SEO vs PPC: What will You Prefer for Your Business?

Last updated on September 17th, 2023 at 08:00 am

What is SEO?

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Search engine optimization is a process by which the visibility of your website or page has been increased by increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic.

Quality traffic means attracting visitors authentically and having really on your site what Google tells them. It’s not like Google shows you are a food panda services site and in reality, you are a caring site for real pandas. So in this case you will get the traffic but that wasn’t considered quality traffic.

Quantity traffic is when you are getting an actual audience who wants what you are offering.
So, it is better to keep in consideration your actual audience according to your business while doing SEO.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click is a kind of online advertising in which whenever a user clicks on ads in return for that click the advertiser raises costs. PPC used almost all types of camping goals such as they wanted to increase sales from their camping, generating several leads with it, and most importantly promoting brand awareness with this kind of camping.

What is different between SEO and PPC

The main difference we can consider between both of them is that the traffic that is coming from SEO (search engine optimization) is organic and is free of cost, while the traffic that is generated from PPC (pay per click) is not free of cost as you have to pay the cost for every click.

How of SEO and PPC helpful in their ways?

SEO is helpful

  • It will guide you to the right length of content for your chosen topic.
  • It will optimize your targeted keywords according to your selected content.
  • Content will be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.
  • Tools will help you to write according to the understanding of your audience.
  • The content will contain relevant images.

PPC is helpful

  • It contributes to business goals.
  • PPC is measurable and trackable.
  • You can do quick entry through PPC.
  • It works well with other marketing channels as well.
  • It can provide you with relevant keywords.
  • You can easily test different ads.

What are the benefits of SEO over PPC?

Whether it is a small business or a large one businesses always want to find ways to cut costs from wherever they can do it and to increase revenue value from where so ever is possible.

So you just have to remember C’s

  1. Cost
  2. Consistency
  3. Competition

1. Cost advantage of SEO over PPC

The most important and biggest advantage of SEO over PPC is cost-effectiveness. In SEO it is obvious that you are not paying for every click that is coming in your website’s link. Even if the cost of an SEO campaign is greater than what you are paying for Google Ads today, the spending that you have made for SEO is still valuable and beneficial as it is a long-term investment.

2. Consistency advantage of SEO over PPC

Choosing PPC over SEO is attractive for getting more traffic on an immediate basis, and to get more traffic you have to spend more. But the fact of getting consistence traffic from SEO was missing. Once your website appears at the top because of a single consistency keyword, you will start getting the same amount of traffic that you were getting through PPC.

3. Competitive advantage of SEO over PPC

As we all know business has competitors, and every time you improve the research ranking of your site you are pushing your competitor down. You have to keep in mind that you can’t get benefits from paid ads, your audience can recognize paid ads. So, you should go SEO-wise, from SEO you can get more awareness, traffic, sales, and revenue you can take from your competitors.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of SEO and PPC


1. Staying power of traffic

Organic traffic has more power to stay, as you rank highly in Google you will start getting compatible traffic and that is going to stay on your website for a long time.

And many marketers consider SEO as one of the best channels for long-term upgradeable results.

2. Cheaper in the sense of long-term

SEO is cheaper than PPC if we look in a sense of long term, if a business is getting traffic through a keyword then it will be cheaper in the long run than the amount that the business needs to pay for paid ads.

Everything has some cons as well:

3. SEO is slow

According to research, it is visible that it takes a lot of time to rank high in Google and get traffic from specific keywords, for this, you have to wait for a long term. And if you have a short time to make an impact on your audience, then SEO is not a good choice for you.


1. PPC is fast

As we have already discussed for SEO we need to wait for a very long term to get results, on the other hand, PPC is a much quicker approach. You can approach any ad platform and start camping just now.

2. Powdered targeting

PPC allows you powdered targeting, with PPC you can play around with different types of data, demographics geography, etc.

Some cons are:

1. Lose Effectiveness

PPC can lose effectiveness as PPC is easy to scale, so this scale effect can work against it. It is said in the studies that the longer a business’s camping runs the less effective it becomes.

2. Money to make money

Using PPC means you need money first then you will get money, it is like investing money wait and determining how to optimize your camping, and then getting the results.

Which one is better?

Neither is fully good nor fully bad, but as we have always approached things that will give you benefits in the long run, keeping this in mind SEO has a little more advantage over PPC.

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