How to Build Your Own Language App Like Duolingo?

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 09:30 am

Planning to develop an e-learning app like Duolingo? Well, you are not alone in the same race. Many investors are already investing in this niche.


Well, if you check the recent market you can witness that language learning apps have widened new opportunities and horizons.

Note:- Below in this blog is a projection given by Statista about the market size of the global e-learning language.

Since its launch, Duolingo has established itself as a $700+ million business.

Very great numbers, right!!

2021 is certainly a great time to put your resources into EdTech application development. According to the recent survey, COVID-19 has prompted a 335% expansion in revenue. However, a couple of businesses already know that it is the right time to construct a competitive e-learning app like Duolingo.

Before we learn further let us understand the types of e-learning mobile apps:-

Types of e-learning mobile apps

SMS (Student Management Systems)

This type of mobile app is mainly used to manage the students, tutors, donor data, and alumni.

Online Tutoring Platform

Best for finding the best tutor. This type of app can help the student figure out the best tutors and schedule a section according to the convenience of the students. The bills are generated automatically.

Assessment Software

This type of educational app can intensify the process of assessment for students and teachers.

Virtual Classroom Software

Off late, this type of educational app is gaining a lot of prominence. It gives an in-person atmosphere for learning. It has worked and improved the process of distance learning easier.

Video Conferencing Software

These apps aim more at business rather than e-learning. Here, live video streaming is given for e-learning. This is very much similar to video streaming software.

LMS (Learning Management Systems)

This app focuses more on the cyber schools for the academic. It can help the resourced person to collect the reports, monitor performance, and enhance the communication between students and teachers.

MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)

A marketplace or a platform for the courses online. This type of app gives free courses online. It includes assessments, reading materials, video lessons, forums, etc.

Operations of e-learning mobile apps like Duolingo

For the development of e-learning apps, you need to know the working of such apps:-


You should be implementing maximum lessons to read, translate, and learn new words. Ensure to train the user with listening comprehension.

Video content

You must always try to incorporate video to develop an app similar to Duolingo. If you include the subtitles then that will be beneficial for the users.


This is yet another feature that you must implement in e-learning apps. The Chatbot can assist the user with basic queries such as helping the user to pronounce a specific word. Further, you must also make it a point to introduce the speech translation function. It’s true that it will increase the cost of development. However, such expenses can attract more potential users.


You can give the opportunity to the users to read their favorite book and especially implementing tips/ hints, you can translate difficult translations.

Why must you invest in an e-learning app like Duolingo?

  • If you do not consider the altruistic longing to help individuals, the advantages are self-evident, to be specific: you will get an incredible source of super permanent income! To earn the best RoI, you must consider following the methods:-
  • You can follow the design adopted by Duolingo which doesn’t charge the users for utilizing the platforms. Until 2017, Duolingo had utilized a plan of action dependent on crowdsourcing. Students were welcome to interpret articles and decisions in favor of translations. The solicitations were coming from associations that paid Duolingo for such services.
  • The other decent choice is to give Light and Pro versions of the language learning apps. As the act of numerous applications shows, a ton of users are glad to buy the membership plan.

It is likewise sensible to make free platforms, however, offer some intriguing paid components. This must include access to books and videos, etc.

  • E-learning apps took advantage of in-application advertisements. According to the source, Duolingo earned major shares from these advertisements.

How to develop an e-learning app like Duolingo?

Social media network integration

This feature will simplify the registration process and will assist you to integrate the details from the social network. This includes Facebook. Hence, the user does not have to tap section by section to fill in all their details.


Nowadays, language learning apps are developed with exciting games that offer exciting incentives, bonuses, and achievements. It also gives the opportunity to the user to interact with other users. So, if you have plans to develop apps make sure you introduce this feature in your app.


It is good that you introduce the dashboard wherein the user can analyze their performance and achievements.

In a nutshell!!

When creating a mobile app make sure it is engaging and simple for the users. Implement the latest technologies. Always check your competitors in and out. Check what features are attracting their users. Try to implement those features with added elements. Since you need to build your brand image your mobile app must reflect this well. Hiring a mobile app development company to develop an app is the best option.

Tips to hire a mobile app development company

  • These developers will have impeccable experience and thus will develop competitive and engaging mobile apps.
  • Always check the reviews and testimonials before hiring a mobile app development company. You can check Clutch, Manifest, Appfutura, GoodFirms, etc. Here the clients share their feedback about the development, design, and work culture of the development company. So, you can analyze whether they are capable of working on your project.
  • Choose a company that signs the NDA document.
  • Check the testimonials and case studies to check whether the mobile app development company has developed and worked on a similar project.

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