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17 Best Money Making Apps that Pay Real Money & Cash

Last updated on September 18th, 2023 at 05:36 pm

Are you aware? Today, many ways exist that you can use to make money with ease just right from your smartphone. You have been spending a lot of your precious time on the internet, and it’s the right time you need to earn from it. Get on board with the best money-making apps and see how earning online has become real.

Best money-making apps:

1. Acorns

Do you seek money-making apps that help you save and invest in spare change? Try acorns. It enables you to make a fortune off the stock market. Just link your bank account with it. That way, it will always round up your purchases, and the spare change will be invested in the stock.

2. Ibotta

Do you want to earn something you enjoy doing? Ibotta is among the best money-making apps to enable you to attain that precisely. Download the app and register for the account. You won’t be charged anything. When done, browse the offers and pay. Then, ensure to scan your receipts to redeem your offers. You will get the money within 48 hours.

3. Swagbucks

Have you heard of someone making money by just watching videos, taking a survey, or playing online games? Well, it’s true with money-making apps. Install Swagbucks on your smartphone and begin to earn by performing some tasks. You are awarded some points, and once you have hit a given level, you cash those points in gift cards.

4. Shopkick

This app offers a unique way to earn money just from the comfort of your home with a smartphone. The app will help you earn kicks, which you can redeem for gift cards. Have you bought certain items from specific stores? Go on and scan your receipts and get kicks. It’s among the trusted money-making apps that help you earn with ease.

5. StepBet

Thought of earning by just tracking your steps? It’s possible. This app makes it fun and interesting. Just download the app, and bet a specific amount of money that you will hit your step goal. If you attain your steps goal, you split the pot with others. That way, you will earn a few bucks’ profits.

6. Inboxdollars

Your opinion counts. Why don’t you go on and earn from it? Sign up with this app and begin to earn without hassle. But you will be required to take surveys on the products you consume as well as the places you visit every day. Want to register? Just get an email and join for free. Once you have downloaded the app to your phone, it allows you to earn in multiple ways.

7. Airbnb

Does your home have a spare room? You can turn your additional space into cash with this app. The app helps you choose how often and when to host, which is the beauty of this app. It has made it simple for you to earn extra cash by putting your spare space to work. Airbnb is among the best money-making apps you can trust.

8. Rakuten

It helps you to find in-store coupons as well as check prices. You can also easily connect your preferred credit card to this app and earn cashback through in-store purchases. Just log in to your account and find cashback offers you can get from those stores you visit. The moment you hit at least $ 5.01, you will receive an email from this app. Just by signing, you get a 10 USD gift card.

9. Bookscouter

Have you accumulated the library over the years? Do you have books you have read and don’t intend to reread? Don’t allow them to go to waste by getting dusty. You can sell them and earn. With this app, you can scan barcode numbers and get buyback prices. Many retailers are ready to offer you money for those books. Bookscouter is among those money-making apps you can use to earn from your old library.

10. Poshmark

Are you ready to turn outdated and or outgrown clothes into good cash? Poshmark is among the well-suited money-making apps that can help you achieve that. You will get started with ease once you download this app. Take a photo of your items, give a description, and embed the price. You will wait, and someone who wants to buy will contact you.

11. HealthyWage

Have you been working hard to lose some weight and become fit? How about earning through that weight loss process? It’s interesting. You are required to place a bet on your weight loss. Once you have hit the target, you get some cash. It’s the right app for you if you have been looking for exciting money-making apps.

12. Stockpile

If you seek to buy fractional shares from your preferred stock, this is among the best money-making apps you can use. With as little as 5 USD, you can invest and begin to earn. It doesn’t charge you a monthly fee, but you will part with 99 cents per every sale or buy you make.

13. Gigwalk

This app offers you a flexible way to earn some cash. Just download the app and find out what you can do. Once you sign in, go to the gigs list and accept those that interest you. When you submit your and gigs money is released, it will hit your account, pap!

14. EyeEm

Are you a good photographer? You can earn a lot from it. Download the app, take photos, post them through this app, and wait as money begins to hit your account. Your photos will be sold, and you will earn commissions.

15. Rover

Rover links sitters and walkers with dog owners. Dogs need some exercise. With just a button click, you can offer those services and get money.

16. Field Agent

You are looking for money-making apps where you complete local tasks and make some cash? You can begin with the field agent. Take a quick survey or check store displays, give the report back, and you will get money.

17. UberEATS

Do you like the idea of ridesharing? You don’t have to let strangers enter your car. This is among the best money-making apps to help you avoid those strangers. Just sign up in the Uber app and earn cash by doing deliveries.


Just from the comfort of your home and smartphone, you can make cash through the above money-making apps. Don’t take time in internet browsing without earning from it. Money-making apps have brought you ample opportunities to earn through simple steps and tasks.

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