What’s New You Will Watch in WordPress 2020

Last updated on September 15th, 2023 at 07:30 am

WordPress is one of the leading content management systems which comprises more than 1.8 billion active websites on the Internet and more than one-third of them are developed via WordPress. The facts and figures of WordPress are enough to know about the popularity and usage of WordPress comparable with all the CMS platforms. No doubt, WordPress is one of the top-rated CMS platforms that features multiple resources. It is estimated that over 27% of websites are powered by WordPress, and brands including TechCrunch, CNN, and BBC America are based on the WordPress Platform.

However, it is another versatile aspect that will be coming in future years and we are primarily going to see hundreds of websites powered by WordPress platforms. Nowadays, user engagements and business requirements are transforming rapidly with the emergence of technological advancement in computing, and it is necessary to understand your target audience’s needs and their potential requirements before you look forward to representing a website and its services in a market-competitive order. Likewise, WordPress is also considered a valuable and informative platform for beginners to get started with hands-on practice to develop a professional website. If you intend to devise a plan to create a new website then you should also know about the latest WordPress trends and strategies that would revolutionize web and cloud-based platforms to the next level. The most influential website trends will help you to create a unique and powerful website. Hence, in this article, we have discussed the top WordPress trends that will dominate the marketplace in 2020.

1. The Emergence of Improved eCommerce Websites

In this era, eCommerce is revolutionizing the lives of people, as it makes up a large horizon of WordPress websites. Certainly, eCommerce is one of the emerging trends that are becoming tremendously popular and will continue to proceed quite soon. The popular eCommerce solution popularly known as WooCommerce is the most widely used WordPress plugin and eCommerce-based solution devises it as one of the large aspects of the WordPress website along with integration aspects. Hence, by using new WordPress themes, you can easily devise a powerful and secure eCommerce-based configuration system. Further, you can also address eCommerce trends such as online shopping, digital banking, mobile-based transactions, subscription-based services, personalized shopping standards, and vice versa. Hence, we have discussed new eCommerce-based themes such as:

  • Uncode: It is pixel pixel-enabled multipurpose WordPress theme based on a powerful WPBakery page builder that acts as a visual composer as it offers a wide variety of options to enhance your online business store. This theme provides a variety of customizable tools and resources such as shop templates and easy shortcuts for online store-related features including pricing packages and much more. It is quite responsive as it can be easily incorporated with WooCommerce.
  • Camp: This theme-based plugin is used to demonstrate your work by providing easiness to customize a full-featured eCommerce-based WordPress Theme. You will also receive a help document comprising valuable features such as eCommerce Ready Shop and Responsive Layout.

2. Virtual Reality-powered WordPress Plugins

Virtual Reality is one of the most attractive and emerging trends to consider whilst developing a business-enabled website. According to the latest reports, it is estimated that Web Developers and Designers are focusing on VR trends to make user-engaging website design, development, and maintenance aspects to flourish your business to the next level. WordPress supports virtual reality-based content comprising 360°videos and stunning images. There are various plugins available on the online store. It is expected to see more WordPress websites that are used to make valuable use of VR in 2020.

  • 360° Panoramic Image Viewer: This is a responsive WordPress plugin that assists you in integrating hotspots to static images, devising a completely interactive and visualized experience for your visitors.
  • MomentoPress: MomentoPress is an open-source WordPress plugin used for displaying 360-enabled VR photos and videos uploaded to the Momento360 platform.

3. Voice Search Optimization trends for WordPress

Voice Search is a vital aspect of search engine optimization consisting of voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Cortana are dominating the marketplace with increased growth to generate an enormous amount of ROI. The trend of voice search optimization for the WordPress platform will be empowered drastically in the year, 2020. As the latest plugins are being released for WordPress Platforms such as Google Voice Widget and Magic Post Voice. Primarily, it is preferred by the users to use voice searching apps instead of typing on the keyboard, etc.

Certainly, voice search optimization is a greater tool and resource for small, medium, and large-sized companies and industries to attain customer engagement prospects. With respect to customer relationship management (CRM) terminologies, this would be a greater implementation and transformation of the ways users are particularly interacting with the website and distributed computing applications.

4. Integration of Chatbots for WordPress

The trend of Chatbots integration is flourishing across the marketplace and it will further expand in 2020. The integration of chatbots is now possible with the CRM on WordPress which will provide user support to administer and acknowledge the act. This feature will help you monitor their user clicks on various platforms even if they have already downloaded a leading capture or interaction with the social media channels.

The benefits of the chatbots are tremendous, and they are quite useful to implement on your website. It primarily works to understand and examine human interaction and behavioral aspects. Hence, if amalgamated with suitable information, it can really assist us in improving user interaction and overall apprehensibility on the website platforms.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, the trends of WordPress for 2020 will boost your online presence are basically determined as innovative platforms that certainly assist professionals in the design and development of websites that are used to determine their brand identity and online presence to the next level. It is primarily evolving to ensure the online presence of your brand with the understanding and examination of the requirements of users and how to make up your brand to reach the topmost position.

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