Top Free WordPress Code Generators, Tools, and Webapps

Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 01:02 pm

With WordPress being the most popular Content Management System out there, there’s no doubt that there are lots of tools and websites developed to support it. It’s estimated that 25% of the websites and online stores run on WordPress so there’s a lot of demand for anything related to it. One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is the ease with which one can build a website even without extensive coding knowledge. Nowadays, code generators, plugins, and snippets can be used to get the perfect WordPress websites. The range of sites created through WP has no limits, from websites where you can play free slots UK, to blogs or news sites, everything is within reach. So, let’s check out the best tools available to get the job done.

1. Nimbus WordPress Themes Code Generator

This generator is a pack of multiple tools and has reached 20 various code generators that can all be used for WordPress. Furthermore, it’s 100% free to use and each module is designed to take care of a certain component of WP. For example, you have a generator for WordPress Core, one for Loop, UI & UX design, and Content, and the list continues. It also supports complex arrangements through the WP-Query generator for Wp-Query classes. Just input your preferences and adjust the values of the specified parameters and you will get a custom code. Copy the code to the clipboard and then add it to WordPress to see the results.

2. Generate WP

Another widely-used WP generator comes from Generate WP. This one is believed to be developed by the developers that also contribute to Codex, the WordPress Core, and Meta. You get to use most of the tools for free in a couple of clicks. However, if you want snippets and more advanced tools, you’ll need to get the premium version of Generate WP. The price you pay is more than fair considering you gain access to other public WordPress snippets created by other users. These can be used entirely or as a sample for your website.

3. WP Hasty

If you want to easily create online stores on WordPress, you’ll need WP Hasty in your bag of tools. It’s one of the WordPress code generators that are extremely easy to use, even with basic HTML knowledge. It delivers 8 generators that help you with shortcodes, taxonomies, custom posts, and WP Query loops if needed. Each generator has its page with a very good-looking user interface and lots of editing options. Considering that you don’t have to pay to use the basic version, it gives you a taste of how it is to win free money if your online store turns out to be a success.

4. Include WP

While developers will usually go for their own WordPress theme to save time on future projects, it’s rare for them to publish the frameworks online. However, Include WP curates WP frameworks and adds them in one place so you can easily access a database of templates for theme and plugin development. Every WordPress plugin and pretty much everything you can find on this website is free to use and each source comes with a GitHub page. Easily find everything you need using the filters to sort by stars or by alphabetical order.

5. Addendio

We’ve covered lots of WordPress web apps that deliver generators or complete frameworks. However, whoever worked in WordPress knows that testing a plugin isn’t always a straightforward task. If your site is not live yet, you’ll need to set up a demo site locally for test purposes. That’s where Addendio jumps in! It offers the possibility to test over 60,000 plugins directly in the browser. Even more than that, it comes with a free sandbox allowing various testing environments. You’ll have to register an account to use the site but it’s still one of the fastest ways to test various plugins on WordPress.

6. What WP Theme is That?

Let’s assume you browsed several WordPress websites and found a theme that simply blew your mind. Now you want to know what’s the name of the theme or get any details about it so you can maybe get something similar. What WP Theme is That was designed with this specific functionality in mind. It will get data on the theme and the plugins used on any WordPress site. If it’s a custom theme, you’ll just get a message with the folder name for that specific theme. Otherwise, it gives you a thumbnail and a link to easily find the theme you’re looking for.


With so many tools, code generators, and web apps specifically built for WordPress, there’s almost no limit when it comes to creating excellent websites. Of course, it takes practice to know which tool to use for the specific part of the website you are building. However, the communities around the websites mentioned above are very tight and will help you with any queries or issues that may come up along the way. And that’s what we encourage our readers to do as well! Use the comments section to share your favorite WP tools that can help others create their dream websites!

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