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Software Errors that can Slow your Pc (How to solve them)

Last updated on November 29th, 2023 at 04:26 pm

How can software slow your PC?

The main reason that your PC might slow down is due to running many tasks, therefore taking up RAM, and processing power and hence reducing your PC’s performance. But we all know it will not be that easy of an answer, won’t we? Well, first, any software that requires a lot of power is an easy target to blame, but even smaller and less power-hungry tasks like your RGB control software can also cause problems. The bottom line is any software that runs more than a considerable amount of time can slow down your PC and might even force you to close it altogether. We have a plethora of how-to guides, and tutorials for all your tech needs. Let’s dive into the issue at hand and read about the five common errors/problems that can slow your PC.

1. Installation errors :

An installation error occurs when the extension file or the downloaded folder is corrupted or missing entirely. This type of installation error won’t slow down your PC ultimately, but it would reduce the PC’s performance by holding onto crucial system resources such as memory and processing power. Although these problems are more often not caused by the users themselves, they can accidentally happen when you try to move a newly downloaded file or cancel the installation process during the installation.

The most common solution to installation errors is to stop the installation process either by withdrawing the installation wizard trying to close the installation wizard, or even completing the process from the task manager. If you want to know more, follow us right here at this website. The most common way of finding this is by just monitoring the time it takes to open an application or the installation wizard or just looking for pop-ups that indicate that the installation has failed or is taking much longer than expected. So next time your PC gets stuck during a game installation, try redownloading it or restarting it because adding more RGB fans is not an ideal solution. Also, you might end up increasing the processing load anyway.

2. Old Drivers :

A driver communicates with the hardware and acts as a bridge between the application and the hardware. Old and outdated drivers may take a much longer time to finish a process that might be a lot faster with newly released drivers. That is why there are drivers in the first place, as OS could easily do the same job but update an OS for every single refresh of hardware.

Considering how many new products we are getting these days, it is easy to divide tasks based on the hardware. This is why many newly released games, even the less powerful ones, won’t run as smoothly as demonstrated. Outdated device drivers may also contain bugs, unpatched issues, and even malware sometimes, as most of them are very popular and readily available on the internet. So, the only thing you should keep in mind is to update your drivers. If not, even GTA 4 can stutter a lot as Cyberpunk 2077, which was an overhyped internet bug.

3. Background Processes :

Background processes are well run in the background, hiding from you eating up the processing power, and slowing down your gameplay or whatever you are doing mainly. Background tasks vary but primarily can be divided into two parts online and offline. Online background tasks are downloading files from a website or uploading data to your PC; Windows update is an excellent example of that. Offline tasks are more command-line programs or some special software such as your RGB lighting controller. The standard solution would be to look for the tasks you think are unnecessary in the task manager and then send them there. The other key to end background processes is to disable the option to run in the background for specific apps you don’t want to start consuming all the PC power goodness accidentally.

4. Missing files :

A computer Operating System is a program that runs other programs, so naturally, it needs specific important files to access those programs. If the files are missing, it might cause your PC to slow down as the OS won’t run properly without them. Many programs are deemed essential to run your PC smoothly, but usually, System 32 is the directory where most of the vital programs reside. You can quickly solve the missing files error by restarting your PC as modern OS can solve this using backup files while resuming. You can also run diagnostics software to find where the problem is. Also, next time don’t try to rewrite windows. It is not worth the effort considering current PC prices these days, and Microsoft won’t be able to hear you anyway without any permission from you.

5. Poor memory management :

Unlike the previous four issues, memory management is not a pure software-based issue. However, the main reasons for this would be opening lots of programs and software heavily resource-dependent. An easy solution is to close the programs you won’t use that often and always keep an eye on the memory usage present in the task manager. You might want to install extra RAM onto your computer, as recently demonstrated by the tech tip king himself, Linus. Modern PCs love extra RAM, and even some applications like Chrome can eat up your memory faster than some wired B-grade shooter games. The websites and applications these days are becoming more and more power-hungry due to advancements in recent years. So next time, don’t try to game and work simultaneously; it might ruin your experience.


Most modern PCs should be able to work smoothly as long as you leave them as they are. Even if you want to tweak and customize, always have an eye for the system resource management and always try to optimize the workflow based on the specifications you have rather than chasing more power and you know fps. I hope this helped you understand some software errors you might face during your otherwise fantastic game time.

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