Why Should You Make Use of Illustrations on a Website?

Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 12:57 pm

Internet and websites have been around for a couple of decades. In the earlier days, websites used to be static and focused on offering basic information to the users. Websites evolved as the technology matured and allowed people to make use of different interactive media and build powerful websites for various purposes. This led to the introduction of website design to the world. Gone were the days when one would just visit a website to gather information.

Interactive media like infographics, illustrations, videos, sounds, photos, and animations are some of the easiest ways to add life to a website. These elements help to curate a unique experience if used appropriately. However, not everyone is aware of what to use at what place and if adding such elements is even ideal for a certain website. New web designers are often confused if they should opt for photographs or illustrations during a website design project. This is why most website projects go over to reputed web design agencies as of their appropriate application knowledge.

With that in mind, here are some compelling reasons why website design must include illustrations:

1. Illustrations make information easier to understand:

Any form of living beings that we notice around us has evolved with time. Communication, irrespective of its form helps us bridge our gaps and understand each other. Even before languages and literature came, people used to communicate with each other with the help of pictures. Drawings found in ancient caves perfectly showcase the proof of this practice.

Humans have a very small attention span. Moreover, this span has been significantly decreasing over time. Hence, it is essential that only meaningful information is written down on a website and the rest of the explanation is left to illustrations. Psychological specialists and researchers claim that humans process about 90% of information that is represented visually. Such an impressive ability to process visual objects makes human beings easily perceptible to interactive media. Moreover, humans have been able to fulfill their purpose easily on illustration-focused websites as opposed to information-focused websites. This is why illustration-focused website design is among the leading choices among web designers.

2. Illustrations offer a unique branding approach:

If a web design company is dealing with a client that has a really common name and personality associated with it, then it becomes a challenge for web designers to differentiate their differences. This is when using illustrations can come in handy. Going beyond the traditional web design approach and building something funky out of a combination of photos and illustrations can help build a unique proposition for clients. Apart from that, making use of animations to bring life to illustrations can also result in a truly innovative approach that helps differentiate a client’s brand from its competitors.

Such illustrations can make a resounding impact as they are reflected across the website as well as other marketing materials. They may also be a part of a product or service that a website might be trying to sell. Illustration integration on such a deeper level helps users relate more to a brand.

3. Illustrations help resolve cultural gaps:

A website needs to take care of the global audience. In doing so, a website manager needs to ensure that everything written on a website is available in multiple languages. This can prove to be a real-time and money-consuming process as one might need to hire translators and get the website content converted for all specific languages.

However, if a web design agency makes use of illustration in the website design process then the website manager would not have to worry about making information in multiple languages. Illustrations can help convey a common idea to people irrespective of their language barrier. For example, making use of illustrations to describe what services are offered by a company can serve as a great way to include illustrations in website design by a web designer.

4. Illustrations make websites delightful:

There are very few websites that are enjoyable at the same time. Such pages usually consist of a combination of illustrations and information in their website design. Illustrations remind people of cartoon shows and make people easily fall in love with websites. A website that touches people’s hearts is more likely to be remembered by people and choose loyalty over its competitors. They remove the feeling of boredom from a website and add a unique personality to a website. For example, Mailchimp and Slack’s websites make use of illustrations at different points across their website. Such illustrations are usually shown to people when they navigate the website and perform different actions.

Such Illustrations are selectively handpicked or made by a web design company upon a client’s project statement. Some illustrations are also animated on-screen when a person performs a certain action on a website. Such minimal effects surprise users with rejoicing feelings and add a friendly touch to the website. Such illustrations and animations are carefully designed by a team of interaction and web designers in a web design company.

5. Illustrations help deliver an interesting storytelling experience:

A web design firm that has a lot of creative individuals from diverse backgrounds makes use of their team’s personalized illustrations instead of their actual photographs. This example showcases how a website design is trying to convey a company’s story through a unique approach. Moreover, such a unique approach taken by web designers allows them to showcase their diverse creative skills to prospective clients.

Making use of illustrations to tell about people, products, and services associated with a brand through the medium of a good website design showcases a web designer’s storytelling skills. A good storytelling skill can blend the user’s attention in a creative space and rejoice in the dramatic feel of it.

Illustrations give websites that much-needed energetic look and feel. A website not only looks youthful but becomes fun to explore at the same time. They attract an audience of all ages and add that much human-friendly feel contributing towards the light-hearted perspective of a website. While the use of illustrations might differ for each subject and perspective; its application in website design is refreshing and encourages creativity among creatives to deliver a uniquely styled illustrated experience to the audience.

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