How to Create WordPress Multi-Page Form

Last updated on September 18th, 2023 at 05:09 pm

Do you collect information through your website by the use of forms? Is it one long or multi-page form? If you use a long form on your site, you should consider breaking it into a multi-page form. Long-form can scare your customers or site visitors. 

You can prevent your site visitors from abandoning the filling of your online form halfway. All you need is to add a multi-page form to your website. They way, you will engage them to the end. A multi-page form will increase your form’s conversion since it creates a huge focus for your users.  

But how do you create a multi-page form? Just get on board with the steps below, and you will have a multi-page form on your website with ease. And if you are having trouble with WordPress development you can consult with an expert.

Steps to create a multi-page form on your WordPress website

Get the WordPress WPForms plugin fist

Want a multi-page form on your WordPress website? You will have to download, install, and activate a WordPress plugin called WPForms. Once you have that plugin, you can rest assured that you can split all kinds of forms into multi-page forms.

You may not be aware of the process of getting WPForms. The easy way to install the WordPress plugin is through search. Just visit your website and navigate your way to plugins. Proceed to the Add new option within your site’s dashboard.

Just as shown in the above image, look at the top corner on your left-hand side. There is a search box “search plugin’ ensure to type the name of the plugin you want to download. In this case, you are required to type WPForms and begin the search.

When you are done, you will get a bunch of listings, as shown in the image below.

Since you were looking for WPForms, look next to it, and you will find the ‘install now’ option. Don’t forget to click on it. The moment you click on it, your WordPress site will download and install the plugin. The install now button will adjust and become the ‘activate’ button.

If you want to use the plugin, you will have to press the ‘activate’ button. Once you are through, you can configure your plugin settings and upload it. That way, it will be ready for you to start creating forms.

Use WPForms and create a form.

After you have installed your WPForms plugin, this is the second step towards creating a multi-page form on your website. 

Ensure you are logged in, and you are on your WordPress admin area. On your right-hand side, you will see WPForms. It’s in the admin sidebar. Make sure you click on it. That will take you to a forms overview page.

Look next to the form overview, and you will see the ‘Add new’ option just like shown in the above image. Click on it.

Within the setup page of this form builder, you can pick a name for your form in the form name field. If you decide not to, the form takes the default name of the form template you choose.

Just below the form name field, you have options to pick your form template. The pre-built templates for your form will help get started quickly. Ensure to press a button on your preferred form template.

The next step you need to take is to customize your form fields. On your left-hand side, you will see a panel that shows your fields to use. But will depend on the level of your license. On your right-hand side, there is another panel that offers you an editable preview of your single form. 

If you want to add more fields to your form, drag and drop the fields from your left panel.

The field options offer you a chance to configure your details as well as settings for each field. They can be field labels or even descriptions.

You may want to see and edit the field option on your form. Just click on every field within your preview screen that you want to edit. It will appear on your left panel.
When done with editing your form field options, click the ‘Save’ button. That will keep your changes.

Good! You are done with creating your single form. But you aren’t through yet since your goal is to complete a multi-page form, and that should be your next step.

Splitting your single form into a multi-page form

You now have a single customized form. To split into a multi-page form, you will have to add a page breaker field. That will split your single form into multi-part pages.

Are you wondering how you can achieve that? Look at the left-hand panel on the field’s page. You will see the ‘page break’ option. Click and drag the page break field towards your right-hand panel. After you have dropped the page break field on any section, you wish to split. It will just split.

You can then repeat that to all the sections you want, and you will have a multi-page form. 

You are customizing your multi-page form progress bar.

You need to raise the flow of your multi-page form. Ensure to add a progress bar. It will help your form users to know different sections and figure out how much is left for them to complete the whole form.

WPForms provides you with three progress bar indicators you can pick for your multi-page form.

You may go for circles, a progress bar, or a connector.

When you are through customizing your progress bar, make sure you click the save button before moving to your next step.

Edit your multi-page form settings

Visit settings and then go to general. While there, you can give your name, description, the submit button text as well as the spam setting. Ensure also to set GDPR features. You can save it when done.

Setting form notification

This is another important step. It’s good to let your form users know when a form has been submitted. Click settings and then go to notifications. You can also get an alert once your form has been sent.

You are setting your multi-page confirmation message

Navigate to the way to settings and go to confirmation. Select a type of message to show your form users when they complete filling out your form. It can be a redirect, show page, or a message.

Ensure to save when you are done customizing your confirmation type.

You are adding your multi-page form to your site

You are on your final step. Go to your WordPress admin section. Press pages and add new ones. Press the plus icon. Within your site editor add a new block. Scroll and select a multi-step form. Click on and then publish, and you will have a multi-page form on your website. 


A multi-page form on your website is very vital. It helps to increase your form conversion rate. Follow the above steps, and you will add a multi-step page on your website with ease. That way, you will reduce the number of people who abandon your form unfilled halfway.

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