7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Needs a Mobile App

Last updated on September 19th, 2023 at 02:47 pm

The mobile phone is a must nowadays. Do you know what comes hand-in-hand with it? The mobile app!

While the trend of watching television is taking a downward spiral, the trend of using mobile phones is going up!

In today’s world, we have a mobile app for every single need of ours. We order food, clothes, new technology, and nearly every single thing that you can imagine. Studies have shown that the average person checks its phone at least once an hour. Sometimes more, especially if that average person is among the younger generations. But hey, the elders are kind of underestimated here. Believe me, when I tell you, older people are really into technology and sometimes even more than the youngsters! Hard to imagine, but it’s true.

Few short tips on your behalf, that are mobile app related. We’d advise you to read some posts on why your business needs its mobile app, no matter its size. it’s pretty handy to read articles like this no matter the classification of your company.

Mobile apps can be expensive, so do your homework and make sure that you get what you pay for!

You must check your developed mobile app to see if it functions correctly. Company owners tend to leave their app once it’s bugs. Make sure that it’s right from the very beginning so that you don’t run into some problems.

Before I wrote this article, while doing some research I found out that there are online companies that offer businesses tons of templates to choose from. With those templates, you will get an affordable and functioning mobile app for your firm. It works with both Android and iOS! Check them out as well.

In the following article, we’ll tell you why having a mobile app is crucial for your company!

Top reasons for developing a mobile app for your small business

1. Allow your business to grow!

You’ve read that right! Having a mobile app can help your business bloom! This works wonders for companies that have tried many ways of promotion but nothing seemed to be working out for them. That’s why opting for a mobile app for your business might just be the thing you need. With the percentage of people using mobile phones, the chances that your business will get the attention it deserves are sky-high!

2. People will get to know you better

The mobile app will bring you one step closer to your customers. Via the app, clients will have a look inside your company, products, or services that you offer. They will be updated on every minor change in your offer and your company as well. People like being synced with time and by having a mobile app, you will provide that for them. A big plus! This will add up to customer loyalty- a pretty important link to every successful company. The bigger the loyal customer circle- the better.

3. You will be on their display at all times

There’s some psychology behind this. Let us explain. On average, people use their phones once or more than once in an hour. They don’t need to play games or surf the net, they simply check the time or something. If you have a mobile app for your company, people will download that app and you will be on their display. That way when they open the phone, they will see your logo and your app.

Sometimes, people like to open random apps out of boredom. They do not need to do this, yet they still do it. So, if you have a mobile application, people will open the app, look around, see if they like anything, and possibly purchase it.

4. Great use in advertising

Adverts are a huge deal, especially if you’re a smaller company or a newbie in the business. Ads are something that people will see, and maybe they will want to know more. Imagine the mobile app as a form of advertisement. It gives similar results. Mobile apps will be the first thing they see, click, and select! It’s going to be as easy as one, two, three!

While you’re considering getting a mobile app developed, try ads as well. Different combinations might give you great converts!

Of course, apps alone will not bring a whole new set of customers. Apps will bring new customers only if the customer loyalty branch is fully satisfied. That way, your clients will tell friends and colleagues about you and what you offer. Only then comes the ‘new clients result’.

5. Winning over the competitors in the market

Sounds quite odd, but having a mobile app will take you a whole lot further than your app-less competitors. The mobile app will bring your existing customers and potential new customers together, it will help you build brand awareness. It will even build a loyal group of customers! If your competitors are small firms as well, you will be one huge step ahead of them. Let’s see how they will outscore that.

6. Directs client connection

We’ve mentioned this before, but mobile apps will connect you directly with your clients. They’ll be in constant touch with you as a firm, and they will know all the discounts, promos, etc. Who wouldn’t want it when their favorite product is 30% off? With a mobile app, that will be one click away!

7. Building brand awareness

By having a mobile app, you will start building up your brand. In terms of app appearance, you need to do some research. You might want to use the color and font strategy. Again, this has a psychological ring to it, but choosing the right font and the right colors can make your mobile app look more appealing to customers. This means that they’ll reach out to you more because they will be more attracted.

Oh, I have a website, I don’t need a mobile app.

Maybe you’re mistaken here. Websites are great for achieving new customers, but mobile apps have a different goal. They serve to gain customer loyalty. You’ll promote your business via mobile apps as soon as you get your customers’ loyalty at a satisfactory level. But that will take some time. In the beginning, you should focus on making your existing clients happy. Afterward, happy clients will spread the word about you, and you’ll end up with a whole lot more customers. Sounds simple, but is it?

By owning a mobile app, you’re positioning yourself in the place where nearly two-thirds of the population is currently living- the mobiles and internet. Once you’re in, the only way is forward. You cannot leave without great results!


After reading this article, we’re sure that you kind of understand the reasons why your small business needs its mobile app. Your business will not always be tiny. It will grow as long as you take care of it. But taking care is a continuous process. You need to read a lot, find new ways of promoting, and read other articles similar to this one. Always look for something new, something better! Consistency is the key to success!

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