IoT Trends Shaping Mobile App Development Industry

Last updated on November 7th, 2023 at 01:36 pm

Running a mobile application without bringing in new updates is not the way to go in the world of online business. Everyone, including you and I, today relies on a mobile application for routine tasks. So, staying up-to-date with the IoT trends in mobile app development helps you stay in the game for a long time.

Most applications fail because the mobile app developers don’t focus on what’s going on in the market. If you want your app to succeed, you’ve to make it more usable for people by using the emerging trends.

Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the app development industry.

IoT Trends That Give A Boost To Mobile App Development

The below-mentioned are some of the top trends you should consider!

1. 5G

The time for 4G services has almost ended. By next year, almost 80% of people might shift to 5G smartphones. So, most companies have started rolling out 5G-enabled devices in the market.

5G has great speed and it comes with higher resolution and less latency. It also delivers excellent performance so that you can easily transfer information within minutes.

You should try to use 5G in your mobile application because it allows your app to run faster and more smoothly. You’ll be able to come up with new features in your app without affecting the already existing ones.

2. IoT & Preventive Maintenance

This trend involves using the Internet of Things (IoT) to gather and analyze data for predictive maintenance. Preventive maintenance ensures that if there is any danger at home, such as appliance failure, a security breach, or a fire, it will notify the homeowner through the installed smart home systems.

These smart home sensors will be developed soon and are expected to be installed in every household.

3. Wearable Gadgets

Everyone loves wearing a smartwatch. After all, it looks classy and also offers you many features that a traditional watch does not. You can see it as an opportunity to integrate your application with wearable gadgets.

If you are in the business of selling wearable gadgets, make sure you bring new updates now and then. Almost 980 million people love having a wearable device. This vast market offers you an opportunity to grow like no other market.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is indeed transforming businesses and success hinges on prioritising the user experience. To offer a good user experience to people, you should be able to know what people want to see and shop. AI helps you give people a personalized and curative user experience.

With AI, you can collect, store, and utilize vast data. You can make predictive analysis with this data and offer users personalized recommendations and suggestions.

In the world of key IoT trends in mobile app development, you can’t ignore AI. Almost every person considers a smartphone a key part of their everyday life. Considering how often people use their phones, AI is the key to success.

5. Digital App Security

One thing a user hates is when app developers spill out their personal information on the internet. Security is a main concern in the world of mobile app development. People will use your app only when they have trust and confidence in it.

Digital app security is another IoT trend in app development. Especially in the case of Fintech Business, you must ensure that your app is free of any bugs or doesn’t have any malicious versions. It’s also important that you implement digital security measures to comply with the data protection laws.

6. Blockchain

Blockchain has become popular in almost every industry. You’ll find it in healthcare, education, finance, and everywhere else making bankers worry about the blockchain! Now, this trend is also making its way into mobile app development. So, you should know how to leverage blockchain in app development.

Blockchain helps in making payments within your app safer and more secure. It eliminates the need for a middleman and also saves time involved in transactions.

7. Food And Grocery Delivery Apps

Almost everything reaches people at their doorsteps today. Food and grocery delivery apps are becoming popular among people for many reasons. One important reason is that these apps save time.

Most people have switched to buying food, grocery, and essential services online. After all, they don’t have to stand up in long queues to buy what they need. So, if you’re thinking of coming up with something new in the world of the internet, you can give a try to these kinds of apps.

8. Mobile Payment

Mobile and digital payments are handy. Long gone are those days when people kept their pockets full of cash. People consider shopping offline as outdated because of limited options.

If you want to make your edge in the market, you should include mobile payments in your app. Allow people to make in-app purchases and provide them with multiple payment methods. Above all, try to keep mobile payments safe and secure for your users.

9. Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

Using AR/VR, ML, IoT, etc., in your mobile application needs a lot of space. You also need the processing power to run your application smoothly. Cloud computing will allow you to create cloud-based mobile apps. You can easily store all the data relating to your app on the cloud.

Doing so will allow users to download your app without any hesitation. If your app ends up covering most of the space of the user’s phone, he might not even download it.

Cloud computing allows your app to become highly scalable so that you can make changes whenever needed.

10. IoT in Heathcare Applicatons

The utilization of IoT (Internet of Things) in healthcare applications represents an innovative paradigm, where technology intertwines seamlessly with the realm of patient care. By amalgamating interconnected devices and sensors, a healthcare app powered by IoT orchestrates a symphony of real-time data transmission, enabling continuous monitoring of vital signs and health parameters. This interconnected ecosystem not only promotes remote patient surveillance but also facilitates proactive interventions and personalized care strategies. From wearable devices tracking activity levels to smart sensors monitoring medication adherence, the IoT healthcare app becomes a pivotal conduit for efficient, accurate, and patient-centered healthcare delivery, heralding a new era where technology harmonizes with the sanctity of human well-being.


Staying behind on the IoT trends in the world of mobile app development will curb your success. There’s tough competition in the world of mobile app development and you’ll stand out only if your app is up-to-date.

People will use your app only if it makes their lives easy and not tough. So, consider incorporating these significant IoT trends in your app development. You’ll build a great application for your users and stay ahead in this highly competitive world.

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