Top 10 Sales Strategy to Increase Your WooCommerce Revenue

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Have you been running and managing your WooCommerce store for years? Wow! That’s really a good move. But, are you experiencing the benefits of your efforts?

If not, then you are the target audience for this blog. Though you may put forth many innovative ideas into your WooCommerce store, nothing works out well.


You might be missing something important. Yes, when it comes to sales or marketing, strategy plays a prominent role.

Speaking generally, a fresh sales campaign and strategy work out well. Though it seems difficult at the beginning, it will help you increase your conversion rate when your WooCommerce sales strategy stands right. To help you guys in this WooCommerce sales phase, we have discussed (of course, valuable) many points and the list of strategies to increase your WooCommerce revenue.

Top 10 Sales Strategy to Increase Your WooCommerce Revenue

Among the different WooCommerce store owners, you may fall under any category. Say, you may plan to launch a new WooCommerce store or wish to increase your sales in your existing store.

No matter what your business goals may be. There are a few strategies that help you to increase WooCommerce revenue. Even if your WooCommerce online store is doing well, knowing the strategies will help you increase your profit from the actual level.

Let us get into it.

1. Start an affiliate program

Starting your affiliate program is the easiest way to increase your WooCommerce revenue. When planned right, your affiliate program will explode your profits. Usually, the affiliate marketing program with an affiliate will reach heights.

It is a win-to-win process where both the WooCommerce owner and the affiliate will benefit from the affiliate program. An affiliate program seems beneficial as the WooCommerce store owner doesn’t have to pay any bucks to the affiliate until they drag a valuable sale.

Affiliates can market products and brands on any social media platform to reach out to their sales. When creating an affiliate contract, ensure that you are flexible with the terms and conditions. To implement an effective affiliate marketing program, it is necessary to make it visible on your site. Added, try to promote the affiliate marketing program in your store through multiple channels.

2. Create an SEO strategy

How many of you engaged or viewed the links on the second page of Google search results? It is a very rare thing that we do. This is why many of your competitors are concentrating on the important part: SEO for your WooCommerce store.

As a WooCommerce store owner, your biggest challenge is to improve your ranking. You can also say in other terms. You need to list your product on the top pages. To do so, it is necessary to focus on your store’s SEO. Though ads contribute a lot, it is necessary to stick to the SEO of the store.

A proper and effective SEO strategy will help your product to rank in the top pages when the shopper enters the particular keyword in the search engines. Focus on the words or terms that describe your store.

You are likely to depend on the keywords that have the highest search volume in your niche. Write content with those common keywords, and answers related to the questions, and ultimately represent your site under those keywords that bring relevancy to the online searchers.

3. Optimize your store for mobile

In 2020, it was estimated that consumers would spend nearly $2.91 trillion purchasing dollars through mobile commerce. Mobile WooCommerce sale booster has been expected to increase to $3.56 trillion in 2021. To improve your sales, it is necessary to start mobile commerce for your store. You can also depend on the sale plugin available for the WooCommerce store.

Optimizing the WooCommerce store for mobiles also plays a prominent role. Do not forget to add widgets compatible with both mobile and desktop users. A mobile-optimized store must offer simple site navigation to make shopping easier for the customers. If you already rely on the robust WooCommerce software, then optimizing it for mobile seems pretty easy. And, do not forget to test your mobile site often to ensure that it provides a simple and error-free shopping experience. Step into the shoes of your user and analyze your website’s performance.

If your visitor has to click too many links to reach their destination page, then it may feel difficult for them and they may leave the site. To avoid this, introduce a condensed menu structure for easy navigation. It also helps you to improve your store’s SEO score.

4. Offer discounts and coupon codes

Discount, a time-tested WooCommerce sale booster, has a great route to improve conversion rate. If you just offer a plain discount/coupon, it may or may not bring conversions to you.

Why not try something new? Yes, you can go ahead with Dynamic Discounts.

Dynamic Discounts? Instead of giving plain discounts to all purchases, try implementing a WooCommerce discount coupon strategy on your WooCommerce store. Say, you can offer a xx% discount for customers who purchase 3 or 5 products in your WooCommerce.

It becomes a great motivation for the customers who buy 2 or 4 products. There are high chance that they may come a bit forward to get discounts by purchasing 3 to 5 products in your WooCommerce store.

Every customer is unique. So, make their shopping experience unique in your WooCommerce store. You can also introduce gamification popups to the customers who are about to leave the site without purchasing. You can include the discount offers as many customers believe in luck before clicking the “spin” button.

A Bonus Tip:

Following the dynamic pricing or discount, you can also introduce a discount bundle to your customers. Yes, you can simply bundle related products in a customer’s cart and offer discounts. This technique works best when you bundle the products that include the customer’s likelihood of purchase.

Introducing discount bundles is always a great way to increase conversions and the average order value of your store.

5. Use triggering product descriptions

An excellent marketing copy is not that easy to write. But, it is worth investing in. The product descriptions always create a great impact on the conversion process. Almost 98 percent of consumers are discouraged from purchasing the product as it lacks poor product information.

When you fail to notice it in the long run, it may affect your brand name as customers always put forth product descriptions in the first place before purchasing.

So, how to make attractive product descriptions?

