Best Web Development Languages to Learn

Last updated on October 9th, 2023 at 01:33 pm

The world of web development is evolving so fast, and become very competitive in recent years. New technologies are coming each and every day, demanding the widespread use of tools and frameworks of programming languages.

It’s vital for business entrepreneurs, technologists, and developers to understand the importance of each of the languages.

But, how to choose the best among the pool of languages is an important question to focus on.

This blog will help you to understand the best web development languages to master in 2022, to shape the future of development.

1. Python

If we believe in the facts, it’s generous that Python is one of the industry leaders for building future-aligned products. It is a language that consists of a pool of frameworks, and libraries, which makes it the most flexible and most popular among its category.

In recent years, Python has been in the trend, filling the need for scientific purposes in the industry. Data Science, Machine Learning, and IoT are the top market domains. According to the Stack Overflow stats, 20% of the developers are likely to choose Python for app development. Why?

One reason is it’s easy to read English syntax. Another reason, it has wide library attachments like Pandas, NumPy, TensorFlow, and many others which gives better comprehensibility to the researchers and data scientists.


  • Open-source and free
  • Support pool of libraries
  • Easy-to-use syntax
  • Backed with the web services
  • Known to be used for machine learning and data science
  • Scientific tools like Jupyter and Spyder
  • Useful for front-end, back-end, and database handling.


Despite many advantages, it has some misfits to the industry standards of web design and development services.

  • Compilation speed is low
  • Defragment the space consumption of memories
  • Low support for mobile development
  • Beginners face some difficulties

Popular Use Cases of Python

  • Machine learning
  • Data Analytics
  • Web development
  • Automation
  • Scripting

2. GO(Golang)

Within a short period, Golang became the top-counted language. Many website development companies are amused by the backend services of web development. It has ultra-range blazing speed than other leading programming languages in the same segment.

The developers are free to build custom modules, and multiple code integration, using Go, due to its flexible and concurrent behavior.

As per the Stack Overflow and HackerRank stats, Golang is one of the topmost learned languages. These developers have excelled with higher salaries compared to Python, Javascript, and C#.

It is open source which makes it super accessible to a large community. Any of the major updates that come from the beta developers would be available to use by the users.


  • Widely used by beginners
  • Huge documentation and tutorials
  • Strong community support
  • Tools for static analytics
  • Easily debug complex functions


  • Slight difficult nomenclature of code libraries
  • Incapable of handling errors
  • Low framework presence

Popular Use Cases of GoLang

  • System and network programming
  • Big data
  • On-demand services
  • Cloud services
  • Native apps
  • Fast CLIs
  • Video editing

3. JavaScript

JavaScript is known to be the language of the internet and web development. Came back in early 1994 by Netscape, it is now known as a modern-day development tool by the majority of developers.

Even though there are numerous languages available in the market, JavaScript has a market presence of 67.7% which is very high compared to any other language. Other than web development, it is useful to develop high-end mobile apps, desktops, and software developments.

The web development service provider company has found this language as the most promising language to manage the behavior of web pages. The beginner with less coding experience can easily start learning and building the products into this interface.


  • A lot of frameworks and libraries support
  • Website interactive
  • Key to building the front-end websites
  • Support great interoperability
  • Reduce the server load


  • Less secure
  • Not interpreted the same by multiple platforms
  • No static typecasting

Popular Use Cases of JavaScript

  • Web development
  • Mobile apps, gaming, and web server development.

4. Kotlin

Coming back in 2016, Kotlin is a very compatible language that facilitates switching platforms. This saves developers time without any headache to rewrite the code. For building Android applications it is very reliable and sophisticated. In the coming years, the facts have revealed that Kotlin has been ruling the market, especially in Android app development.


  • Very fastly growing
  • Crisp and shortcode simulations
  • Error-free compilation
  • More secure
  • Java interoperability


  • High compilation time
  • Limits many third-party apps

Popular Use Cases of Kotlin

  • Widely used for Android app development
  • Web development, iOS development
  • Build IoT apps
  • Gaming apps

Final thoughts!

Businesses are focused on giving custom web development services to the market. In 2022, the market will surge upwards in similar domains.

The presence and new possibilities in the programming language are so prominent in the professional sector. To succeed in the era of development, you need to acquire special skills.

For entrepreneurs, it’s high time to come into the market and cater their web development apps and website services to the customers.

With this post, we hope you will get the relevant information to start your new business journey.

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