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Best Writing Apps for iPad

Last updated on November 25th, 2023 at 01:13 pm

Many students prefer to use digital note-taking apps in the modern era. They not only provide more comfort and efficiency but also bring many additional features. These note-taking apps have made the act of taking notes easy and enjoyable by providing unique alternatives and aesthetically pleasing displays.

You just need to have a good understanding of their usability and then you can pick the one that goes well with your needs.

8 Best Writing Apps for iPad

Here is a detailed analysis of the 8 best writing apps for iPad to assist you in making the best choice:

1. GoodNotes 5

This app facilitates the ability to switch between writing and typing. It has a range of built-in templates and you can also create your own and get them imported into it.


  • Helps you mark PDFs and store all your notes.
  • Offers palm recognition of the pen for matching your style of writing.
  • You can use it as a digital whiteboard by switching to the presentation mode.
  • Brings customized tools for taking notes.
  • Enhanced storage enables keeping folders in an organized manner.
  • You can go to any page from a single location through the “Favorites” tab.


  • Does not offer any free trial so you will have to purchase it on the first go.
  • You will need to reformat the toolbar on every selection since it does not save all your settings.
  • Difficult to convert handwritten text to typed one.

2. Apple Notes

One of the older note-taking apps for iPad, Apple Notes has a great toolbar offering a pencil, eraser, ruler, lasso selector, and highlighter. It has distinct sections and you can insert handwritten text within a typed one with greater ease.


  • Offers diverse input options like Apple Keyboard, fingers, on-screen Keyboard, etc. for writing.
  • Typing and handwriting can be done on the same page.
  • Shading can be done easily using Apple Pencil.
  • Handwritten data can be easily identified by this app like phone numbers, addresses, etc.


  • You cannot create customized templates through it.
  • No option for designing organizational structures.
  • Does not facilitate onboard synching for storage other than iCloud.
  • Difficulty and delays in backing up notes on Drive, DropBox, etc.
  • PDF annotation is limited and you will need to markup notes elsewhere.

3. MarginNote 3

It is a very efficient research tool that provides a digital workspace in which you can gather excerpts from the text when you work on the opened document. It is quite helpful for pupils who want to study in an organized way.


  • You can clip notes, and create mind maps and outlines for study.
  • Helps you compile notes from more than one file on a single page.
  • You can review notes through flashcard review.
  • No need to panic with drag-and-drop functions due to the Autocreate mind map tool.
  • Availability for Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc.


  • A variety of features may make the learning process slower.
  • Due to multiple viewing modes, you may get stuck while navigating various sections.
  • Structuring notes may be tricky so it requires a foresighted approach to work through the Auto mind mapping tool.

4. Hanx Writer

One of the best writing apps that works like a typewriter with the proper sound of keys. It provides additional features like aligning text and adjusting colors through in-app purchases.


  • Pages can be shared through email in the form of PDFs.
  • Can be downloaded for free.
  • Provides three typewriters with diverse fonts and styles.
  • Offers multiple forms of expression and modified typing options.


  • The file can only be exported in PDF form, not any other way.
  • Typing on more than one page may induce irregularity like the creation of unnecessary spaces between paragraphs.
  • For modified features and add-ons, you need to make purchases.

5. Notability

This app is popular for its audio syncing features that enable recording audio. You can then sync that audio with your handwritten notes for understanding better. It is quite easy to use and allows active engagement with the study material.


  • Offers multitasking tools like recognition of handwritten text and statistical conversions.
  • Free to use unless you are urged to upgrade to a premium plan.
  • Facilitates with a Favorites toolbar to reuse tools and get rid of the resetting process.
  • Allows conversion of handwritten calculations to formulate mathematical expressions with greater efficiency.


  • No chances of backups on a free plan.
  • Does not offer unlimited edits on the free plan so you will need to upgrade for editing purposes.
  • Limited features like the use of the Favorites toolbar and organizational tools until upgraded to the premium version.

6. Microsoft OneNote

You can organize your notes topic-wise by using OneNote which provides a blank page or layout for note keeping. It provides a great variety of multimedia features. You can write down your topic-related opinions in a single piece with the help of advanced tools just like an opinion essay writer would love to do. Your data is backed up on OneDrive without any hassle.


  • Facilitates with various sections and notebooks for organizing notes as per your choice.
  • Allows multi-formatting options like keeping pictures, and words and moving things from one portion to another.
  • Information is available offline as well.
  • Notes can be shared with others smoothly.
  • Data can be stored safely without any risk.
  • Time-saving and well-sorted.


  • Searching for notes or images may occur with delays.
  • Does not facilitate an option to access multiple notes simultaneously.
  • Word formatting options are limited.
  • The Cloud version of the app is hard to navigate and has limited options.
  • No integration with Gdrive and Google Calendar.

7. Nebo

It has proven its efficiency through standard pages that contain lined sheets and users can write via Apple Pencil or Keyboard. It interprets the freeform text to help you analyze how your writing appears in real time.


  • Offers a unique feature of converting handwritten text to typed one.
  • Offer a dictionary in the free version.
  • Compatible for cross-platforms and quite flexible.
  • Enables mathematical conversions and quick action.
  • Facilitates with freeform as well as lined sheets.
  • Editing can be performed through Stylus with much flexibility in reformatting and revision of text etc.


  • Freeform pages are not very efficient in comparison to other writing apps.
  • Formatting may be difficult.
  • Does not contain custom formats and layouts.

8. Notion

Notion is one of the most efficient apps for note-taking and project management purposes. It has a great variety of formats and functions as an all-in-one workspace. It is also a beautiful UX/UI-designed app. The best thing about Notion is its real-time status updates during the project when any modifications are being made. It has almost everything you need to not only take notes but also run a successful project.


  • Excels in managing all your notes across subjects without any panic.
  • User-friendly with a range of customizable templates.
  • Perfect choice for collaborative projects.
  • Maintains a good track of meetings.
  • Notion API integrates with numerous applications without any difficulty.
  • Adaptable to new modifications and the latest tools.
  • Effective for building proposals of various kinds.


  • Some documents may not have complete functionality.
  • Dashboards and pages can take some time to set up during team collaboration.
  • Can be confusing due to its many uses; task management as well as note-taking software.
  • Management of access rights is limited.
  • Mobile applications may take some time to load.
  • Not a very clear distinction between calendar, gallery, and other tools.


Taking notes on an iPad has become quite easy and enjoyable when you can access such a huge list of writing apps. Each of these apps has its distinctive features and custom options to facilitate you in taking notes the best way possible.

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