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5 Best Plugins to Improve WordPress Comments

Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 11:28 am

WordPress and its plugin go hand-in-hand. They are indeed categorized as an added perk. But the use of plugins like security, VPN, etc., makes it powerful. Nowadays, businesses are seeking the best plugins to improve WordPress comments. Do you have an idea why? Read ahead to find out.

An active section of comments adds remarkable value to the blog posts. The comments can help you to develop a community and engage your readers.

The website is a two-way street. The business owner can post articles, news, readership posts, and reviews. This section can develop a lively environment. It will make your business site a nicer and more engaging place to spend time. WordPress comes with a pre-configured built-in system like the best plugins to improve WordPress comments.


Not all plugins are great for your WordPress website. Too many plugins can lead to WordPress errors and mishappening. You should get WordPress support from a good team. They will guide you rightly.

How can a WordPress comment section help you?

At times, it is distressing when quality content does not get enough views and recognition it deserves. Hence, numerous bloggers seek the validation of the content. They use blog comments to chase the visible engagement metrics publicly.

Commenters nowadays deeply dig into a specific topic or share their alternate viewpoint.

Many users enjoy reading comments more than blog posts or articles. This is mostly seen in a news article, wherein the reader shares his/ her opinion. Some may speak for the motion while some express their view against the motion.

Many companies seek to receive maximum comments on their blog. If you are one of them, make sure to implement the right infrastructure in place on your business website.

Why is WordPress commenting so great?


It gives an open comment section to interact with your audience. The reader can raise important questions. Moreover, you can also add details that give your reader an understanding of your topic.


You can also get feedback on a particular post from your readers. Hence, you will get an idea of how you are currently doing.

You can improve as per their suggestions. With the reader’s feedback, you can make necessary changes quickly to your blog. So, this is like obtaining a free blog consultation.

Ideas for content

You can get many ideas for the follow-up content by quickly scanning through the last updated blog/ article.

Search Engine Optimization

Surprised, regarding SEO? The comments shared by your users can aid the performance of SEO. The search engine crawls the content pages that are completely acknowledged and user-generated.

For instance, your users mention your targeted keyword frequently. In this case, your blog post will get ranked.

But ensure that you manually moderate all the comments. Otherwise, there are chances of opposite effects, too.

Next, comments also signify that maximum readers are engaged on your blog. This will let Google know that your blog/ article/ website is an interacting area. You will get a good rank and favor for your business.


Now, if you open a comment section of an A-lister brand, you will see the same people commenting. Well, these dedicated audiences help to build a community. It encourages building loyalty.

But there is some downside as well. Companies like NPR have blocked the commenting system. The reason behind this was the comment thread that spiraled the negativity. So, you must pay heed to this too.

Best plugins to improve WordPress comments

1. Jetpack

This plugin can help to improve WordPress comments and gives amazing sets of functions. You get plenty of features in this plugin. Hence, you do not have to check the list and install the plugin for different functionalities.

The Jetpack Comment feature is highly regarded by many companies. A reader can post a comment through Twitter or Facebook. It can also replace the native comment section automatically. This amazing plugin will cost you $39 per year.

2. Postmatic

At times, it is troublesome or takes a lot of time to reply to the reader’s comment. This is especially for posts with lots of engagement. You can leave a reply/comment through your email.

Postmatic, the leading WordPress comment plugin gives the other approach to this system.

Your users will not have to struggle to go forth and back to check a page for further interactions.

3. GraphComment

One of the superlative and best plugins to improve WordPress comments. GraphComment can transform the native commenting system. You can have an online group discussion group on your WordPress website.

It mainly comes with two components:-

  • Bubble Flow: It is a smart moderation system that can help you handle the interaction of the users in the comment column. You can even showcase your discussion in real time.
  • Bubble Rank: It uses special algorithms to prevent spam attacks. This plugin is great for handling large user engagement.

GraphComment is great for open discussion space on your business website.

4. Super Socializer

You get the social package. Social login, and social comments in one package? Isn’t it a great thing?

As the name signifies, it offers love with its distinctive features. You can integrate the tools of social media with the WordPress website.

It will help you to attain more engagement and online interactions. Hence, your visitors can enjoy the fastest way to interact.

5. Akismet

This plugin can filter the spam from your WordPress comment. Akismet should be definitely used because Matt Mullenweg, WordPress’s founder, has created it. Hence, it will have all the features that are well adaptable to the WordPress website.

It has an algorithm. Thus, it can identify and counteract pingback spam and blog comments.

The algorithm can identify the actions and errors taken by the websites that are participating.

For instance, you are getting spam from several websites. This plugin will learn and take a course of action against that website in the future. This WordPress comment plugin is safe and clean.

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