Boost Your eCommerce Sales Using Video Marketing

Last updated on September 19th, 2023 at 03:15 pm

eCommerce or electronic commerce now has become a goliath industry. It’s not surprising really that people would want to know about its future. Last year, eCommerce sales worldwide amounted to almost 3.5 trillion dollars, proving that the industry getting all the more a lucrative option for business organizations.

This is huge, and the great thing is that it definitely is not a new trend. It’s been growing continuously, year after year. eCommerce definitely is thriving and has been for some time now. Moreover, eCommerce website development is one of the most in-demand services in the world at present.

Furthermore, it’s also an industry that evolves continuously, with trends shifting constantly in an attempt to shape how people in all four corners of the world buy products and avail of services. To say the least, this makes the future of eCommerce very exciting.

If you have an online brand, then you most probably know just how important each and every sale is. What’s all the more important is the ways that you market your offerings to the target audience. Of course, at the start when you establish your online business, there are various shopping cart or eCommerce solutions and services to choose from, including Shopify app development.

There is also a myriad of ways to help you grow your business and boost profitability. One of the terrific ways to do this is via video marketing. What then is video marketing all about?

Video Marketing—an Understanding

Video marketing is a seamless process. It simply means using video to market or promote your brand, your product, and your service offerings. Integrating video into the mix is a robust marketing campaign. Videos from live events, how-to videos, customer testimonials, corporate training videos, and so on, all of them could help.

Before they visit a brand’s website, almost half of web users check out videos that relate to an item they have in mind. Meaning that half of the target audience looks for video content actively to make a well-informed decision on a brand before buying. If the content doesn’t exist in your online store, then you could miss out on a chance to grow your customer base.

If your store, in particular, is built around the Shopify platform, then you most probably partnered with a Shopify development company. Your service provider, aside from building the solution that you need, also provides you with information and techniques on how to best promote and grow your online brand. So, how does video marketing work?

Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales with Video Marketing

1. Videos could be used as Product Demos

Usually, eCommerce sites feature pictures to display products and services so users, especially the new ones can get a clearer, closer look at them. It helps users decode if those products are right for them or otherwise. The more information they have before making a purchase, the less likely they’re going to return a product or ask for a refund, which saves you money as well as helps in customer retention.

To demonstrate products on your website, user videos to users could provide in-depth, close information, along with photos and detailed written information. Put together, all these could bring new visitors closer to purchasing from you.

2. Videos could Feature Customer Testimonials

When marketing your products and services, it’s necessary to make customers understand why they should purchase from you and not from another store. You want to be able to demonstrate that you offer value better than the competition, and a terrific way of doing so is through integrating social proof, such as customer reviews in particular.

Sifting through written testimonials by clients and consumers could bore your audience easily. New users want affirmation that you are credible and worth investing in, but it doesn’t mean that the information they’ll receive should be in one form. Instead, turn testimonials of happy customers into videos, which would captivate and interest your viewers.

Moreover, you can encourage your customers to submit review videos if they’re willing. This is usually done without any incentive, except that they want to express their satisfaction and happiness with your offerings.

3. Make Video Tutorials

Users who are new to a product would want to access its functionality and practicality so they would know if it really works and they could actually use it. As prospective customers move further toward the conversion funnel, they will be looking more at the research behind a product and its usefulness in their lives.

During this stage, it’s important to be able to provide them with the information that they need and to make a purchase that they are confident about. Video tutorials totally erase confusion and make customers assured regarding their purchasing decision, particularly when it comes to pricey products that need more thought.

Videos are great for relieving people of doubts when they’re so near to a sale. This is because these videos offer an in-depth look and ease doubts. From there, they could move all the way toward the sales funnel and become return purchasers.

Benefits of Video Marketing

1. Boosts Conversion

A study recently stated that more than half of internet users are likely to purchase a product that they have in mind after they’ve watched its video demonstration.

2. SEO Gold Mine

Videos open rates, conversions, click-through rates, and boost search engine ranking. Coming in second to Google, YouTube is the largest search engine. What’s better is that it’s owned by Google, meaning that a video that’s properly tagged could work

3. Videos are Effective

Studies reveal that retention rates are as high as 80 percent for both heard and seen information. The numbers plunged to 20 percent for information that’s seen and 10 percent for information that’s heard. Therefore, combining both audio and visual is a very powerful marketing strategy.

4. Easy Accessibility

There are endless platforms when it comes to video marketing. Your Shopify web development company partner could tell you several platforms that they have used themselves. Street marketing, video boards, YouTube, Broadcast TV, you name it, there are endless possibilities.

Using their smartphones, consumers could easily access videos anytime, anywhere. The same does not hold true with traditional, paper marketing. With video, you could reach your target audience wherever they may be located in the world in a way that’s cost-effective.

5. Videos are Emotional

Videos let you make a direct appeal to the emotional center of the user’s mind via music. Furthermore, with video, you could also attach a face or image to a concept. The human connection via a video is considerably more influential than reading facts in a text.


Video marketing implementation into your conversion strategy and technique do wonders for your eCommerce brand, and the customer experience as well. Users, particularly those new to your brand are always on the lookout for more information and would be excited to see that they have choices in terms of learning more.

When your mission is to inform your customers about products and services for them to make the right decision, you would soon see your customer base growing, since you’re putting extra effort into giving them detailed information. Boosting your eCommerce sales indeed is easier with video marketing. While video editing could be daunting at first, with a bit of patience and practice, producing high-quality content unique to your online brand will soon become a breeze.

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