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Last updated on September 18th, 2023 at 04:44 pm

Every B2B business needs a well-thought-out website to help them transmit a powerful message to potential customers. When it comes to any website, there’s not such a big difference between B2C and B2B. Speaking about a cloud services developer, it’s a different ball game. Businesses expect a specific approach and need far greater volumes and efficiency to commit to a certain provider. But what makes a good B2B cloud services design? We all know that web design isn’t exactly rocket science. Well, we’re going to explore some popular design ideas that seem to produce excellent results.

What Is B2B Cloud Services?

Like cloud services for individual users, B2B cloud services enable companies to collaborate, connect, build, manage, and plan projects and day-to-day tasks. There are many cloud service examples out there, from storage solutions to apps that allow employees to work together more efficiently so that companies can function 100% online. Since it’s a very complex subject, you can already imagine that any website presenting such options needs to meet some quality standards to succeed.

Great Things to Include in Your B2B Cloud Services’ Page Design

Now, since cloud services for businesses cover a lot of areas, we won’t be talking about actual designs that you should implement. Every entrepreneur has an idea of how the website should look, and that’s why you have a team of designers and UX professionals. Instead, we’re going to give you hints and proven methods from the top 10 high-quality cloud services web pages we’ve checked out to put this together.

The “Why What We’re Doing Is Great” Approach

While it’s important to let the customers know you’re great at what you’re doing, this can become a two-way street. As opposed to B2C services, B2B clients want to see that you’re approaching this with a team mentality. So, while it’s easy to get caught up in promoting your services and their benefits, the „we” should always include the reader and potential customer as well. Let them know you’re not just a service provider, and you’ll be there to implement cloud service features they need for better operation.

Don’t Overcomplicate It

Yes, we know there are lots of cloud services kinds, and you want to let your customers know that you’re great in all fields. However, if you overload the page with too many options and a cluttered design, you’re going to end up confusing potential customers. It may feel challenging to lay out everything on a services page; however, there are some solutions you can apply. For starters, use a large table to explain your products and how they are interrelated. So, one way to go is to give an overall description of what your company has to offer and then go for a section with a table where the potential customers can choose what they need. This means you’ll invest more in a web developer to make sure this table works properly and doesn’t complicate things even further. However, it’s a great way to allow clients to interact with your site and explore your offers without getting caught up in too much info.

Include a Section About the Results

When going through the best cloud services reviews and websites in this sector, we’ve discovered that lots of companies prefer the ones that include an evaluation of their results and the exact ROI rate. So, while you don’t want to give away too much of what you’re great at, adding some lines about customer success can help potential customers realize you’re the real deal. Give them a sense of what they’re investing in when choosing your cloud services online, and you should be in a much better position compared to the competition.

Add Case Studies

A great services page includes a full description of what you can do for your customers, details on how you measure the results, and what your services will finally bring them. However, some people won’t feel they can trust you without seeing your achievements. So, if you’re in the cloud services business and there’s no contract clause preventing you from doing so, add some case studies on your website. Of course, you don’t have to tell names or exact revenue. It will show what you’ve done for others, and the chances are people will pick you.


In the cloud services hosting business, just like in many others, there’s high competition between companies offering more or less the same products. That’s why you need to impress your potential customers with great design and functionality to make them trust you and explore your services in a more in-depth manner. We’ve mentioned some design ideas and ways to organize the content on your services page so that you make your voice heard and reach out to more audiences. What else do you think is important for a well-done services page? We encourage all our readers to share their point of view. All feedback is highly appreciated.

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