5 Best Android Tracking Apps

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 09:40 am

With the advent of technology in the past decade, our life has become more relaxed and easy. Every new application, software, or device reduces our efforts. The smarter technology has now ensured the safety of our loved ones with GPS tracker apps.

Parents are always worried about their kid’s whereabouts. Sometimes our cell phone gets stolen, and we cannot track its location. Neither can you stop the kids from going out nor have a prophecy of a theft. But we can minimize our worries with GPS tracker apps.

Global Positioning System (GPS) helps us to ascertain the real-time location of people. Over the years, this system has been used as a navigating device in vehicles. This is one amazing invention for every individual out there! However, with several applications, how do we choose the best? No worries, because this article points out the five best tracking apps for Android. Scroll down to know more.

1. Glympse

It helps to share the location information of you and your loved ones. It is used to send an update or to ask for emergency help. When the location is shared, the other user can access the information without installing the Glympse app. In addition, it provides ETA (Estimated Arrival of Time) data, making it easy to track the delivery. You can find it for free on the Android Play Store.

The user-friendly interface of this app makes it more popular than the rest. It allows you to track your loved ones’ location, share your site, or monitor a delivery. It is simple and free of cost. Alerts, in-app messaging, and no compromises on privacy are some of its best features.


  • Supports and utilizes geofencing.
  • No need for any sign-up
  • You can use it on various platforms.
  • Privacy is kept intact
  • Location access through high-sensitive radar
  • Settings are customizable
  • Ease of communication with the help of in-app messaging
  • Helps in business ventures and social events as tracks the real-time location of friends and employees.
  • A recognized platform for location tracking.


  • Certain users have reported performance issues such as hanging (freezing).
  • Some connectivity problems over WiFi
  • SDL (Specification and Description Language) notifications cannot be disabled

2. Life360

Allows you to check the real-time location of your friends and families- can add circles specifically. There is a feature for chatting; to communicate about various transportation and other safety issues. Provides driving assistance to sense crashes. To access full features, the user should upgrade to the paid version. These particular apps help you to track a cell phone’s location without them knowing. We have curated this list just for you, and we hope you find it useful.

This wonderful app helps you to stay connected with people whom you value the most. Its notable feature is that it allows you to create your private groups called “Circles.” Not only can you keep track of their location but chat with them.


  • Reliable and user-friendly
  • No need to update about arrival times via text messages
  • History of location
  • Detection of the crash and also allows high-quality service.
  • An invite-only app, so privacy is protected.
  • Receive alert notifications when a member arrives or leaves a particular destination.
  • Creation of multiple groups and the addition of numerous members.
  • Allows you to turn off your location.
  • Low pricing: $1.5 for beginners and a premium plan at $4.99.
  • Tracks stolen devices


  • Accuracy issues have been reported.
  • Notifications are delayed.

3. Familonet

The real-time location of everyone in the group can be seen at any moment, along with notifications showing their arrival time, leaving a place, etc. In addition, it allows automatic push notifications regarding such events. Stolen phones can also be located using this app. Lower versions can be downloaded for free, while upgraded versions require payments.

This is a multi-purpose app that does more than track your child’s location. Like other apps, you can access your child’s whereabouts and receive notifications for the same.

The unique features make it a miracle for the parents but can be a nightmare for the children. It tracks your screen activity, screen time, browser history, etc. This is a paid app and provides a free 3-day trial.


For emergencies, a panic button is available.

You can create multiple groups.

Function for chatting

You can access a Real-time location.


  • Certain features (e.g., Panic button) are not free.
  • Members find some difficulty in rejoining the group circle.

4. Find My Phone Whistle

Misplaced Android phones or tablets can be located with this app. It responds to a whistle blow through a loud noise even if it is in silent mode. Any tune can be uploaded as the “responding noise.” It includes indoor maps for areas such as stadiums, malls, etc. Helps in restoring default factory settings. Encryption of personal data is possible. Lower versions are free, while upgraded versions require payment.


  • Initial setup is easy.
  • The sound of our choice is the alarming noise
  • you can save time
  • LED blinking can be customized as an alarm


  • It can work defective if a lot of noises are present in the background.

5. Where’s my Droid

Being one of the first Android tracking apps, it still stands out as one of the best options to safeguard or track the phone. You can locate the phone through a ring or vibration. It also uses GPS to find the stolen phone even if it is in low battery mode. The phone can be tracked even if it is out of the coverage area or switched off. The ability to lock the phone and wipe the SD card remotely is a remarkable feature. Upgraded versions require payment.


  • It does not drain the phone battery.
  • Remote working possible
  • Locating the device through various methods
  • Motion alarm
  • Installation of the app is prevented.
  • Geofencing
  • Can lock the phone remotely
  • A photo of the intruder is taken if numerous failed attempts have occurred.


  • Sometimes, there is a possibility of errors.
  • You can access certain major features only through payment.
  • Given are the five best Android tracking apps among numerous available apps. However, not all apps work properly on all devices. Choose wisely.

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