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How To Create Exciting Content For Your Email Marketing? 3 Suggested Tools

Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 04:05 pm

Creating an exciting content strategy for email marketing can be a challenge. But, with proper understanding, it can be done.

Email marketing is famous and celebrated, as 81% of B2B marketers hail it as their primary content type in digital marketing. Now, it’s difficult not to do that, as email marketing is one of the easiest and most convenient branches of digital marketing.

The ROI generated by emailing is yet another key aspect of email marketing, as it generates a 4200% return on investment. This means you get 42$ on each 1$ you spend. Therefore, it makes emailing one of the most sought-after solutions today.

But, how do you create exciting content that increases engagement? To help you understand, we’ll walk you through key essentials and suggest the three best tools you can use for it. So, let’s get started.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a way of promoting a business or service. It is usually done by sending emails to people who have signed up for the service. In this process, emails are written with the intention of generating awareness surrounding a business or brand.

By doing so, a brand ends up directly in the inbox of its target audience, which doesn’t only ensure direct engagement but also communication. While it is primarily used for communication, email marketing can also be used for many purposes, such as:

  • To generate awareness about a product or service
  • To generate website traffic
  • To acquire new customers
  • To promote an event

On the other hand, email marketing is a viable way to communicate with a target audience. This means ensuring that after-care and customer support are thoroughly provided by email. Therefore, these factors make email marketing one of the only direct engagement elements of digital marketing.

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing is a way to stay in touch with your audience and provide customer support. It’s also an efficient, affordable, and easy way to reach people. It’s the most cost-effective form of advertising because it doesn’t involve any third-party costs. How is that?

  • Email marketing is a cost-effective and efficient way to reach your audience
  • It’s easy to use, and it’s affordable
  • It offers the most ROI out of various digital marketing elements
  • It’s easy to do, so much so that you can almost do it for free
  • It doesn’t require specific content types
  • It can promote other channels like social media, websites, blogs, etc.

On top of that, emailing is one of the most clever ways to reach your audience and provide them with customer support. You can also use this channel to increase awareness about your company or products.

3 Tools Suggested For Email Marketing

The best possible results for email marketing are made possible with the help of AI-based tools. Therefore, we recommend you employ these three tools:

1. Weird Text Generator by Editpad

When we talk about exciting content, attractive and stylish fonts can be very useful. The Weird Text Generator by Editpad provides various fonts and writing styles to create engaging text for your emails and subject lines.

The tool is fairly easy to use and supports every language type. There is no hourly or daily limitation, so you can extend the usage as much as you want.

Why Use It?

  • Supports one click to copy weird text
  • Provides a range of fonts and writing styles
  • Helpful for creating eye-catching email content

2. Sender

If there’s another tool synonymous with proper emails is Sender.Net. This outstanding tool allows you to handle your email marketing campaigns seamlessly. Not only that, but it also sports an easy Dashboard, which gives you total control of your sent and received emails.

Therefore, whether you wish to send to a specific audience or hundreds of customers, this tool is what you need.

Why Use It?

  • Send emails simultaneously
  • Handle email marketing campaigns

3. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is one of the most employed tools in SEO today. For emails, it can help you find common queries of your target audience and allow you to answer those queries in your emails.

AnswerThePublic features a simple design; once you use it, you’ll know how to use it for your emails.

Why Use It?

  • Find relevant questions
  • Location-based searches

How To Create Exciting Content For Email Marketing?

Now that we know the tools that we’ll need, let’s dive right in and talk about the five key aspects of creating exciting content for your email marketing strategies:

1. Talk Like You’re In A Conversation

One of the common mistakes of new email marketers is that they treat emails like they would write articles or blogs. You don’t have to do that. Granted, you need a certain decorum in any sort of writing for marketing purposes.

However, you must keep it strictly conversational unless it’s a non-marketing email. Therefore, talk to your supposed reader the way you would face-to-face. This would give you an ample idea of how you should write emails.

2. Write Gripping Headlines

You need to write headlines that capture the attention or something your audience would want to open. Now, don’t go for clickbait titles that offer something in the title but feature nothing of the likes in their content.

Instead, try to be as direct as possible. Write something that would make your reader go, “I need to see this,” and you’ll see the difference.

3. Tell Success Stories

Success stories are essential in any marketing, and emailing is no different in this regard. For instance, if an email is about skincare, then nothing would be of more value to your ideal customer than the success story of another customer.

Granted, this requires a brand to be somewhat established. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot portray a success story to lure your target customer in. Just know where to look, and your brand will have a success story to serve in the emails.

4. Fix Grammatical Errors

Grammar and punctuation need to be tended to at all costs. You cannot forward an email with spelling errors and mistakes. So, here’s what you should do:

  • Go to Editpad’s grammar checker
  • Paste your supposed email
  • Let it scan for errors
  • Fix the errors in your email
  • Forward it

And done, that’s all you need to do in order to write a grammatically apt email. Just make sure that you’re using a dependable tool like Editpad’s Grammar corrector.

5. Use Images and Videos Where Possible

Images and videos can add more value to your email than you think. Therefore, you need to make sure you’re employing the right tactics and using images and videos wherever plausible.


These factors can help you write exciting and enticing emails. All you have to do is follow the process and write something that your target audience would want to open. Then, use our suggested tools to help you ensure the quality of your emails.

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