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Creative Google Slides Templates To Make Better Presentations

Last updated on November 29th, 2023 at 12:01 pm

The same default presentation templates immediately make presentations boring. People have seen them hundreds of times already, maybe even had not the greatest experiences associated with some of the templates, so here is when creative slides come in handy.

Using creative presentation templates made by professional designers will impress your audience and make you stand out from others. These templates are easy to use and customize and you can edit them in the way you like the most, keeping the overall theme and style the same.

Where to find cool creative Google Slides templates? Thankfully, there are many digital marketplaces like MasterBundles, offering unique templates made by professionals, which you can use to present complex ideas in an engaging way.

You can find a great variety of professional Google Slides templates for any topic you can think of. With such great help from MasterBundles templates, you still need to know how to fill a presentation with the correct and interesting information, you need to know how to better display it.

Top Tips For Creating Outstanding Presentations

Below we have listed some tips on how to build a creative presentation.

Think outside the box

Presentations have become such a usual practice, that it’s natural for people to expect the presentation to be boring. The audience has seen enough bullet points, charts, and lengthy boxes of text, you need to dodge the bullet points. Think outside the text, find new ways to format your slides, use text animations, or anything that will resonate from a standard slide layout.

Dynamic animations

We have all experienced moments when we were distracted by our phones during a presentation and then something suddenly flies on the screen pulling our attention back to the presentation. The sudden motion caused you to look back at the presentation and pay attention to what was moving. That is a great trick for you when you are the presenter and need to catch your audience’s attention.

Use background music or sound effects

A creative move is to add background music through your presentation or sound effects for transitions. While there may have been a couple of people who have already done it, it hasn’t become a basic practice. So you can still impress your audience with music. Here you can get very creative, and add funny sound effects or quiet background noise, which will make your presentation memorable to your audience.

Is it worth using a pre-made presentation template?

The short answer is yes! Just check out Creative Google Slides Templates. These are cool, creative, high-quality, and most importantly, very affordable.

Even if you have been creating presentations since school, it’s hard and takes a lot of time to create such a creative presentation, you can rather spend that time doing more research and filling your pre-made template with interesting information. Professional presentation designers know what it takes to grab an audience’s attention while keeping each template unique and professional.

Creative MasterBundle Google Slides Templates

As a top-rated marketplace, MasterBundles can offer you some of the best creative Google Slides templates out there! Top designers work on each design and the amazing moderators make sure no two designs are similar.

By using a pre-made creative template, you’ll have more time to work on your presentation text and you’ll be sure that the specific design you chose was made with hard work and following top trends.

1. HARUKAZE Pastel Google Slide

Harukaze is a creative presentation that is beautifully designed and very functional. Thanks to its versatile design, you can use this template many times whether it’s for business or creative projects. The amazing bright colors act as an eye-catching element and even though they are bright the presentation will still look clean and modern.

2. Calista Bundle Presentation Template

The Calista bundle presentation template has a minimal professional and ultra-modern design, it was created with love and attention to all details. One of the main gripping points of this template is the color scheme- bold, dark, and deep colors, that don’t correspond with one another yet still look stylish.

3. Cuttuo – Pets Care Google Slides Theme

Are you a pet care organization or maybe an adoption center? We have got the cutest and most organized presentation template for you. The fun colors and ultra-cute pet pictures are sure to catch the attention of even the coldest heart. The Google Slides template has many placeholders for your various texts, graphs, and images.

4. Huge Fashion Presentation Bundles: 300 Slides

As a fashion influencer, you probably know what it takes to design a creative piece of clothing but do you know how to design a creative presentation and what elements to include? There is no need to learn all those aspects when you can purchase a huge presentation bundle and use it for various projects, like showing the process of designing clothes, talking about fashion trends, fashion business, and model lookbooks.

5. Education Presentation: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides

We all know that any education route requires you to make presentations often, but we also know that they take up a lot of time to create. That’s why this education presentation template is the perfect solution for any educational presentation, it’s both interesting and engaging and unique and creative.

6. Robust – Creative Business Google Slide Template

The Robust Creative Business Google slide template is fully editable, it’s easy to change the sizes, colors, fonts, icons, etc. The template is so versatile you can use it in a creative agency, corporation, business, pitch deck, startup, or even a personal portfolio. Start using these best, most unique, and most innovative slides.


Preparing a presentation is already a quite challenging task, and it’s very disappointing when all the work you put into research, writing, and compiling slides is wasted because of the terrible design that takes all of the attention from the content.

Using a professional Google Slides template takes all the pressure off, as you get a ready-made presentation with a modern creative design. You can now just focus on your content and the main message you’re trying to communicate through your slides, instead of worrying about the overall design.

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