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How to Improve your Website Design

Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 08:33 am

Needless to say, a website is the most important digital marketing tool of a business that can give you a lot of targeted audience, promote and establish your brand, convert queries into sales, and do a lot of things to give your business a kick start.

Whatever business you may have, from manufacturing to e-commerce, from small business to large enterprise, a website is equally essential for each of them.

However, competition is tough and you have to be unique in your web design to bring more success to your business. In today’s busy life, everyone has less time to invest in one thing. So is a website. Your web design should be impressive, full-on with relevant data and pictures that could attract mass attention in the blink of an eye.

You must be focused enough to make your website lucrative and extraordinary. Confused about how you can do it? Don’t worry as here we are going to guide you with some important tips to make your web design even better than before.

What are the Top Tips to Improve your Web Design?

If you are looking for tips to improve your web design for getting more leads and business, these are some of the guidelines that you can try on-

1. Mobile-Friendly Website Design

If you have hired any web design company to make a decent website for your small business, you must tell them to design a mobile-friendly website. Since 2015, Google has started giving poor ranking to those websites that are not mobile-friendly.

Also, currently, most people are more comfortable accessing mobile phones rather than laptops and desktops as mobile devices have become much smarter with the latest technologies and applications. You can manage almost everything with a smartphone in your hand.

If your website is not a mobile-friendly version, the content of your website may not appear correctly on the phone display. It will surely look odd and you are going to lose a large number of customers or viewers of your website.

2. High Loading Speed

You also need to ensure that your website is not taking too much time to load. The speed of a website is very crucial as it is the main key that enables visitors to continue on the web page. If your webpage is too heavy to load, it can harm your customer’s interest level. As a result, you will lose your traffic or crowd.

3. User-Friendly Navigation

You must know that having a website with a high loading speed won’t help much unless you work on your website navigation. Your website navigation should be simple so that people can understand them better.

While you are engaging some web design company in South Africa you need to ask them to keep the navigation of the website as simple as they can. If your web navigation is simple and user-friendly, you can attract more visitors to your website.

4. Short and Crisp Content

Don’t tire your visitors with too much unimportant content, rather you should follow and instruct your freelance web designer to engage with minimal and informative content. Using a short and crisp is going to help you to get more audience.

People will show interest in reading this short description of your brand or company. As a result, your audience or visitor base will be better.

5. Attractive and Informative Images

Try using attractive and Informative images on your web page while you are designing the page. It is seen that people tend to feel more attracted to those websites that have eye-catching pictures of products. You can opt for the product photo shoot for your website and use these pictures instead.

6. Link to other Social Platforms

We are currently aware of the power of social media marketing already. Your web page must have links to your other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.

A professional web design company in Nigeria is already aware of the latest website trends. They must guide you regarding how to link your other social media accounts with your website and how to manage this easily.

7. Call-to-Action

Call-to-action is another important thing that can help your website to become popular. Having enclosed a strong call to action will help more customers to engage with your website. By a call to action, you can do multiple things to your website.

You can add a sign-up option where people can easily sign up to your web page or brand to buy something or just sign up to the newsletter section and get updates about your website. You can also add a free trial option, product information download option, watch video option, see the price option, etc. as a different call-to-action.

8. Insert Blog

Blogs are quite a popular thing nowadays. People love to read blogs often. Attaching a blog with your web page will be very useful. People who are in search of different information will be taken to the blog section of your website and in this way, a lot of traffic will be generated in favor of your web page. It’s a modern digital marketing technique to increase your website rankings. You must try this step.

9. SEO-Friendly Content

Don’t forget the SEO-friendly content too as it is a great digital marketing tool that can enhance your business as well as website rankings too. If you use unique content while designing your website, it will increase your website reach to more potential customers and hence more positive clients and viewers will be attached to your page.

10. Contact Details

You must attach appropriate contact details to your website including the following – contact number, location, direction, email form, feedback section, etc. These are some important aspects that should be on every website.

If any client or visitor of yours wants to contact you for any correspondence, the inquiry should reach you in the first place. In this way, you can solve the client’s grievance too. You can also add an online chatting option to your website which is a unique and trendy contact feature.

11. Website Themes

Last, but not least you must be very particular when it comes to the selection of themes for your web page. The color combination that you choose must go with your business type and style. It should not be too colorful and not be very dull.

It will be even better if you first discuss your with your web design company in Nigeria your brand or company so that they can suggest your website templates based on your business field or the type of your end product.

Final Thoughts

So, above are some of the important tips on web designing that should be followed in the current era. If you opt out of the above tips, you are going to see very positive insights into your website trend within a very short period. Web design in South Africa is already doing a great job nowadays. You can hire the best consultant to get more useful tips on web design.

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