Impact of Outbrain Module Impact on SEO

Last updated on September 17th, 2023 at 10:28 am

For those people who might wonder what Outbrain is, let’s start by defining it; Outbrain is an advertising company that uses target manners to suggest compelling articles, photos, videos, and blogs from trusted sources, to readers. As we start on a positive note, the Outbrain module has no negative impact on your SEO efforts. And it helps boost your search engine optimization efforts, such as driving more traffic. Among other popular tools, Google Analytics has also integrated with Outbrain. However, you may still require website optimization services to get maximum benefits.

Some of the top companies using the Outbrain include;

  1. Rumble
  2. CNN
  4. Sportschatplace

Features of Outbrain

  1. Pay per click
  2. Optimization
  3. Intelligent placements
  4. Outbrain VR-
  5. Customized modules
  6. Mobile application
  7. Advanced testing and conversion tools.

Native advertisement models take ads that match the platform’s topic and purpose, where it appears.

Pros for using Outbrain

  • One can reach an audience worldwide to promote their products.
  • Outbrain has a fair hold of targeting the audience with your content, and retargeting becomes easy.
  • They have a simple and easy UX design.
  • It has a user-friendly platform, is intuitive allows real-time updates.
  • Site owners can advertise brands with a big name on the internet without you doing the work.
  • You can publish your articles and drive traffic from other sites. It is also easy to set your pieces of content with quick promotion.

Cons for using Outbrain

  • Once your projects go live, it’s not possible to edit them unless you recreate them.
  • You only get a short time training on their system.
  • It takes a long time before setting it up; you have to do a campaign test first to see if it adheres to the requirements, as you keep updating until the results are satisfactory.
  • It doesn’t show the preview of the ads because the reporting is in CSV.


If you already have great content and you are wondering why it’s not bearing fruits, what do you do? Maybe you need to check what’s missing. It could be many things including, meta description, and lack of a compelling title, and that’s why it’s not reaching the right readers.

That’s how Outbrain comes in to ensure your high-quality content has proper exposure as it uses target options. The process increases engagement, which creates an opportunity for getting natural backlinks. But if the problem arises from your landing page, then you may require website optimization services, and get it fixed to boost your SEO.


SEO helps you get free organic traffic. However, to achieve that, you must be patient because it takes time. A lot of consistent work is required because SEO is a work in progress. However, if you consider an Outbrain, you don’t have to wait for long. It delivers your content to a targeted audience that generates high traffic. An Outbrain connector helps to increase your traffic by bringing you more insights. It promotes your content through brand awareness, and this raises a tremendous growth of your audience.

Link juice

Link juice is one of Google’s ranking factors that involve links that pass a value from one page to another. Certain things will determine if the link juice is valuable or if it’s coming from an authoritative site, is relevant, or matches your niche. Also, check if the source is safe.

As Outbrain modules will appear on most of your pages, termed as a sitewide link. As this will frequently change, it affects the promoted content, and some people refer to it as a bad practice.

What is a sitewide link, and is it a good thing?

It is something that often appears on almost all web pages and blogs. John Mueller from Google said in a Webmaster Central hangout that “sitewide links can be fine generally speaking.”

If you want to be sure about the sitewide, check the website’s other sitewide how it looks, and which other sites they link to for your satisfaction. It also gives you confidence when you find the site is in Google’s index. If it’s there, then it’s a good sign.

One main thing you must note is that anchor text doesn’t make a link unnatural. If the link comes your way using your niche, that should be okay. However, if many people do the same thing using the same anchor text, it becomes suspicious to Google.

One solution is to opt for an appropriate web structure with website optimization services to ensure the search engine gets the direct priority pages for indexing. The experts should make sure that the structuring is robust and static. And when you receive a redirect through Outbrain’s domain, your search should be safe.

Page load

A speedy loading page is a top search engine ranking factor and may affect your user experience. The users don’t have the tolerance for waiting for a site to open. It’s crucial to ensure that you don’t have anything slowing your page. You may have large unoptimized graphics or some unnecessary widgets. As for Outbrain modules, your site is safe, for they don’t slow the page load since they are independent and don’t wait for each other. And due to their lightweight, they regularly get optimized.

Dwell time

When you incorporate Outbrain in your blog or page, your readers get hooked there as Outbrain promotes and targets similar articles, keeping streaming one after the other. If a reader was reading specific content, he’s presented several more from other good source sites to enrich and keep him on the page longer. The time the user spends there is known as “dwell time,” which is one of Google’s ranking factors.

Control your page image title using HTML with Outbrain

The Outbrain’s microchips collect this information tell their crawlers what needs attention and show the content submission’s default content attributes. Then their algorithms recommend to the readers the safe articles to read in a personalized way.

In conclusion

As far as SEO is concerned, Outbrain adds value through promotional factors. When you choose that channel, you pay less and get the ultimate gain with a high ROI. However, it’s vital to use website optimization services to maximize the potential of your business.

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