the product class and subclass, where product features/traits make your product considerably simpler to search for. For example, if you sell smartphones, the brand, camera pixel, and storage would be attributes or features that customers could filter for.

Note: Observe the critical attributes (performing well & most searched) featured in the left nav bar when you search for your goods on Walmart.

2. Add Clearly And Briefly Expressed Product Names

One of the easiest and best techniques to improve your rankings and relevance on Walmart is to add a descriptive (well-described) product name. The name/title of your product you add aids the marketplace’s algorithm in finding the search terms pertinent to your product/listing and matching them to users’ searches.

Note: Any titles that contain advertising language or refer to something other than the product/services will not be accepted by Walmart. The marketplace offers the following formula for better title creation: Brand Name + Size Descriptions + Defining Standards + Product Name + Style + Quantity

3. Use Best-in-class Product Images

The listing photos you upload to advertise your goods must be expertly captured, sharp, and bright. Preferably, you should include at least four close-up, zoomable photographs of your goods, wrapping, and other accessories- having any less could negatively impact your ranking. Additionally, your photos must display the goods from the front with a flawless white backdrop.

Note: Using images with added graphics, artwork, logos, watermarks, text, or overlays is prohibited. Additionally, avoid pictures with indecent or objectionable images.

4. Enlist Your Product’s Key Features

Product key features, also sometimes referred to as highlights, let you market your product by alluringly accentuating particular details. It’s a concise and to-the-point description of your product that is easy to read.

The best strategy for enlisting is to create a bulleted list of three to ten of your product’s most significant advantages and characteristics. Additionally, ensure to include search terms, rank the most critical product features first, and utilize precise information.

Note: Avoid using distinct characters, shaky marketing jargon, or material that alludes to other marketplaces.

5. Ensure Your Product Descriptions Are Complete And Accurate

An excellent description is your chance to highlight the advantages of your product and dismantle the digital barrier (intangibility) between you and your clients.

In this section, you must include at least three main product characteristics and a comprehensive description of at least 150 words. Also, avoid stuffing this section with keywords; instead, use contextual information or synonyms of your root term (where appropriate) to catch long-tail phrases that potential customers might enter into a search engine instead.

Note: Skip the fluff and keyword stuffing. Customers should easily understand your explanation by using a clear, conversational tone.

6. Enable Free Two-Day Shipping

Walmart is battling it out with giant online retailers like Amazon in an effort to offer the fastest shipping. Walmart’s extensive distribution network was most recently expanded with free next-day delivery for orders totaling $35 or more.

This demonstrates that at Walmart, quick shipment gets you a top priority. Additionally, Walmart gives merchants that offer two-day shipping a significantly better chance of landing in the buy box and broadening their client base. Therefore, Walmart sellers must ensure the quickest product delivery.

To begin using two-day delivery:

1. You must have worked as a Walmart seller for more than 90 days or completed over 100 orders through Walmart.

Meet the following performance criteria over the previous 30 days (20 orders in the previous seven days):

  • On-time shipping >95%
  • On-time delivery >95%
  • Valid tracking rate >95%

Cancellations rate >1.5%

2. Use a third-party fulfillment company that adheres to its norms and specifications.

7. Price Your Product Rights

Walmart’s mission is to “offer the most economical rates to the customers,” so it makes sense that price is still crucial for Walmart’s algorithm.

To ensure that customers cannot discover your products at a noticeably lower price elsewhere, conduct systematic research to evaluate your product prices to those of other Walmart merchants, buy box winners, and sellers at outside marketplaces.

Note: Use a Walmart repricing tool to adjust your products’ prices for better chances of winning the Buy Box.

8. Optimize Your Inventory To Ensure Stock Availability

It’s difficult to predict when or if your product will return to the top of search results once it isn’t in stock. However, Walmart wants to make sure that their customers have consistently satisfying online shopping experiences, and an unavailable item in the listing poses a risk of disappointing customers or contributing to overselling.

Because of this, the market does not provide top positions to short-stock or previously sold-out items. Therefore, you must carefully analyze inventory functioning to reduce stockouts and ensure you have the proper procedures and equipment to determine when to restock.

Note: Utilize consolidated inventory management to integrate quantity between your store depository, fulfillment associates, and distribution platforms. This will help you get an alert of available stock when an item is about to sell out.

9. Put Effort Into Gathering Many Product Reviews

Besides piling up products, stock up on product/service reviews. Reviews on your products/services serve as a stand-in for physical store interactions, where customers can speak with a salesperson or try an item out before buying it.

Note: By employing best practices, you can win at collecting positive reviews and ratings.

  • Ensuring Complete Product Information In Your Listing
  • Minimizing ODR
  • Quick Response To Customers
  • Quick Delivery
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Easy Return/Refund

10. Try To Become a Walmart Pro Seller

A symbol of supremacy at Walmart is the “Pro Seller” badge.

Albeit the marketplace does not guarantee better rankings if you have a ‘Pro Seller’ badge, the icon is visible on product listings/pages, categories/subcategories pages, and buying baskets. Therefore, it might mean the difference between a customer choosing you over a rival.

However, obtaining the “Pro Seller” badge is not simple. To win it, you must be in excellent status with the marketplace. You’ll specifically need to ensure a minimized Order Defect Rate, a low 90-day cancellation rate, an easy return/refund policy, and a positive listing quality score on 60% or more of your selling products.

Once these conditions are met, Walmart will immediately add the Pro Seller Badge to your entire product catalog.

Concluding Words

The most critical Walmart listing optimization tip is to be consistent if you want to rank high organically. The “set it and forget it” method won’t work for you! Walmart doesn’t give any listing the top spot overnight, but it can take it away overnight.

If you got the #1 spot after ensuring excellent customer experience, delivering the greatest rates, assuring the quickest delivery, and making returns and refunds simple, you must continue following these techniques to maintain your position at the top.


Selling your goods and expanding your business requires a lot of labor. Walmart relieves some of that stress by giving you a sizable platform to carry out your objective. However, value is the secret to market success and having product listings that rank favorably. Having exceptional quality products/services is great, but the value is getting noticed by potential buyers through a thorough and optimized listing. So pay close attention to it and watch as your sales rise and your listing ranks higher.

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