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Email Marketing Strategies That Can Increase Event Registration

Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 04:21 pm

Whenever your business is about to host an event, you perpetually remain on the lookout for new ways and strategies to promote the event as much as possible. You leave no stones unturned while looking for practical strategies for content, digital, social media, and of course, email marketing.

Businesses always look up innovative marketing tactics to promote their event and encourage registrations.

And out of the many facets of marketing they utilize, email marketing is one of the most potentially vital aspects. Email marketing can be immensely useful in driving new subscribers and registrations for your event.

Once you have in mind the kind of event you wish to host, you can take the help of some helpful email marketing strategies to trigger more event registrations.

Below, we have compiled the top email marketing tactics for your effective and smooth reference.

1. Create awareness about your upcoming event!

You are investing your time and money in planning and hosting your event. So, ensure your prospective attendees know about your upcoming event as soon as possible. One of the most basic ways that businesses tend to announce their event is by sending announcement emails.

The key to drafting this email lies in designing your event as breaking news. Ensure that your email makes your subscribers feel as if they are the first ones to know about your event so that you can spark a light of enthusiasm in them. Furthermore, ensure your email isn’t too dragging and long for readers to go through it. Instead, make it short and crisp.

2. Have you narrowed down your customers’ list?

Your company might have gathered many email addresses of customers who have shared an experience with you. But even then, it is vital to categorize your email address book to find the people most likely to be interested in your event.

Once you have figured out exactly what kind of event you are hosting, you can find out who would most likely be interested in it. Based on this information, you can then narrow down your list of attendees.

There can be various factors that you may look into while categorizing and narrowing down your email list. So, research well on your existing customers/clients and send invites to only those to whom your event will be appealing. In this way, you can target your email only to those most likely to love and attend it.

3. Is your email just a long paragraph?

Nobody likes the idea of reading long paragraphs. They would rather be much more interested in watching visuals! Several recent studies have uncovered how people find visuals like short video clips more appealing than only plain and long messages.

And so, you can try incorporating an informative but fun-filled video in your invites. Thus, while you sit down to draft an email to increase event registration, you can include a short video clip of any of your previous events to entice your audience. It will help give your viewers a quick ‘teaser’ of what they can expect in your event and would be much more engaging than anything else!

4. Make your email mobile-friendly

A survey from 2018 reported that around 60% of viewers open their emails through their mobile phones. Therefore, optimizing your email for mobile phones can help in boosting your event registrations substantially.

You can put all the vital information about your event in the email so that viewers can properly view them from their mobile screens. Your email should also be able to hook your audience’s attention.

5. Highlight the benefits of your event

To gather more event registrations for your company’s upcoming event, you need to show your potential attendees what they can expect from it. They must be aware of the benefits they will likely gain by attending your event.

Only by creating such awareness amongst your potential attendees can you expect a greater rate of people signing up for your event! So, you need to ensure that your email underlines the event’s key takeaways before your potential attendees’ eyes.

For this step, it is best if you try to put yourself in the shoes of your email recipients. After that, you need to try and understand what you are most likely to look for before signing up for an event. Getting people to take action is becoming more challenging over time. Therefore, putting yourself in your recipients’ shoes and thinking from their perspective will help you understand how you can grab their attention!

6. Let your attendees know the speakers!

Ensure that you have enough space in your email to dedicate it to the speakers who will be there at the event. Since it is your speakers who are naturally enough in the spotlight of your event, make sure you introduce them to your potential attendees. Portraying at least a few of your top speakers, if not all, can be a great way to drive in your audience and make them excited for the event.

Instead of just inserting pictures of your speakers in the email invites, make sure you write a line or two about each of your speakers. In this way, you can help your potential attendees understand the worth of each of your speakers. Once you do this, your attendees will value your event enough to think they can’t afford to miss it!


Today, email marketing is one of the best strategies to choose for promoting your business. And when it comes to event registrations, email marketing provides you with the perfect options and elements to gather more attendees and communicate with your audience.

So, now that you know how to gather more audience registrations for your event through email and marketing, it’s time for you to implement them in your brand and accomplish new heights of success!

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