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Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 12:23 pm

Blogging has become a necessity more than a trend in recent times. Regardless of whether you like blogging as a side interest or are using it to promote your brand or product, it’s important to find the best platform and style for your blogging needs. Fortunately, WordPress is one of the biggest online CMS and provides multiple personalized blog themes. But, it’s imperative to find a theme to determine how effective your blog will be for readers.

WordPress has hundreds of templates and multiple plugins that promote engagement, and which are fairly simple to help you get started. In this article, you can explore six of the best themes, especially for hobbyists and bloggers. WordPress is currently running 35% of the web, according to Netcraft. A few of these, like ‘Writing,’ also have SEO features suggesting users browsing online would be more likely to come across your blog.

While there are WordPress themes that you could use for free, you cannot rule out premium themes. premium WordPress themes give you the flexibility to customize than free templates, which appear to be cleaner and simpler.

Remember: the architecture of your site can allow you to stand out among other websites and leave a good impact on your guests. A well-structured design will also make your site rank well enough on top search engines is helpful, particularly if you’re trying to attract more people to your site.

We have sifted through over 30,000 WordPress themes and assembled a selection of the best WordPress blog themes that are great for your blog.

1. Soledad

Soledad is a basic web builder with a range of customizable features.

The theme is extremely adjustable with several style templates available on the homepage. Consumers could also change the look of ‘Class,’ ‘Tag,’ ‘Scan’ and ‘Archive Style.’

Soledad is a multifunctional WordPress-sensitive SEO blog and magazine-style theme. It’s compliant with both BBPress and BuddyPress. The style is totally sensitive and shows well on all of the screens.

In addition, Soledad is genuinely vast and comprehensive, with over 250 Live Customizer choices that will allow you to turn your website to look and sound like you want while doing it quickly and effortlessly. It provides more than 100 handcrafted sliders and Blog configurations and configurations for a one-of-a-kind systematic model for blogging.

The simplicity and number of choices to choose from would certainly make your blog stand out from the rest. Initial impressions count, and nobody can make the first impression of a blogging website as elegant and fashionable as Soledad does!

2. CheerUp

CheerUp is an extremely flexible WordPress theme.

Although it can be used by virtually any forum, it’s built for bloggers who are a little more tech-savvy than the regular WordPress consumer.

This theme is designed to fit well with custom software, plugins, and widgets that webmasters use to optimize their WordPress pages. Therefore if your blog requires a lot of add-ons, this is probably the top choice for you.

In addition, CheerUp has specific features that make it an excellent theme for contemporary bloggers, including more than 100 different adjustable blog layout models, strong content columns and masonry choices, beautiful built-in slider capability for your ease, and a smooth translation mechanism through the industry-standard WPML plugin.

CheerUp is designed on a versatile modular bootstrap architecture, making it extremely cross-compatible with smartphones and browsers across the world.

Indescribably versatile, CheerUp is a blogging site for those with anything to say but unaware of how to articulate themselves most efficiently. Let CheerUp take care of the presentation as you concentrate on delivering strong content to keep guests returning for more.

3. Divi

Divi by Sleek Themes is indeed a WordPress-exclusive theme. The aspect about Divi that makes it unique from many other WordPress themes for blogs is that it’s much more than a theme— it’s a convenient website creator.

Through Divi, you could use your drag-and-drop creator and visual editor to monitor every specific feature and detail on your website so that it is fully personalized to meet your needs.

In addition, Divi has been developed to be efficient and quick for ideal optimization and durable and stable for critical use. This enticing style contributes to mass user interaction, which is beautifully intuitive for web developers with or without any prior coding knowledge.

Divi will enable you to make the most use of your website without having to code. This is accomplished via the Divi Creator, a block-based visual composer page editor that you’ll love to use for its flexibility and performance, distributing more than 40 adjustable content components as they see fit through every page and portion.

