Top Trends That Will Influence Website Design in 2021

Last updated on September 19th, 2023 at 02:45 pm

Trends and time have one common thing they can never be the same. Every year new web design trends gain all the attention. Website design trends are constantly changing and getting innovative. Numerous new factors like dynamic scrolling, custom illustrations, color schemes, focus on UX/UI, etc. getting highly focused on new website design trends. 

With the New Year approaching, we’re beginning to investigate the latest trends for innovative website design for 2021. Take a moment to consider the sites you’ve seen throughout the most recent couple of months. There is probably some website with beautiful inputs like bright and contrast colors, images, and graphics but, the same website is delivering a terrible user experience. Some brands leave a negative impact on users due to unstructured content on the website.

In today’s broad and saturated online realm, an awesome user experience is not just a way to unlock incredible business opportunities but also necessary for the success of your website. With the huge count of IT service providers, designing a website is a matter of a few hours, but making it successful with quality content and engaging layouts demands professional years of experience.

In this article, we will discuss some of the leading web design trends that will dominate the market in 2021.

Dark Mode

It already gained a lot of popularity in the current era and has become a more preferred trend in upcoming years. Below are a few reasons that web designers  prefer dark mode:

  • It makes the website look modern. Big brands like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and offer alternative themes on their platforms.  
  • It highlights and allows other design elements to pop.  
  • It can even save device battery power!
  • Reduces eye strain in dim lights: Most mobile users use their mobile at night before they go to sleep.

Numerous platforms offer users to access dark mode. Apple users can reschedule to switch their device to dark mode. 

Unusual Color Combination

Bold and unusual color combinations are one of the most prominent website design trends that make a perfectly engaging and eye-catching pair to gain visitors’ attention. The use of saturated and bright colors helps the brand to stand out in the crowd. To create innovation you must keep on exploring and experimenting else you will keep on following the boring and outdated website design process.

Intense colors, glowing shades, and bright color combinations will help your website look amazingly unique. Dark and mysterious color combinations are the best option for those who look for elegance with a dynamic and modern look

3D Elements

3D design elements have fascinated website users for a long time now. Because of growing web innovation, web designers continually increase their approach, and 3D design elements are progressively utilized. Be prudent in choosing 3D components for designing a website and delivering the best user experience to make them feel more connected with your website. It helps your website look more interactive which leads to stunning outcomes. Not every agency might offer this option but working with a top design agency in Miami or your local area will yield the best results

This is one of the most important trends for appealing website design. A successful 3D graphic should not negatively impact your website performance. Make sure you are smartly using the 3D elements and optimize your website for fast performance

Asymmetric Layouts

For a long time, sites have been founded on a grid layout. This has consistently been a famous methodology since it puts together the structure and permits focus on key components. However, this highlights how genuinely inventive you can make the website if your design fits the specific template.

The future trend is asymmetric design. It is the ideal choice for brands to overlook traditional and come up with new ideas and exciting web design plans. It is to be noted that, even with asymmetrical design, no single part of web designing should be heavier than another.

Voice Recognition

The pattern in which clients access data is changing constantly. Rather than composing a text search inquiry into Google, they now expect their queries resolved when they speak. Implementing a voice recognition system on your website helps users avoid typing long texts and deliver results as per their audio query.

It simply means implementing chatbots and virtual assistance is a great approach for designing creative websites. As an advanced option to traditional text search, more and more entrepreneurs are implementing voice chatbots and voice recognition systems. It is going to be the top trend in the future.

Combine Photography with Graphics

Overlapping graphics onto images is the next biggest trend for website design in 2021. High-quality images independently give great website looks but combining them with creative graphics showcases cool and attractive flair. 

Below are the key reasons why web designers combine images with graphics:

  • It is a great approach to enhance your website’s personality.
  • The perfect way to reinforce company branding. For example, the focus on the shape and colors you are using in your logo.
  • Keeps your website engaged with your web content.

To get the best from the amazing trend merge your graphics that suit your brand image.

Website Load Time

This is the most important factor of a great website. Not in the past but today and tomorrow this trend is never going to fade. A slow website takes away your leads and never lets them come back to your website due to poor loading speed. This trend has been most important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and UX for years. Optimize your website so that it can load faster and give a great user experience. Optimize images and content to reduce the load time.  


In 2021, we hope to see plenty of strong, eye-catching websites utilizing mixed media, animation, and great graphics to escalate the user’s experience. Page speed and unique user experience will even now be at the cutting edge. If you are searching for a tech professional or a skilled website designer for an advanced and easy-to-understand site, hire a certified website designer. You can contact a reputed website design company to take your brand reputation to the next level. A website designed by tech professionals will give you a technically sound product with all the desired features implemented.

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