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Best 12 Magento 2 Free Extensions

Magento 2 store has been buzzing around since a long time. It is due to the attractive and highly responsive extensions which are out in the market for your ultimate e-commerce store.

In this article, we will be gathering some of the most successful and result oriented free Magento 2 extensions that are covering all the basic needs of Marketing, SEO, CRM, Translation and much more.

1. Brand

This extension from Magento 2 store allows the store owners to display brand logos on their website effectively by making use of blocks, templates, layouts or widgets and gaining more trust and credibility. It is useful to get the brand and their products get highlighted in your store according to the customer filters. The extension empowers variant properties of the brand and uses widget to include the brand posting in quicker ways.

2. Product Label

This extension from Magento 2 store allows you to create an attractive label and add to your homepage, category, product, wishlist or search result as per you want it to be. It also adds labels by enticing amazing offers for the products which are new and freshly stoked at discount rates. The purpose of this goal is to help attract customers and boost your sales. Appropriate product labels help the customer know more about your product and convince them to purchase.

3. Share on Whatsapp

This Magento 2 extension allows you to embed a ‘WhatsApp’ share button on your product page for fast sharing of the product with their contact. As Whatsapp is used widely for messaging around the corner by the people, the extension will help to increase business sales. therefore, it is a good opportunity for e-commerce owners to target WhatsApp users for marketing their products.

4. Featured Products

This extension allows the store owners to display featured products on their e-commerce web page for boosting their sales. It is most related to the item blocks which can be incorporated with some distinctive products or product mixes which can be programmed in different ways. The products can be arranged as per the criteria to display the products in blocks as per the top vendors, a top product and sorted by dates.

5. Social Share

This extension allows your customers to share their favorite products on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These platforms are considered as the most widespread social networks with the largest numbers of the users and henceforth you cannot afford to alter any of these platforms as it impacts your social media reputation. by sharing the products with this platform, it has resulted to enhance sales from sharing and promote brand awareness.

6. Video Gallery

This extension is widely popular as it allows the store owners to add videos on their website by making use of blocks, template, layouts, and widgets effectively. You can also do it simply by getting it displayed on your website. The store owners can directly upload or transfer video documents from a PC and install it from an online video sharing system be it YouTube or Vimeo. This attracts more users and generates more leads.

7. AdRoll

This extension is an advertising growth platform used by many businesses globally for attracting new users and convert them into customers by growing customer value. It has been integrated with Magento for driving more sales with the help of some high-performing campaigns and easy to use dashboard. This extension boosts up the setup process and gives you access to premium features like dynamic products ads.

8. Banner Slider

The Magento 2 extension helps the store owners by placing some smart banners on their website and creating picture banners in endless numbers. Using banner is more effective to reach the target audience as you can easily add, delete, edit or delete the sliders from the admin grid which makes it more manageable and easy to use.

9. HubSpot Integration

The extension is a type of inbound marketing software platform that helps your enterprise attract new prospects and convert leads. The tool allows you to track and segment customers so that you can market them to the correct audience each time. You can directly connect your Magento store to HubSpot by actively gathering, updating and marketing to your most valuable customer and increase the leads.

10. Most Viewed Products

This extension allows you to offer your customer a flash of the most viewed products in general at your store. This helps your visitors to know which products are in demand and what makes them so popular from others. By making use of this extension, you can increase your customer base and display the most viewed products in a slider layout to generate more business.

11. Salesforce Integration

We all are aware of the Salesforce CRM that is used to close bigger deals faster for all size of enterprises. It is an effective tool for your business to collaborate, mobilize and earn more revenues. This extension helps you to eliminate all the unwanted data entry and manages your customer base in the leading CRM. It also helps to synchronize Magento customer records with Salesforce automatically.

12. Products Attachment

This extension from Magento 2 allows the store admin to upload files from the selected formats to provide users with some accurate manuals, licenses, and extra info right on the product pages. It helps to transfer files to the product grid by transferring data and adding them to the appropriate position. This will append recorded in various configurations and sizes on a quick basis and the customers can have a detailed documented information on the same.

Wrapping Up

There are thousands of extensions available on the Magento store for different categories as per your need. You can have a look at all of them be it free or premium versions of them. Here, we come to the end of this article. We hope this has helped you to know more about the free extensions offered by Magento. Keep Learning!

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