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10 Best Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes

Last updated on November 29th, 2023 at 03:24 pm

E-commerce enterprises, sometimes known as online stores, have become one of the most prevalent sorts of businesses in today’s society. They are straightforward, uncomplicated, easy to comprehend, and almost always can be obtained by almost anybody.

However, to launch an online retail establishment, there are a few fundamentals that absolutely must be in place.

An example of this would be software that has been carefully built and an online store that has an appealing look.

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce store plugin that can be added to websites that use the WordPress content management system. It is presently the best and easiest alternative that is available.

We have collected a selection of the best free WooCommerce themes so that you may get off to a strong start in the exciting world of online commerce.

1. Shop Mania

Shop Mania is the fastest WooCommerce with built-in SEO and lightning speed, it will help you get more sales from your online store. You can easily change the colors, layouts, or fonts of your store.

Shop Mania’s code is clean and SEO-friendly, the theme can easily be translated into any language you want, and you have full compatibility with the major WordPress page builders. It Comes with 32+ Ready-to-import demo templates.

This theme comes with many eCommerce necessary features for online stores like Product Filter, Ajax Search, Ajax Add to Cart, Quick Buy, Bought Together, Mini Cart, etc.

2. Shop Neve

Neve is a WordPress theme that is responsive, and multipurpose and has extensive WooCommerce integration in addition to pre-built stores.

The theme may be easily customized to meet your requirements by using a page builder that works with a drag-and-drop interface.

In addition to a responsive design, compatibility with drag-and-drop website builders, minimal file size, and high search engine optimization, this theme comes with the WooCommerce plugin, as well as the parallax and lazy loading effects.

3. OceanWP

It’s 2022. If you want your WooCommerce business to be successful, you need more than simply buzz. You need not go any farther than OceanWP to get a WordPress theme that provides reliable performance indicators.

Because of the extraordinary amount of five-star reviews that OceanWP has accumulated, the company must be doing something right. The following are some of the components that will provide you access to a more in-depth exploration of “the Ocean.”

Among its many features are a parallax backdrop, an integration of e-commerce, cutting-edge widgets, and animations, a layout that is favorable to mobile devices, a modular design that can be adapted to serve a variety of purposes, and a total of a thousand dollars.

Additionally, we recommend 10 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes as well.

4. Zakra

The tagline for Zakra’s products is “the only theme you’ll ever need.” This is rather a bold assertion, but Zakra does include all the functionality you want, in addition to more than 80 example applications to get you started.

It is quite likely that you will not even need to go through all of them to find one that is compatible with the WooCommerce store that you want to open.

You will come to value Zakra for its user-friendly interface and the fact that it does not demand any further coding on your part, especially if you did not comprehend the code reference.

5. EightStore light

It is a modern, full-screen theme that is designed specifically for e-commerce websites.

This theme has a cheery and inviting style, as well as individualized ribbons, an appealing layout, and a great deal of visual components. If you want your website to have a sophisticated style, you may consider using this theme for your shop.

In addition to a responsive style, WooCommerce integration, boxed and full-width layout possibilities, and more, we have added a YouTube video on the popup banner, a live customizer, a promo ticker, and a completely adjustable design for the homepage.

6. Hestia

A well-organized WordPress theme that can be used for a broad range of projects; the aesthetic is simple but appealing; this theme is great for commercial websites.

Your items will attract more attention because of the shop’s beautiful design, which was inspired by Pinterest.

A few of the features include connectivity with WooCommerce and page builders, the Material UI Kit, a widget zed footer, a responsive design, user-friendliness from an SEO perspective, the Live Customizer, and more.

7. Botiga

A clean and modern design for your online store will draw attention to the products and services you have to offer.

Botiga’s modular construction lends itself to a broad range of applications due to its adaptable nature.

A range of listing and checkout layouts, product galleries, fonts and colors that may be customized, search engine optimization (SEO) advancements, a choice of eight distinct header and footer styles, and product filters and recommendations are all included in this package.

8. Lite Schema

In the process of developing websites, a “schema” is a kind of data that is used to construct a description of a page.

Having this description helps enhance a page’s visibility in the search engine rankings, even if it is not a guarantee that it will do so. When using a theme with the name Schema, you should anticipate having access to these and other SEO-focused features.

If improving your website’s search engine rankings is one of your top priorities, the WooCommerce-compatible theme Schema may be the best option for your online business.

The developers make available a free edition known as the lite edition, which does not have all the bells and whistles included in the more costly Pro version.

Don’t let the “Lite” term fool you into thinking otherwise. Even at this late date, this is still considered to be one of the best free WooCommerce themes for WordPress.

9. Storefront

An amazing WooCommerce theme that puts the focus on minimalism and fills the screen. It also has a wide-screen header and a selection of different product categories.

Storefront also categorizes its products into categories labeled “popular,” “new,” “featured,” and “discounted.” In addition, there is feedback from previous buyers as well as pricing lists.

As a result of this, it should not come as a surprise that it has become one of the free WooCommerce WordPress themes that have had the most downloads.

We have provided a design that is ready for translation along with a minimalist site layout, WooCommerce integration, a custom homepage template, widget-zed sidebars, and a widget-zed homepage.

10. AccessPress Store

A WooCommerce WordPress theme that is up-to-date, well-structured, and beautifully designed, and it is intended for business usage.

Included in this package is an eye-catching slider that takes up the whole width of the screen, in addition to animations, effects that simulate delayed loading, and other elements that are nice to the eye.

The site has a section that is solely devoted to displaying the most current items published.

A boxed view and a full view are both included, and the ability to customize the colors and backgrounds, add YouTube videos, and use a layout that supports many widget categories.

11. Shopper

Shopper is a free WooCommerce theme that has a straightforward style that is both modern and captivating…

This theme is ideal for any sort of online business. Included in this package are a home page organized in a grid format, a polished shop with clearly labeled product categories, and a user-generated review system.

Includes a plugin for the Subscribe Widget, background colors that can be adjusted, a responsive layout, friendliness toward search engine optimization (SEO), and compatibility with WooCommerce.

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