Do’s and Don’ts of E-commerce Website Design

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Mistakes Every Web Developer Does In Web Design Of eCommerce

You can have the most effective web design. Yet if your site does not have a compelling user interface, it won’t generate the audience’s desired conversion. Having an attractive eCommerce web design is essential to having an item available to be purchased. If the item isn’t being supported by compelling web design, it’s considered not properly marketed. Clients consider customer’s time valuable, and they expect to provide them with a good buyer’s journey and an easy checkout process. However, how precisely do you do that? Here, we’ve listed the top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for your e-commerce web design.

5 Don’ts Web Developers Should Avoid

1. Don’t plan to design things that lead your path to failure.

Getting started with your website design and development without having a certain direction is not a wise step. If you make a scheme to deploy an online marketing website that integrates offline strategies as well, you will gain more success in a short period of time.

Having a scalable and engrossed e-commerce website design is an excellent start for your business website. It can be done when the products are effectively and quickly approachable by the visitors within 3 or 4 clicks.

The essential part of this is to make sure that the user can navigate to the required product and checkout with ease.

2. Don’t use cluttered objects that leave a lousy impression.

Assaulting your web visitors with a lot of irrelevant product information is not a smart approach. This will compel them to leave your site instead of staying to make a purchase. Whether it’s an

  • Excessive number of texts
  • A disproportionate number of pictures
  • A large number of call-to-actions

If you add unnecessary steps to the buying process, customers will get annoyed and frustrated. Next second they will leave their carts without paying. If you want to make a robust online presence, you have to create things by merely having a natural UI that is easy to navigate. To do this, you’ll need the way of buying for your expected client to be a consistent encounter with no obstacles or interruptions along the way. Your customers would handle their transactions decisively

3. Don’t use a Search Engine that shows dreadful results

When customers are familiar with the desired product they are looking for, they will look for a search bar. If search engines aren’t able to catch sight of the required product or show appropriate results, customers will be disappointed and leave.

Ensure that you have thoroughly optimized the search engine on your site for customers to discover what they already need to purchase. Incorporate a route for them to channel their search results by classification to remove the problem of digging through indexed lists. Investigate your site from the customer’s point of view, and discover approaches to reliably enhance what is acceptable and eliminate the poor quality features.

4. Don’t leave any doubt and disapproval for your customers.

Clicking all through pages to find the desired product can become tiresome and inconvenient for your consumers. In order to keep more customers, make a feature that shows detailed information about the products without exploring indexed lists page endlessly. Giving reviews of your products that are truthful and having discussions with customers will help you sell your items ten times.

Opening up a direct talk with your customers about troubles or dissatisfactions they experience somehow is beneficial for your business’s growth. Having no contradictory product details will hold customers’ attention longer and stop them from leaving your site.

5. Don’t fret about the charge of service.

Hiding delivery charges causes your target customers to feel like they’ve been deceived and led on for a ride that they would not like to take. The most terrible mistake is when you make customers fill out a lot of data and afterward show the expenses of delivery that they would prefer not to pay.

They’ll advise their companions not to shop at your site, which is not suitable for your business reputation. Simply be straightforward about transportation costs, and your web visitors will follow through on the price you set.

5 Do’s Web Developers Must Practice

1. Create a colorful appearance to get a positive result

Your website color should demonstrate the brand and give a pleasant look to visitors. Try not to choose random colors, just depending on what you like. Utilizing an excessive number of shadings will also make an awful impact on your website design and development. Consider the brand and its customers.

Shadings have a substantial psychic effect; they will change your viewer’s opinion about your brand. In case you’re working with a brand palette and uncertain about the number of colors to use, the general guideline says not to use more than three colors. In a brand palette, you may have the option to utilize more, as long as you balance them well.

2. Make free and unhindered information about your product.

Your customers will need to know precisely what your item view like from each point. Picking pictures of your item that present something new and unique from each perspective will give your purchaser a thought of what they are buying. They will feel more positive and confident about their choice to finish their order.

If your website design agency is selling clothes, then show them being worn by a model to give customers a viewpoint of what the product looks like on a real person versus a life-sized model.

3. Make clear and accessible call-to-action

Call-to-action is the main piece of your online business plan. If your site doesn’t give clients an approach to purchasing your visible and appealing item, your e-commerce web design isn’t doing its job properly.

By making a strong “Add to cart” or “Purchase now” button, you’ll make it simpler for your customers to discover their way into your site’s checkout process. Keep in mind; that your visitors will search for a reason to leave your site. If you need your clients to remain with you completely through the checkout cycle, make it simple. Just incorporate what you need in your shopping cart.

4. Develop a responsive and companionable website

You should perform a lot of pre-testing from different devices to guarantee that regardless of where your client is attempting to purchase, they can do it without issue. Remember, mobile users are scanning with their fingers. So, ensure that your site is 100% mobile-friendly. Keep significant components simple to reach and tap on with their thumb.

Try not to assemble objects excessively close as it will make an awful user experience. No one can tell through what gadget your customer will be ordering next, using the phone or some other device. So, in order to increase your sales, you have to make your portable site experience absolutely different from your desktop experience.

5. Do inspect the working of every link.

Website professionals should think like a CEO and an artist both at the same time. This will help you check the whole process of the site having a business methodology in mind. It will make your site look great, easy to use, and allow the business to arrive at its objectives.

Whenever you’re finished planning the webpage. The most important thing you need to do is to ensure that site connections work accurately. Use multiple gadgets to explore your site and check whether it’s doing what it should do. Mostly because the whole transaction process is done online. Your customers need to believe the validity of your site and how it works. If your site links don’t work, you have a large number of risks of losing customer’s trust and your site credibility. The customer will not make an installment on your site.

User experience can differ depending on gadget type, browser, and area. You should make various situations and be prepared to tackle any bugs or execution issues before visitors face the problem.


If you plan to build an eCommerce website design and development, follow the above tips that will help your business grow in the long term. Look at them with a fresh perspective and apply them; you will definitely gain positive outcomes.

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