Think about the purchaser and consider them as an individual who completely embodies the persona. Consider answering a few questions in your product description. Decide whether you need to be funny or conversational or continue a professional tone in your product description.

Apart from tone, you need to focus on the format. According to recent research, it is said that users only scan words on websites. They rarely read the entire page content. Make sure you include subheadings, bullet points, readable fonts, and uncluttered space to bring up the flow while reading.

6. Stick to personalization everywhere

Have you ever noticed how AmazonPrime displays your recommendations list making it easy to select one that you would probably love?

Similarly, you can also display a personalized shopping list for your customers using their purchase history and cart history. It will create a sense of belongingness and make them feel special. It is said that around 10 to 30 percent of a store’s revenue is due to product recommendations.

To do this effectively, you can also do upselling. Here comes an insightful tip: your recommendations do not exceed more than 25 percent of your customer’s total purchase. Keep your recommendations as low as possible.

Coming to personalized newsletters and emails, it is always necessary to show your gratitude to your customers. In your personalized newsletters, try to add dynamic pricing and discount coupons as discussed above. It will increase your engagement rate with your customers and become a WooCommerce sales booster.

The design and format of the newsletter are important. When you wish to bring organic traffic to your eCommerce site through newsletters, then personalize it according to your customers. Make sure you are sending greetings to them on their special dates as per the data collected from them during signup.

7. Interact with existing customers

Interacting with existing customers is more important than gaining new customers. Retaining old customers seems easier when you are aware of the strategies and the time frame to reach your customers.

Introduce a loyalty program or an online poll that raises questions about your brand. Ask your customers to complete the survey that brings them additional benefits in their purchase like discounts, buy 1 get 1 offer, etc.

The referral program is also a great way to retain old customers. They are the real assets of the growing WooCommerce store. And, word-of-mouth marketing hits hard when planned right. Give your customers a valid reason to speak about your brand. Moreover, ask for reviews from your customers that help you to improve your presence in every channel.

8. Introduce a Referral Program

Referral programs increase customer loyalty and customer retention rates as well. The referral program is the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing.

According to research, 84 percent of shoppers value referrals from the people they already know. When you plan to introduce a loyalty/referral program, offer irresistible referral rewards. When you do so, it will create your referrals to become your brand advocates.

Referral programs without active users go in vain. A successful referral program needs to make the users aware of the program. If you have amazing referral software e-commerce, then make sure it supports all kinds of referral and loyalty programs. You can send emails, newsletters, posters, or even blogs may help at times to make your customers aware of your referral program.

To make your referral program more active, you can introduce a double-sided referral bonus. In this type, both the referral and the new customer will receive bonus and referral discounts. The rewards you provide can either be monetary or non-monetary which improves the conversion rate.

9. Study the “when” and “why” of abandoned carts

Cart abandonment is a huge loophole in every WooCommerce store. Can we get out of it? Of course, yes! But, it needs a clear understanding of your customers’ behavior. It is necessary to know the reasons behind the cart abandonment.

Say, when a person abandons a particular product in their cart, there may be some reasons for the particular product. But, when the customer abandons the cart with bulk products, then there is something wrong with the user experience. It may not make value to your WooCommerce store to boost sales.

From Business Insider, it is quite clear that,

  • Almost 46.1 percent of abandoned carts happen on the payment page
  • 34.7 percent occur during checkout login

Understanding the root causes of cart abandonment will help you to address the issues. Here are a few tips that help you to reduce your cart abandonment rate.

  • Give a flexible and easy checkout process. Keep it 3 to 5 steps, not more than that! Try to follow the tips to speed up the checkout process that helps you save your customers’ time.
  • Try to bring up an in-site comparison between the prices and the other features of your competitors and yours. It may stop the customers from abandoning the cart

Though these efforts fail, send a personalized cart abandoned email to the subscriber. Give them offers to the product they left in their cart. Try to reach them at definite intervals.

10. Use social media wisely

Are you frequently engaging in social media with your customers? If you did, you might not need an additional WooCommerce sales strategy to improve your WooCommerce store.

Social proof has become a foolproof way to increase your conversion rate. Studies insist that around 70 percent of online consumers purchase after considering the product review. Use customer testimonials in your emails and other marketing copies. If you are not concentrating on the reviews and testimonials, you are missing something healthy to your SEO and conversion rate.

When potential customers know that many customers are purchasing from your store they do not hesitate to make their first purchase.

The following key points will help in WooCommerce stores to boost sales.

Use keywords in your social media posts

  • Hashtags attract more relevant customers and widen your post’s reach
  • Share content that adds value to your customers. It will result in conversions
  • To increase the post’s reach, join social media groups, conduct a poll/survey, or ask for reviews in exchange for a purchase
  • Build partnerships with social media influencers

Other than the given points, you can also prefer social media ads to lighten up your referral programs or any other campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Every WooCommerce store is unique. So are their conversion rate and revenue! Though it differs from one store to another, when the store involves an ultimate WooCommerce sales strategy, you can see an increase in their conversion rate.

Apart from these strategies, user experience is the key point. You can also say it is the king of conversion rates. When the user is not satisfied with your site, they may leave without any second thought. So, test your store frequently and optimize the store if needed. A simple and attractive WooCommerce sales strategy will soon reach heights. Cheers!

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