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Planning to Start a Business? Gain Huge Profits by Building the Gojek-Like App

Last updated on November 29th, 2023 at 12:20 pm

Investing in any business without proper research will lead to a total loss of money, so doing adequate research before starting any business is crucial. It is, therefore, important for any start-up entrepreneurs who wish to invest money in a business to run through the market and determine whether the idea is viable.

It is crucial to do such research before starting a company in order to have a clear vision of whether investing in this idea is a wise decision. Hence, an investment decision must include points like the current market strategies for the business, and Keeping the customer’s needs at the forefront is the most crucial factor. Considering the customer’s needs, in the current modern busy life, everyone prefers convenience in pretty much everything. Therefore, to succeed in the current market, entrepreneurs should invest in a multi-service on-demand business and develop a multi-service app.

Why Invest in a Multiservice App?

Talking about the COVID-19 outbreak in the recent past, the online market has observed a rise in online shopping, and users are spending more time on the internet and prefer to order online the service they want from the multi-service app. This is one of the reasons to invest in the multi-service app. So, let’s discuss some important points on why it is beneficial to invest in multi-service apps.

It is in High Demand

These types of service app are in high demand as it has multiple services for users in one app with multiple methods for payments and an app flow that is simple and attractive in a convenient way for the user.

Increase Customer Engagement

Customers will be engaged for a longer period thanks to the many features of this app, including the ability to provide services from different stores through a single app, so they don’t have to download separate apps for various purposes, multiple payment options, and many other features that contribute to customer engagement.

Increase the Profit

The multi-service app simplifies the user’s process of ordering, as everything they want can be requested from one app without any discomfort. This can increase the company’s profit up to many presents.

Why Building the Gojek-Like App is Profitable for the Start-Up Business

Gojek-like app platform can benefit the company as it is easy to use, offers a wide range of services to users, and gives the company a fast and easy way to connect with their customers. Other factors why building an app like Gojek is profitable.

One App Provides Multiple On-Demand Services

Businesses that are on-demand are linked to customer needs, and if there is high demand for anything, it can be highly profitable to be involved in that category of business. Thus, a multi-service business is highly advantageous as it provides multiple on-demand services in one app.

Extended Revenue Channels Through One Platform

As it provides various services in a single app, this encourages many small businesses who provide the services to start their business on the company’s online platform. This increases the company’s revenue as the company gets to profit from every order.

Easy Management of a Diverse Range of Services

Various services that are available on the app can be easily managed by the business owner from one platform, like managing order details, managing stores and their settings, even the brand’s name, logo, and many more.

Business Analysis with Merged Results of all Types of Services

The owner can view all the types of details of every registered store, customer, delivery provider, country, and city. In addition, digital, numerical, statistical, and graphical forms can be used to view order and payment information.

Cost of Development

the development cost of the Gojek-like app varies in different areas, even in the same country. However, the cost will depend on factors like the platform for which the app is being developed, the technology in which the app is being developed, its maintenance and upgradation, the type of features, design, and flow of the app, and so on.

How to Build a Gojek Like App?

It needs professionally skilled and experienced developers to develop the application. It takes a few months to develop the app, and there are a few essential points to consider while developing the app.

Decide all the features of the app

The most important step in app development is to decide what kind of features the company is going to provide to its users for their convenience, as features are the most crucial part of the app. However, some essential features should be included while developing the multi-service app.

  • Multiple payment options: Multiple options of payment like online through cards or through payment apps and also by cash for the comfort of the users.
  • Gps service: Using GPS services, the delivery provider can track the address and deliver the parcel.
  • Multiple languages option: Since the app is used by users from different regions, multiple languages are provided for the user’s convenience.
  • Call and chat option for the users: Using the chat feature or calling the delivery representative, customers can receive any help they need after placing their order.
  • Order for now or schedule for later: Customers can order ASAP or schedule it for later by filling in the details of the time and date they want the delivery.
  • Cancelation option for the delivery provider: The delivery provider can cancel the delivery request for the delivery from the store by providing valid reasons.

The Flow and Design of the App

This is one of the important steps in the development of the app. By knowing the business needs, app developers can create the flow of the app and design it accordingly. As It plays an important role in increasing and sustaining the number of users since no one wants to use an app that looks ugly.

Find A Proper White Label Company

In order to develop a multi-service app, it is important to hire a white-label company since it provides a fully customizable app, allowing the client to change the logo and brand, and customize the app’s features.

Final Note

Before starting a business, it is vital to do extensive research in order to get a clear picture of whether investing in the idea makes sense. Start-up entrepreneurs need to develop a multi-service app like Gojek and invest in a multiple-service on-demand business to succeed in the current market.

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