Kicksta Review: Grow Your Instagram Organically

Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 12:41 pm

Need a Kicksta review to show you the pros and cons of using an Instagram growth service? You’re in the right place.

Consistently growing your Instagram following isn’t as simple as it seems. There are millions of companies already active on Instagram, and it’s not always easy to sway the algorithm in your direction. Even if you produce incredible content and share all the right hashtags, you may still struggle to achieve any significant results without an initial boost.

That’s where Kicksta comes in.

Kicksta is an Instagram growth service that will help you organically grow your following. Today, we’re going to discuss whether Kicksta could be the right tool for you.

Instagram Growth

When your Instagram presence begins to thrive, you reach new leads, strengthen your brand reputation, and improve your chances of outshining the competition. By growing your Instagram you’ll also have more opportunities for sales, either through your own website or on Instagram shopping.

The more followers you have, the more people will recognize your brand, which will lead to long-term customers and success.

Instagram Growth Services

An Instagram growth service is a solution that does part of the work of growing your Instagram presence on your behalf. These tools can ensure that you generate a huge number of followers much faster than you would on your own.

Choose the right solution and you can achieve consistent and managed social media growth over a specific period. With another organization helping you to find followers and gain brand reach, you can focus on other parts of building your business. After all, many business owners don’t have much time to sit on Instagram constantly liking, following, and commenting to gain traction.

Instagram growth services give you access to:

  • Expert knowledge
  • Enhanced opportunities for brand growth
  • Opportunities for cross-promotion
  • Increased brand recognition
  • More sales through Instagram
  • Better audience engagement

But not all growth services are alike. Kicksta stands out by providing companies with a way to grow their follower count organically.

Real Vs Fake Instagram Growth

Instagram growth services haven’t always had the best reputation. In large part, that’s because there are a lot of “fake” solutions out there that take a shady approach to generate higher follower numbers. Many tools for Instagram growth use Instagram bots. That means they use fake users to like and comment on your posts. Bot-driven services used to be popular because of how cheap they were. Unfortunately, Instagram quickly caught onto these fake systems.

Today, if Instagram sees you using fake followers or interacting through bot accounts, you could end up getting your account banned. What’s more, even if you managed to get away with using a bot service, your growth would be short-lived. You might have a higher number of followers, but those “fans” won’t interact with your content, demonstrate engagement, or build your brand reputation.

If you don’t have healthy engagement, your reach on Instagram will begin to dwindle too, making it harder for you to recover and find real followers in the future.

Fortunately, Kicksta takes a safe and organic approach to Instagram growth.

What Is Kicksta?

Kicksta works on delivering real, organic growth to your Instagram account by finding you real Instagram followers with a genuine interest in the kind of content you share. Kicksta is an Instagram solution that grows your audience without using bots.

How It Works

Once you sign up for an account, you provide the company with a list of “target accounts”. In other words, this is a list of accounts with the kind of followers you might want to attract. Your target accounts may include influencers in your field or competitors. You might even include some profiles of complementary brands.

Kicksta then “likes” a couple of photos from each user following those target accounts (provided by you). When the users receive a notification that you liked their photo, they’ll hopefully check out your profile, and be impressed by what they see there. Since you’re targeting specific customers with an interest in companies like yours, there’s a higher chance that the followers you reach will want to follow you.

Kicksta can like an average of 10,000 photos a month for your company, boosting the organic reach of your page, and making sure you connect with the customers that can genuinely help you to grow. You even get access to a Kicksta dashboard where you can manage and update your target accounts and check your progress over time.

Kicksta Review: Features

Kicksta is an extremely simple service, which is one of the reasons it’s so effective.

There are no complicated systems or spammy strategies intended to build your brand through dangerous tactics. Instead, all you get is a powerful solution for organic growth powered by some of the most impressive AI technology on the market.

It’s no wonder that companies like Entrepreneur and Forbes trust Kicksta to help with their Instagram strategy. Features of the service include:

Quick and easy sign-up: Getting started with Kicksta is extremely easy. You create an account and alert the team to the accounts that you want to target. There’s even advanced targeting available for premium members.

Instagram Like function: Instagram’s AI-enhanced automatic engagement technology will go and like 1-2 photos from each follower of your target account

Absolute safety: Kicksta promises complete safety from any Instagram issues by offering you a spam-free approach to building followers.

Dashboard: Your Kicksta dashboard gives you an easy way to conveniently track your target accounts and measure progress towards your goals.

Video onboarding: Video onboarding is included as standard with each account, so you know how to use Kicksta to your advantage.

Excellent customer support: Premium plans come with VIP email support, live chat, and even a blacklist to help protect your account.

Kicksta Review: Pricing

Kicksta might be a little more expensive than those “fake growth” strategies that used to be more common in the Instagram market, but it also delivers genuine, long-term value. You’re not putting your brand at risk or damaging your engagement with Kicksta. You’re investing in long-term brand development and a strong Instagram community.

Paying for your Kicksta subscription is simple. There are two pay-as-you-go plans, and you can cancel at any time, with a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy.

Plans include:

Standard plan: $49 per month, per user: Standard “moderate” growth speed, video onboarding, and up to 10 target accounts.

Premium plan: $99 per month, per user (currently discounted from $149): Maximum growth speed, 40 target accounts, video onboarding, VIP support, live chat support, advanced targeting, and blacklist features.

Kicksta Review: Is It Safe?

As mentioned above, one of the things that makes Kicksta so appealing as an Instagram growth service is that it takes a safe and organic approach to support your company. There are no fake accounts or bots to get you into trouble with Instagram. You’re not putting yourself at risk by engaging in strategies that go against Instagram’s terms of service, either.

The biggest risk with Kicksta is that your competitors might have purchased fake followers and spam accounts. If that’s the case, Kicksta may “like” some of these spam accounts. This shouldn’t harm your Instagram reputation, though.

Kicksta is trusted by over 10,000 influencers and agencies, and it’s been featured by some of the leading social media publications in the world. With Kicksta, you get a time-tested approach to organic growth, genuine connections, and meaningful engagements. The solution is far safer than any spammy bot-based service.

Verdict: Is Kicksta Right For You?

An Instagram growth service is an excellent way to get the initial boost you need when you’re first building your profile on Instagram. The more followers you have, the easier it is to convince potential fans that you’re a credible brand. Unfortunately, a lot of companies have trouble getting their growth strategy off the ground.

A service like Kicksta gives you a time-saving solution for finding real followers for your business. You invest in a subscription with Kicksta, and they handle the time and effort associated with expanding your reach to new followers. That means you have more time to focus on the other strategies you’re using to grow your company.

Just make sure that if you do decide to work with Kicksta, you choose your target accounts carefully.

Overall, we give Kicksta 4 out of 5 stars thanks to its simplicity, safety, and usefulness.

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