Tips and Strategies to Develop A Successful WordPress Website

Last updated on October 9th, 2023 at 01:02 pm

WordPress is much more than a simple CMS as it is a full-fledged website development platform. In fact, according to a survey, approximately 43% of all websites are powered by WordPress.

In this blog post, we will talk about the tips and strategies that can assist you in making a successful WordPress site.

Tips for developing a WordPress site

First, let’s go through the tips to build a WordPress site.

Regularly back to your website

Your content is a valuable asset, so you must ensure the backup of your site. Backing up the website will be helpful when there is a technological difficulty, such as a crash, or you lose access. Various plugins like Snapshot Pro, BackupBuddy, BlogVault, etc. are made particularly for backing up your WordPress content.

Customize the homepage

You must remember that your website’s homepage will be your visitor’s first impression of your business, blog, or portfolio. WordPress provides you with a default homepage. So, you can make your own using a theme that works for your business website.

Make your website responsive

In today’s time, mobile users are more than desktop users. People search the internet while using phones, mobile devices, and tablets.

Therefore, use a plugin that will help you to get a responsive, mobile WordPress design. It will give your visitors a convenient environment for using the website.

Adhere to WordPress coding standards

WordPress community is a community of developers that constantly tries to make it successful as it is today. They have learned via trial and error and have put some coding standards to ensure success and security.

You can follow the PHP coding standards for WordPress if you create a plugin or theme via PHP. You can also look for the JavaScript coding standards for WordPress if you plan on developing with JavaScript.

Following the WordPress coding standards makes it easy to find solutions from the community for the issues arriving during the development.

Use visuals and video content

It is hard to read from the document containing only texts. Though we use bullet points, images are even more effective. Various powerful websites use visual content to direct users to call-to-actions and conversion points.

Make use of video content and visuals whenever possible to break up the text on your website pages. It will also enhance the readability of your content.

When planning visual content for your site, keep the balance between quality and size. Though visuals give an amazing look to your site, they also should not be memory-heavy.

Ensure the security of your website

You must ensure that no hackers are able to access your site. There are various plugins available such as WP Defender that will help you to keep your site secure. You can avail of WordPress development services from agencies to make your website secure.

Some of the other ways to prevent security issues are –

  • Choose a secure username and password.
  • You can use a Captcha or other filtering method on any submittable form. It will help you ensure that a bot or spammer cannot easily send repeated requests to these forms.

Strategies to follow up

Now, let’s move towards the strategies to develop a successful WordPress site.

Start interviewing

You can get the relevant information you need to make your website from customers. You can ask them about the challenges they face and ask how your business could help them. Also, ask how you can solve their problems better than competitors. Following this process, you will surely get a better vision of the website that not only makes your website convenient but popular.

Research the feedbacks

You must research the reviews in your industry. Focus on the positives and negatives, and research what you can do to resolve those negatives. Must get the feedback of your competitors from the customers about how pleased they are by getting the services from them.

Solution for customer’s problems

Knowing the targeted audience for whom you are making the WordPress site enables you to understand what solutions you can offer to them. Take sufficient time to get useful information about your audience and check their issues with web experience.

Features and functionalities required for your website

After figuring out the solutions, you can start thinking about what functions will contain.

Understand the features you want in your WordPress site. You also need to understand how these features work. Managing the website content efficiently, integrating news and blog posting, showing/hiding things using screen options, accessibility mode for widgets, previewing themes without activating them, editing images in WordPress, etc., are some of the features you can add to your website. These features add functionalities to your site as well as enhance its popularity.

Consider budget

It is essential to allocate the proper budget and the entire project scope of your website. You will get what you will pay for. So, if you want a high-scale project, you must allocate a corresponding budget for it. If you have a specific budget and you intend to hire help, then you have to make sure that you have a sufficient understanding of the different online marketing areas.

Pay attention to your SEO

It is important to write content about specific search terms. You can do it by mentioning the central topic on every site page. For instance, if you want to attract customers looking for air conditioner repair services, make sure to mention “air conditioner repair” a few times on every page.

You can increase your website’s speed and make a smooth user experience by keeping simple templates, optimizing visuals, etc. Moreover, mobile-friendliness is equally important as website speed. If you don’t know whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, you can test it by using Google’s mobile-friendly test tool and see how much you have to optimize it.


In this digital era, it is critical for a business to flourish without an online presence. Therefore, entrepreneurs are majorly investing in web development. WordPress is a growing technology to create customized and future-rich websites for a wide range of businesses. However, you have to work with a good WordPress website development strategy to build a perfect website for your business.

Hope the tips and strategies shared will help you to develop a successful WordPress site.

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