What are the Key Factors to Consider for International SEO Strategy?

In today’s interconnected world, where ideas or messages can move freely across borders, why not products or digital services? With the rise of eCommerce stores and internet accessibility, it has become even easier for businesses looking to offer their products and services in a global market. So for this very reason, the use of International SEO has become critical for businesses to reach a global audience.

In this article, you shall learn about the key factors that you should pay attention to for International SEO strategy.

Let’s Begin,

What is the need to understand international markets?

Before planning for international SEO, you want to understand the foreign market that you want to work in. Market research can help you find those products that are in your target region and the preferences of the customers there. This practice will help you to optimize your International SEO strategy for better results.

In addition to this, factors such as culture and language do play a significant role in global market success.

1. Keyword Research

Just like any other SEO strategy International SEO also starts with thorough keyword research. But the only obvious difference between them is that you need to do keyword research for the region you wish to target.

For example, If you want to target a specific region or area you have to:

  • Find out the keywords that are popular in different languages and regions
  • Take notice of any keyword variations used by the local populace.

In addition to this localization also plays a critical role in the success of International SEO. It is the process by which you translate the content of your website as per the culture and language of your target audience. This ensures that your content shows on the search results for the related search query of the user which shall drive traffic and conversions for you.

2. Website Structure

The structure of a website refers to the organization of related web pages, content, or URLs in your website. This is important for every SEO strategy as this helps search engines better learn and index your website on the SERP.

Websites have many options for structuring their websites to serve their global audiences, such as:

  • Country code top-level domain (ccTLD): These are the domains that end with a country code such as for the UK, it is www.abcd.uk, or for the U.S., it is www.example.us. This becomes necessary for International SEO as it will help you feature in the local search results in your target region or country.
  • Generic top-level domain (gTLD): These are the domains that are not country-specific like ccTLD but rather more general ones. For example, .com, .net, and .org can be used by websites to reach a global audience. The main advantage of gTLD is that it is one of the most trusted and commonly used domains by users all over the world.
  • Subdomain: Subdomains are like a separate section of the main website made to serve a specific foreign country. For example, if you want a US-specific website, you may use us.xyx.com.
  • Subdirectories: Subdirectories are folders within a website. For global audience targeting, companies may use subdirectories for different companies, such as www.xyx.com/us/ or www.xyz.com/uk/

3. Multilingual Content Creation

You might have heard or read many times that “Content is king for SEO,” but have you ever paid attention to it? If not, know that the work of International SEO requires you to create high-quality content in multiple languages for a global audience.

Usually, there are two methods by which you can do the same: either go for translation or create content from scratch.

As an SEO Toronto expert, we would advise you to create content from scratch. This is because content translated with the help of a machine can result in poor-quality content that might not resonate well with your audience.

Instead, you should hire a content creator who knows the local language and culture to write content that aligns with the local audience.

4. International link building and backlink strategy

Link building is the act of acquiring backlinks from trusted and credible third-party websites. These backlinks are clickable text links that direct users of another website to your own.

Backlinks from a good authority site send signals to search engines that the attached site is credible and trustworthy. The more quality backlinks you will have on your website, the more it will rank higher on the SERP.

In international SEO, you acquire backlinks from a credible local website to build trust and authority.

You can also reach out and collaborate with bloggers or influencers to promote your offerings and gain quality backlinks from them.

Make sure the influencer you want to work with comes from a related niche. This is because people tend to trust the suggestion of someone who is already in the field. This can help you increase the online presence of your brand, which in turn may drive traffic and conversions for you.

5. Local Business Listings and Google My Business

Local citation platforms such as Yelp or Facebook are important for businesses with physical stores or those who wish to target specific regions. Optimizing for local business listings helps your website to show at the top of the search results for related search queries.

Make sure the information provided by you is consistent for Name, Address, and Phone number across various platforms. This will help to set trust among your potential customers and make them connect with your brand effectively.

Final Words!

In the end, International SEO can help you to expand the reach of your brand to a global audience. This requires a well-integrated approach that takes care of the language and cultural perspective of the target audience. By implementing the above-discussed points, you can very well plan an International SEO strategy that resonates with your local audience.

Finally, stay updated with the latest trends to cater to the needs and preferences of your prospects.

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