How Blogging is a Crucial Activity for Website SEO?

Last updated on September 17th, 2023 at 10:21 am

To increase the credibility of your website and to make your website SEO friendly, blogging plays a crucial role. You may be aware of the importance of blogging but in this blog, I will share all the importance of blogging from an SEO point of view. Blogging is done by two kinds of people, one who has taken an interest in writing and another one who is working as a content writer. Blogging includes fresh content published by the author to share valuable information. There are a variety of websites available in the market. Examples of website development services are eCommerce app development, Healthcare app development, Dashboard Development, Legacy System Migration, and so on.

In the world of virtual information, Whole information is integrated into a single system where one can search anything online and can get all the necessary information on their mobile screen. To engage your audience and to bring more traffic to websites, bloggers put their effort into making unique and fresh content. They ensure the quality and length of the content, so they can publish it on their blogging website. Internal linking is a must just because of getting a backlink. Dofollow links help to promote your business.

To boost traffic and to get top rank in search engines, blogging is considered one of the most off-page SEO activities. If your blog is good from an SEO point of view then you will get good results in terms of ranking. If we talk about lead generation then most of the leads in the form of referrals have come from blogs. The better you optimize your blog, the better you get results. Try to avoid grammatical mistakes and make your content SEO-friendly.

Does Blogging Help In Digital Marketing:

Keeps Your Website Current and Relevant:

If you want to update your website daily then blogging plays an important role. Blogging allows a website owner to keep the website fresh and current. Unique quality content and information attract more audiences to your blog and allow them to get more and more knowledge about new blogs. If website content has not been updated for years it may affect your ranking and you can lose the trust of your audience. Blogging always helps to update your website in terms of information and allows you to increase traffic on websites. I hope you have heard about Google algorithms, as per Google algorithms outdated content will not be entertained. As per the policy, only fresh content can be considered by Google.

Maintain Audience and Traffic:

Google gives priority to all those websites that contain valuable information on their website. If you want to rank your website on the first page of Google then follow the rules of blogging like trying to show your content in bullet points, Avoiding copied content, using more infographics, and content error-free. Whenever we get something helpful then we go for that. Similar things apply to content, whenever readers and the audience find something helpful then they read that post more and more times. To stay audience of your blog, try to write content from readers’ points of view. If readers pay attention to your content then they will spend most of the time on your website. I am sure you know that Google shows approx thousands of results for a single keyword and you can understand the level of competition. If you are interested in guest blogging then you have to write approx 2000 words of content.

Allow Long-tail Keywords:

Being an SEO executive I can understand the importance of keywords and I know on websites you may not add long-tail keywords. To target long-tail keywords, you can take the help of blogging. Blogging enables you to use long-tail keywords, If you are offering services like Fantasy sports app development, Fantasy cricket app development, eCommerce app development, Casino game software development, or PUBG tournament app development then I know you will want to target your keywords like fantasy sports, fantasy cricket, eCommerce, etc. Long-tail keywords can be used to target your service. Country-wise targeting can be done by using long-tail keywords. Sometimes it may be awkward to put long-tail keywords. This may seem imperfect in terms of SEO activities but In the blog title, you can use this kind of keyword.


We can not deny that blogging is an outdated technique but we can not say that it is not helpful. One can get backlinks by performing this activity. If you will not add any link under the internal section of your blog then you are wasting your time. Try to put an internal link inside your blog post. Suppose you are doing guest blogging and you are not linking your blogs with another one then you can not market your blogs. Internal linking allows you to get a backlink and avoid this mistake. If you post your content for guest blogging then you must ensure that your internal linking is good. Internal links are also called anchor text, which allows you to redirect to that particular page connected with the link. Relevant internal links mean it should be related to your topics and should match with readers’ requirements.

Allow You To Get More Backlink:

As I told you, internal linking is important for doing SEO, but the hardest part is getting external links. It is not impossible to get a backlink in the form of a do-follow link. There might be some terms and conditions for getting the DOFOLLOW backlink. Quality content, error-free content, without grammatical mistakes, you can easily get a backlink. If you have a bunch of great backlinks then nobody can stop you from getting a rank in Google. Researchers reveal the fact that those who post unique information will get 90 percent of backlinks. Backlinking helps to create a broader internet reach of your website and allows you to get more leads. If you want to focus on a particular country then classified submissions and Blogspot platforms allow you to target a particular industry.

Connect With Audience:

It is very significant to get an audience on your platform. Blogging contributes to engaging the audience on a website and helps to get more traffic on your website. When an audience gets something unique and informative, they are more likely to read that blog again and again. It is quite amazing to get the audience’s love by just providing information. I am very much interested in blogging. Blogging is not only beneficial from an SEO point of view but also helpful to add something good to your knowledge.


Now I am Wrapping Up! I am sure that now you understand How blogging helps in SEO. If I talk about blogging then there are so many guidelines that you have to follow while making a blog post. There are a lot of blogging websites that you can easily find on Google and can post your blogs. Always try to write engaging content and ensure that you promote your blogs on different websites. Search engine optimization activity can help to get top rank in Google. Let’s start thinking about blogging and start your blog. I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. Share your queries if you have any.

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