Market Your Ecommerce Store in Such a Way that Sales Occur to a Great Extent

Last updated on September 15th, 2023 at 07:03 am

There is no debate about the fact that a lot goes into launching and building an eCommerce business, do you agree? But is that enough to succeed in the realm? Probably not! Whether it’s about buying fruit or a flat-screen TV, eCommerce has made a significant impact on the way people’s purchasing behavior across the globe. And since to beat the fierce competition and to continue to ride the growth in your eCommerce business you have to adapt or should I say you have to chase the market trends like never before.

It’s always about taking the first step. Imagine if people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk wouldn’t have dared to implement their dream. Do you think they would be able to etch in our history and culture? Probably not! It was their vision that created business for things we didn’t even know would benefit our lives. So, what I am saying is to try to be bold enough to take the first step into the unknown. Demands are getting technology-driven, and this has paved the way for smarter solutions like never before.

Coming back to the eCommerce realm, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. are some of the most popular eCommerce portals known over the WWW. Some of these are dedicated to industrial products, and fashion clothing while others are dedicated to other miscellaneous stuff. This means a considerable space seems to be created for eCommerce players as well as buyers.

Without wasting any further time, let us shift our focus on specific tactics that you can put into action to boost your eCommerce store sales, while also analyzing why each of them works.

1. Mouthwatering offers cannot be refused

No matter how rich we become, buyers always tend to get attracted to the offers featuring appropriate discount options in comparison to others. If simply put, try to make an offer they cannot refuse. In addition to such discount options, don’t forget to elaborate on the benefits of buying that particular product in a friendly yet straightforward manner. At the same time, you must also avoid being unnecessarily creative and using too many flowery words which might lose you a potential customer. Remember one thing; he is at your store to buy your product or to experience your service and not be flattered by reading your witty lines.

Also, you can think of adding some kind of a demo video of the product. Chances are pretty high for a buyer to get tempted and hence one step closer to purchasing it.

In addition to all this, a POS System is a kind of feature-filled cash register that provides a point/place where transactions are carried out and a receipt is generated. This combination of software and hardware helps you manage your online and physical store together. It is easy to use, simplifies inventory and employee management, and improves customer service.

2. Paid Traffic

It is always better to be wise than to be smart. Paid traffic is one such wise decision; that digital marketers must take into account. However, many of you have this misconception that paid traffic is expensive- all thanks to those delusive people who have spent a lot of money and saw no return.

Let me specify this, paid traffic, on the contrary, can be quite affordable at times. As soon as you have a winning campaign in your hands, paid traffic is such a step that you can take your business to the next level. More often than not, in any case, if you fail with paid traffic you may realize some common newbie mistakes.

In case you are new to paid traffic, you can try spending small amounts of money at a time. A good suggested starting point is no more than $50. You can try using Facebook Ad prices have risen by 247%, and spending small amounts on the platform can still teach you a lot. However, there is no guarantee that your campaigns are going to work out.

“After all, one can never see the future, perhaps the possibilities!”

If you think you are going to get it right on your first go, then you are wrong. Fret not, because if one campaign doesn’t work, you can always create another one. It’s an ongoing process! All you have to do is stick to your best practices and improve your odds. Try performing lots and lots of experimenting that might give you optimal results.

3. Don’t underestimate Social media

There is no denying the fact that social media is a powerful tool when it comes to boosting your eCommerce business. With a multitude of channels and hundreds of millions of users, a direct impact can be created on the bottom-line sales. For example- Pinterest pin to win, with 200m active monthly users you can try coming up with a Pinterest pin to win a competition. As the name implies, it’s all about encouraging customers to pin pictures of your various products. Each person performing such activity will be entered into a draw to win some kind of hamper or prize.

Apart from these, you can make the most of hashtags. It may quite interest you to know that Hashtag giveaways are considered one of the most powerful yet simple to keep track of. All you need to do is create a hashtag of your own and encourage more and more people to use it either on Twitter or Instagram and grab a prize. The rules are up to you. But the best ideas usually involve requiring users to post a particular photo involving your products or brand. This creates a buzz and showcases your items to lots of potential new customers.

4. Retargeting

Often known as remarketing, retargeting is all about showing your ads to people who have already visited your site. Doing this can turn out to be a great way to show ads to those who know what you sell. Let’s say, for example, you are selling dog bones, and you want people who are at present looking for different types of dog bones. Adjust your Facebook pixel in such a way that it collects data based on ‘Website Traffic,’ and, more specifically, ‘People who visit specific web pages.’ Create a product page and click Create an audience. And you are done! Similarly, you can do this on your Instagram account. Another form of smart work.

5. Implement upsells

Have you known the power of upsells? Although this method won’t increase sales, it will increase the average order value. And that’s probably because you’re the one going to be taking those customers who are buying standard or basic products and leading them to buy ‘upgraded’ or ‘customized’ versions of the products. Implementing an upsell feature on your website might appear a little bit technical, so you may want to ask for help from someone who knows how to deal with code. During such time, getting some aid from a reputable company might provide great help! In the end, the investment will pay off.

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