Reseller Hosting Is It Still Worth In 2023

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 04:13 pm

Reseller hosting is a great hosting solution that can be valuable to the buyer and lucrative for the seller. But is reseller hosting still a good idea in 2023?

Is Reseller Hosting Worth it to the Buyer?

Reseller hosting allows the owner of the hosting account to use hard drive space as well as bandwidth to host other websites than their own. Money can be made when the reseller purchases hosting and then sell it to smaller companies.

Very often, the reseller manages other aspects of the client account as well as hosting. This can be a superb option for businesses that don’t want to pay for their own hosting or deal with managing their website hosting.

Reasons to Consider a Reseller Hosting as a Buyer

Reduced Complexity

If you are operating a business and know that you need a website, but the idea of finding hosting and managing your own site doesn’t appeal to you, reseller hosting may be a great option. Depending on the reseller host you choose, they may be willing to manage more of your website than just hosting. However, you’ll maintain control over what matters, like managing email accounts.


You may pay a small amount more than you would have if you had obtained the hosting yourself, but often the degree of hosting you need isn’t available from other sources, which means you may pay the same or even save money by choosing a reseller web hosting.

The person you are buying reseller web hosting from typically buys a large amount of hosting, whereas you only purchase the amount you want. They profit by getting a wholesale cost, but since this wholesale cost may not have been an option for you, you may save more money in the long run.

Is Reseller Hosting Worth it to the Seller?

Reseller hosting is well worth considering as an added revenue source for businesses with a lot of understanding of web hosting infrastructure. After all, your expertise in web hosting has a lot of value for companies that don’t understand this area. Additionally, your potential to buy wholesale and sell smaller portions means an opportunity for significant income and happy customers.

What Sellers may be Interested in Reseller Hosting?

  • Web Developers
  • Digital marketers
  • Web designers
  • Website agencies

Reasons to Consider Reseller Hosting as a Seller

Sell Within Your Niche

You can tailor your reseller hosting products to clients in your particular niche. This means that you get to work in an area you love and serve clients you may already have. By packaging several valuable services within your hosting service, you can create a useful product for clients without spending too much yourself, which can create significant profit for you.

Improve Your Offerings for Clients You Already Have

Suppose you are already developing or designing a website, operating an agency, or marketing a website. In that case, you probably have a wide range of clients that could benefit from the reseller hosting that you could offer.

You can make more money and also make your clients happier by offering a reseller hosting package. Many clients will be thrilled for the opportunity to buy everything they need to have a website from you rather than having to find their own hosting.

Collect Relatively Passive Income

Passive income is the holy grail for just about anybody, but it is especially sought after by many people who make their living by creating or maintaining websites. Once you get clients established with your reseller hosting services, you will collect a fee from them every month and pay a significantly lower cost for the bulk hosting that you have purchased.

Of course, you will need to do some minor maintenance and troubleshooting occasionally, but for the most part, you will likely find that you can make nearly passive income in this way.

What Kind Of Hosting Provider is Best for Reseller Hosting?

You have a couple of different options in choosing to host reseller hosting. If you are considering buying reseller hosting, you can ask the host what kind of hosting they’ve chosen. Here are your options:

Dedicated servers can support many client websites and provide growth opportunities down the road, but they may be more expensive.

Virtual private servers are more economical than dedicated servers, but can still support substantial hosting

Consider Reseller Hosting

Whether you are considering selling or buying reseller hosting, it is well worth your attention in 2023. For many businesses that are operating more online than ever before, choosing committed, stable hosting is extremely valuable, and reseller hosting can be a wonderful solution.

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