These characteristics make Divi a perfect choice for someone trying to create stunning and popular blog pages. Try Divi now, and just let the world know what’s really on your mind.

4. Newspaper

The newspaper is a premium theme for WordPress. It’s worth $59.

It’s worth the price, though.

The style is both technical and new. While the name of this theme is a little misleading, it’s incredibly flexible. As this is a common alternative for magazine and newspaper pages, it can also be personalized to suit a review blog or website. It doesn’t matter which genre or niche you’re in; it will fulfill your requirements.

With more than 80+ exclusive demonstrations, integrated subtitles, smart advertising, and a lot of features, the Newspaper is a must-have theme for every forum, newspaper, journal, or review platform. The design comes with the label Div Composer, the initial front-end page builder specially developed for news and magazine sites.

Drag, drop, and organize all of the 100 components of the theme, and you’ll see the changes occurring immediately. In addition, the tagDiv Cloud Library offers Newspaper 10, which carries over 810 pre-designed layouts for articles, 404, genre, blogger, or search pages.

You can quickly load and configure pre-built models and build anything on the front side. The tagDiv Cloud Library contains hundreds of exclusive post-layout designs that can decorate your gorgeous posts. Now, any project is called “Do It Yourself!”

The Newspaper theme has a quick page loading speed and is prepared for AMP. Besides being incredibly sensitive, it is compliant with Woocommerce and Google AdSense. The WordPress Newspaper theme is smartphone-friendly and also brings the best practices to SEO.

5. Kale

As the name suggests, the Kale WordPress theme is built for diet bloggers. Unlike some of the other solutions that we’ve checked so far, this is a free design.

Since writing can be considered a popular genre, you realize how tough it can be to stand out from the rivals. This theme will give you an advantage because it removes the chaos on your blog while also displaying your photos.

Although this theme is designed for all things associated with food, cooking, and recipes, it’s flexible enough to be adapted to fashion blogs—especially because both areas are so photo-centric.

Kale PRO is among the finest WordPress themes for food blogs. Kale PRO is streamlined in style with plain but stunning typography that focuses on your wonderful food images.

Mostly with the Kale PRO WordPress theme, you will get the following:

  • Ads built-in
  • Recipe generator shortcode
  • Unique recipe index design
  • Personalized fonts and colors
  • Multi Blog Post Show Choices

The theme is also completely sensitive and tailored for SEO applications.

The Kale PRO theme begins at $35. There’s also a downloadable edition that you can check out first.


A deceptively easy GUI that could improve the ranks of your quest, Writing is the right theme for those who are attempting to create a minimalist influence.

The style, alongside Facebook Open Graph Tags and several Shared Icon Widgets, uses 24 Social Sharing Icons. It is compliant with WPML. It is easy to transfer writing into any dialect. RTL service is also available in Hebrew, Arabic, and Japanese languages.

Writing is retina-equipped and fully open, making it flexible on displays of all sizes and resolutions. Even, with functions like lazy load, photographs are neatly configured.

Consumers can conveniently configure the aesthetics and design of their site; there is an infinite selection of color options available. No specialized analysis is needed for the installation or configuration process because writing is very user-friendly. The overall style is tidy and realistic, keeping the viewer’s interest in what is important: the text. Blog readers would have an online presence that is second to nothing.


What’s the perfect WordPress theme for blogging? With hundreds of choices to remember, it’s hard to name only one. There’s no one-size-fits-all-all blog style. Moreover, according to Internet Live Stats, over 7 million blog posts are published every day. Hence, your blog is special, so you must choose a theme that suits your style and requirements.

A few of these topics are important to certain niche areas, such as travel, art, or food blogs. Other choices are bold, futuristic, and chic, even though some of the themes follow a more simple style. There are premium themes, free WordPress themes for websites, and licenses for developers.

Now, rather than browsing through hundreds of WordPress themes, we hope you can quickly pick a good, well-built WordPress theme that’s right for your blog.

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