10 Best Magento 2 Extensions can Work Wonders for your E-commerce Store

Last updated on September 16th, 2023 at 06:54 am

Magento is one of the most popular and preferred eCommerce platforms in the world today. Leading Magento Extension Development Company delivering solutions to retailers, store owners, brands, and whole organizations as well.

Magento extensions help extend the extra functionality to a Magento shop. Expert Magento Development Company’s developers understand how relevant it is to go online and start a virtual shop.


The numerous extensions of Magento help build highly interactive and effective websites that boost brand recognition and of course boost return on investment. These are among the highly used and popular Magento extensions.

1. PayPal Recurring Payment

The Magento 2 extension is the right one for your business. Has great support for PayPal express checkout. It’s automatic and thus easy to implement, providing flexible billing without upfront cost.

The admin could enable or disable the recurring payment option for each product, so it keeps track of the status of payments and unclear payments hassle-free.


  • All online recurring payments could be managed
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Admin defines the trial period, auto bill, and initial amount
  • Enable or disable recurring payment per product
  • Free updates and support
  • View, active, suspend or unsubscribe customer subscription

2. Quick View

It is meant to provide end clients with a helpful end counter in just one click. Stacking a page back and forth is not required. It’s the best solution when it comes to saving effort and time. Furthermore, it makes buying online faster and pretty straightforward.


  • Improved conversion rates
  • Enhanced product browsing process
  • Quick enable, and disable options
  • Responsive and user-friendly
  • Efficient management of cart/wishlist

3. Buy Now

It makes your brand a better marketer. Shoppers, fueled by several impulse buys are greatly prone to buying on impulse. The extension allows customers to proceed to checkout in a legitimate way to hasten the process and increment the rate of transformation of the shop.


  • Customizable buy now button
  • Ignoring negative results
  • Display the Buy Now button on the Upsell product list, cross-sell product list, wish list page, and compared products page list
  • Keep/remove existing cart products by clicking the Buy Now button
  • Hide/show button that could be edited from the backend
  • Shown on the catalog, product details, as a search result page

4. WhatsApp Chat

This app has created quite a buzz in the business space today. With over 1.6 billion users in the globe and more and more companies clamoring to make the most of it, the extension integrates a contact store feature on their mobiles and web devices.


  • Easy to use
  • Contact button customization
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Flawless customization
  • Enable and disable the plugin

5. Brand Logo Slider

It has a subtle way of boosting the structure of a shop and has an amazing widget. It lets guests appreciate the highlighted landing page.


  • Improved store page navigation
  • Effectively adjustable
  • Display brands with blocks, templates, and layout
  • Organize brand positions
  • Customizable SEO URL
  • Offers multi-store support
  • Allows adding substance to pages

6. SEO Extension

Includes different outstanding features that help boost the rankings of websites by 32 percent, and boost traffic by more than 198 percent. Furthermore, it helps lessen 100 percent duplication concerns.


  • Automatic structured data
  • Stop duplicate content
  • Friendly breadcrumbs
  • Wonderful SEO
  • Smart page analysis
  • Help multi-stores and multi-languages
  • Crosslinks support

7. Video Gallery

Get the most out of your business with the video gallery extension. It allows a store admin to set up videos on the website regarding products. This saves visitors time since they can simply determine from the video what a product is used all about.


  • Multi-lingual support
  • Make video changes from a unified back-end
  • Disable unused plugin
  • Multiple videos for product branding
  • Input gallery title for displaying in the block

8. Social share

Social media without doubt has greatly impacted people’s lives. Furthermore, it’s also beneficial to companies since most are taking it to online platforms.


  • Easy installation
  • Product features on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook
  • Significantly boost sales
  • Supports website SEO
  • Promote awareness of the brand

9. Product Attachment

Help visitors avoid confusion by inducing short descriptions of the products that you offer. This extension is the perfect match for an eCommerce website since it allows the admin to add a short note on product usage.


  • Add a document to each web page
  • Look out for oversee product attachments
  • Disable extension when unused
  • Customize positions
  • Appropriately upload manuals and user guide

10. Shop by Brand

The extension helps store owners effectively display brand logos on their websites through the use of templates, layouts, widgets, and blocks. This helps create more credibility and user trust.


  • Poster position organization
  • Focus on various brands’ properties
  • Multi-store support
  • Showcases various brands
  • Widget to include quicker brand posting

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