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Top 6 WooCommerce Plugins That Make Store Management Fun!

Last updated on November 29th, 2023 at 04:08 pm

Running a WooCommerce store is not a walk in the park, as many people believe. Making an online store a success takes a lot of devotion and hard work on the part of the owner. The job demands you to perform laborious and time-consuming tasks such as inventory management in a retail setting. That’s why we strongly recommend WooCommerce inventory management plugins, which make managing your store much simpler.

Why do we need plugins for store management?

Managing a store is a tedious chore that takes up a lot of time and can divert attention away from more vital tasks such as increasing revenue and customer retention. These plugins help to:

  • Reduce errors
  • Time management
  • Stress-free
  • Bulk Editing of Stock Items
  • Quick Calculations
  • Add a Large Number of Products
  • Export Data

Top 6 WooCommerce Plugins

Take a look at the 6 best WooCommerce plugins to effectively manage your online store.

1. WooCommerce measurement price calculator

A WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin is the best plugin if you want to sell products with pricing based on measuring units. It enables you to add a calculator that automates product pricing based on length, area, volume, weight, and box measurements provided by customers. It stands out due to its flexibility because customers are not forced to buy products in fixed sizes. 

Another best feature of this plugin is the ability to create a pricing table specifying the unit price and the discounted price. This unit price and the discounted price of every product are based on its measurement range. This plugin automatically keeps track of stocks and variations of your products.


  • Determine a product’s price based on its measurement units
  • Indicate a product’s weight, area, volume, or dimensions in units of measurement
  • Using pricing tables to determine cost difference ranges for units
  • Establish the product’s minimum unit price
  • Include units of measurement such as meters, feet, square yards, and kilograms.
  • Label each input field with a custom label

2. Deeper Comments

Deeper Comments by Webnus allows its users to manage comments quickly, easily, and in the most current way possible. WordPress comments are transformed into favorite social media or community forums with the help of this plugin. This will also encourage visitors to become a part of your online community. AJAX-driven real-time commenting and notification capabilities are combined with a custom design and form to give the native WordPress discussion system a big boost.

Created with WordPress beginners in mind, this theme allows its users to adjust it to their liking and have it match the chosen design without the need to get their hands involved in any coding. With the ‘load more’ button, it is capable of handling thousands of comments on a single article and loading a specific number of them on each subsequent visit. It comes with three pre-designed perfect skins that provide a pleasing UI and user experience.

Among the most useful features is the option to automatically move offensive comments to the pending status, which works in conjunction with a term blacklist feature to identify unsuitable comments. New comments will be notified through a live popup notification over the following comments. Integration with Google’s reCAPTCHA technology to prevent any type of automated activity. Finally, but certainly not least, it is compatible with virtually every WordPress theme available on the market.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Comments
  • Choose Where To Show
  • Modern Design
  • On The Flow: “Ajax”
  • Comment Sorting Filters
  • Custom Avatars for Authors
  • Customize Everything
  • Blacklist Bad Comments
  • WYSIWYG Live Editor
  • Premium Support
  • Mobile Friendly
  • User Engagement

3. WooCommerce Custom Stock Status

Users may express vital information about product availability with the WooCommerce Custom Stock Status plugin, which allows them to add extra stock statuses. Users can create different stock statuses for different stock ranges, and they can be triggered as soon as the product stock count falls inside the range defined by the user. Additionally, users can use plain text, a date, or visually appealing graphics, badges, and icons to catch the attention of customers.

Custom Stock Status for WooCommerce allows you to display exact information about the availability of products on category and product pages with the WooCommerce Custom Stock Status plugin. Custom rules for these statuses can be created using the plugin to draw the attention of customers.

Key Features:

  • Multiple stock statuses for different pages
  • Display stock statuses on products & listing pages at desired positions
  • Restrict stock statuses for user rules
  • Disable default stock status
  • Set a custom stock status
  • Create meaningful & eye-catching stock statuses
  • Set stock statuses for different quantity ranges
  • Enable customization of stock statuses

4. ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce

ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce is extremely advantageous to all online store owners who have a presence on the internet. For any serious business owner, it is the most robust e-commerce system available today and an absolute must-have. ATUM provides you with complete control over your WooCommerce inventory. It gives you the flexibility to make quick changes to any component of your WooCommerce inventory, including suppliers, SKUs, locations, weight, and even prices.

ATUM Dashboard establishes a completely new level of communication between artists and users. The dashboard is intended to be used daily, providing easy access to assistance, documentation, and, most importantly, business statistics. Every aspect of the brand-new widget section can be customized from any location. Each area of ATUM has an intuitive layout that is designed to enhance the experience of business owners while also enabling inventory management and contributing to the optimization of time and resources. It is a free inventory management plugin for WordPress that maintains track of all of the changes that take place in your store, including changes to a variety of items, prices, and other factors. There are over 10,000 active installations of the plugin.

Key Features:

  • Friendly user interface
  • Image thumbnails
  • Full support for WooCommerce
  • Add decimals to stock quantities
  • Product locations
  • Add purchase prices
  • Quick data edit
  • Advanced search and filters
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Statistics and reports
  • Documentation and video tutorials

5. Advanced Notifications by WooCommerce

Advanced Notifications by WooCommerce allows you to configure order and stock notifications for users other than the site’s administrator. These can be used for a variety of purposes, including notifying employees and users about sales, sending stock alerts to suppliers, and even sending new orders to drop shippers.

Email notifications assist you in setting expectations with customers, communicating more effectively with them, keeping them up to date, and selling more. They also assist you in notifying others inside your organization of new orders. In that manner, the products for which they are responsible can be dispatched by the relevant individuals. Within the plugin, you can create a recipient and provide them with information such as a name, email address, and other personal information. Notifications for situations such as low stock, no stock, backorders, and new orders can then be given to this new recipient.

Those who get notifications, which are based on WooCommerce’s emails, can specify whether prices and order totals should be included or excluded, as well as if only relevant data should be displayed in the notifications. For example, if you set up notifications for a t-shirt, the notifications will only display that product and will not include any of the other products in the cart.

Key Features:

  • Send notifications in a category
  • Send notifications in a shipping class
  • Set up per-product notifications

6. Flexible Shipping for WooCommerce by Wp Desk

Flexible Shipping is the best Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce. It has courier integrations to assist store owners in printing labels and shipping items as quickly as possible. Using totals, weight, quantity, shipping classifications, and other parameters, it allows its users to build whatever shipment scenario they desire. WooCommerce stores may be integrated with a variety of international courier services. This plugin provides automated shipping prices and expedites the dispatch of items.

Introducing Flexible Shipping for WooCommerce, a comprehensive shipping solution that allows prospective WooCommerce businesses to get their shipping operations up and running. The lack of adaptability in transportation prices might result in significant losses for the store owner. Creating shipping rules is made easier with Flexible Shipping, which provides a plethora of options. Everything is laid down in the form of a straightforward table.

Key Features:

  • Weight rules
  • Rules for the cost of the order
  • Rules for the number of pieces
  • Support for shipping classes
  • Free shipping
  • Exclusions
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Multilingualism and multi-currency
  • Shipping integrations

Closing Thoughts

This concludes my list of the top WooCommerce store management plugins for managing your online business. While you must work hard to make your store a success, it is also critical that you work intelligently to remain focused on vital things such as boosting sales and revenue. These plugins make it possible for you to achieve exactly that by taking care of the time-consuming chore of operating your online business.

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